And A Child Shall Lead Them, Part VII

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For three months, Kathryn and Seven slowly developed their new relationship. On their return to Kathryn's quarters after the holodeck incident, a sudden intrusive awkwardness ensued, both not really knowing how to proceed. They mutually agreed not to escalate their new relationship rapidly. This accorded them the time to become more familiar with one another as a couple. The women dated sporadically as the ships business allowed their presence together becoming a familiar sight on Voyager.

The natural process of new discoveries evolved, which in turn formed the core basis on which to build their relationship. Both women were meticulous in setting down the parameters of their new relationship, defining the differences between Kathryn the woman and Kathryn the Captain. Seven asserting her role and ensuring she maintained an equal balance between them.

In addition, Kathryn made the appropriate concessions regarding their private and professional lives. With a considerable effort, she was learning how to admit Seven into her life. Not as a subordinate, but as an equal, a task that proved quite difficult, for the commanding person she was. She discovered subtle changes and human nuances in Seven that she found positively adoring.

In time Voyagers, crewmembers that are more cynical acclimated to the idea of their personal involvement. Which in turn eased Kathryn's anxieties regarding the crew's acceptance? The prospect of reaching home in four years far outweighed, any personal opinion regarding the Captains new love interest.

Each date became more difficult for Kathryn to end respectfully. The sexually charged atmosphere required every ounce of discipline and control she had. Kathryn became intimately familiar with cold showers and more than once was forced to literately push Seven out of her door. Her respect and feelings towards Seven continued to grow stronger, in turn she expressed them more openly during their private moments. A quantum leap, considering her natural ability to distance herself protectively. Seven on the other hand grew more impatient she used every seductive measure she could in an effort to break down Kathryn's resolve.

Kathryn found herself constantly exercising her breathing and self-control techniques in an effort to control her raging hormones. She was in her ready room reviewing the latest request from Starfleet, which referred to Seven.

The latest request now required psychological profiles as well. Kathryn grew increasingly concerned over the latest mandates. She despised operating in the dark and Starfleet systematically refused to respond to her inquiries regarding Seven.

The doctors' weekly reports indicated no changes in Seven. Each week the reports reflected the same as the previous ones. Kathryn and the doctor grew weary of the endless queries regarding Seven, discussing privately the relevance of Starfleets requests.

Kathryn was unable to rid herself of the gnawing feeling in her stomach, an inner warning something was terribly wrong. If only Starfleet would openly admit the exact nature of the concerns regarding Seven. She would be able to devise a solution, in which the outcome would be mutually beneficial to both parties she let out an outward shy, the frustration building in leaps and bounds.

Her inner feeling towards Seven changed dramatically in the last three months. Kathryn used the time to resolve her past fears, allowing Seven unconditional entries into her life. Seven breaking through the inner regions Kathryn closed so long ago, her attentiveness and strength a welcomed relief. For three months she behaved admirably towards Seven, keeping her increasing desire in check, respecting their agreement to take things slowly, despite Sevens all out campaign to escalate their relationship. Kathryn was constantly left trembling in Sevens attentive assault, her body alive and vibrant, desiring more. After three agonizing, frustrating, months, Kathryn came to a self-serving decision.

Tapping into her terminal, she composed a simple note, a distant soft look crossing her eyes, the blue vibrant and alive.


Please do me the honor of joining me tonight in my quarters for dinner at 1900 hours.

Yours always,


Shaking her head she smiled ruefully and tapped the key transmitting the message to Sevens terminal in Astrometrics. The terminal beeped softly and Seven accessed the panel, responding immediately.


I accept and look forward to being with you again. Until then, I will count the minutes.

Thinking of you always,


Kathryn smiled warmly, her face and eyes glowing, her heart skipping a light beat, as she read the words. Noting again the subtle changes in Sevens demeanor, a more compassionate and human personality emerging with intensity.

The anticipation quickly built to a fever pitch, the rush surprising Kathryn. Her body reacting naturally and betraying her commanding demeanor. She smiled warmly and made a mental note to refrain from allowing her mind to wander. A warm glow consumed her classic features she found it difficult to refocus her thoughts. Her mind ran wild and unmasked, while she performed the menial tasks before her. Slamming her mind into control, she verified the doctors findings and continued onward to the rest of the reports.

B'Elanna and Seven were going over various calculations regarding the slipstream project. Though Voyager was four years and three months from reaching home, Seven convinced the Klingon to readdress the project. B'Elanna not one to surrender easily agreed her love for engineering and problem resolution getting the better of her.

"Kahless, Seven this is hopeless. No matter what we do, we can't get around the shield integrity from collapsing. What's the whole purpose to this anyway?"

"It would be a remarkable accomplishment to resolve this problem and provide Voyager with slipstream capabilities. I know there is a proper resolution and we will find it, you must not give up so easily."

"What's with you anyway? Why the sudden intense desire to work this out?" B'Elanna placed the datapad on the table, in utter disgust.

"I find the distraction welcoming, it allows me to fill my idle time" her eyes unable to hide the truth.

B'Elanna looked at Seven, with a wide knowing smirk, then chuckled rudely "Yeah right, you're still not getting any, are you?"

Seven raised her eyebrow in disgust, upset that the Klingon could read her so easily and at B'Elannas choice of words.

"If you are referring to my relationship with the Captain, this has nothing to do with it."

"Oh really? So then I guess all of this sexual tension is just a figment of my imagination?" B'Elanna more teasingly accused, her eyes glistening with mirth.

Seven eyed her venomously "Perhaps there is some truth to what you are saying."

Throwing down her datapad in defeat, "I find it very frustrating that Kathryn is being so stubborn about this. Three months is sufficient time in getting to know each other. My attempts at" searching for a more appropriate word " at changing her mind have been futile" the last spat out in distaste.

B'Elanna laughed out loud, enjoying the look of defeat on Seven's face "I have to admit the Captain sure has been a tough nut to crack. Still she can't hold out forever, what are your plans for tonight anyway?"

"She has invited me to join her for dinner in her quarters this evening at 1900 hours. I am sure I will be partaking in another cold shower afterwards" Sevens face blushing lightly as she accidentally revealed more than she wanted.

B'Elanna snorted loudly, "No wonder engineering has been getting so many complaints about the loss of cold water. Now I know you and the Captain are the ones responsible" her eyes and voice teasing without mercy.

"I do not know why you find so much humor in this. It is not in the least bit humorous" Seven eyeing her friend menacingly.

"Oh come on relax Seven, I'm only teasing. What are you planning on wearing?"

Seven suddenly blanched, recalling the last time, she asked the Klingon for help. Though the dress was quite a success, the effort getting there was painful and still fresh in Sevens mind. Attempting to thwart any unsolicited assistance from the feisty Klingon, she responded too quickly.

"I will wear my blue biosuit" the damage already done.

"Kahless Seven, no wonder you don't get pass first base. You lack imagination, but don't worry. I'm going to help you. Jeez, what would you do without me?"

Seven pursed her lips, her attempt at discouraging B'Elanna failing. "B'Elanna Torres, the Captain does not like me to arrive late. I thank you for your offer, but I find I must decline."

"Don't be silly it won't take long, besides you have two whole hours to get ready before your date. Meet me in my quarters when you get off duty shift."

"I will not" she stated indignantly, determined not to give in to the Klingon

"Alright fine, I'll meet you at yours, there are you happy? Kahless Borg, why do you insist on being so difficult all the time?" The Klingon, missing the point completely.

Seven shook her head in disbelief and resignation, not having the energy to argue the point with the difficult Klingon. With deep regret and a touch of sarcasm she added dryly, "That will be acceptable, Klingon"

The Klingon noted her sarcastic response and chuckled lightly "My, that's very Borg of you" Seven merely looking at her friend in utter defiance.

At 1700 hours B'Elanna Torres arrived at Sevens quarter in Cargo Bay 2. The Klingon noted the dismal section Seven cordoned off. A brave attempt to afford herself a measure of privacy. She walked up to the curtained section and called out to her friend.

"Hey Seven, are you in there?" she asked timidly before crossing the threshold to Seven's private section.

Seven poked her head out of the curtain and invited the Klingon in. The little room was sparse to say the least. A small bed in the corner, along with several crates the Borg managed to turn into end tables. There was a chair and two other crates, which were placed together creating a small sitting area.

B'Elanna made a mental note, to speak with Seven regarding appropriate living quarters. Finding the surroundings dismal, she silently chaste herself for not caring enough before. Now that Seven was not required to regenerate, the living conditions were totally unacceptable for her friend. She silently wondered why it had not occurred to the Captain to find quarters that are more suitable for Seven.

She was quick to notice the small 9-inch statues sitting on the table. She held one up and noticed it's hand crafted qualities, realizing it was not replicated. She examined the winged creature carefully and recognized it as a perfect reproduction of Michael's form. Delicately hand molded from clay, the creator paying close attention to detail.

"Wow 7, did you make these?" the Klingon impressed by the delicate intricate artwork.

Seven blushed, her head bowing slightly as if caught doing something wrong. She simply nodded her head, yes, and tentatively responded. "I have been studying with the Maestro, since my return. I find that it affords me a level of relaxation, however I am not very good at sculpturing."

"Are you kidding me? This is great, you have a real gift, Seven" B'Elanna delicately placing the statuette back on the makeshift table.

Seven blushed wildly now, not expecting the honest compliment "I find I am much better at painting then I am in sculpturing. Still the Maestro has convinced me to continue pursuing it further."

"Yeah, well I'd say your efforts have paid off. You should continue though you really are good. Hey, em, Seven have you thought of, well you know asking the captain for your own quarters? I mean you don't need to regenerate anymore and well maybe you'll have more privacy in your own place."

"It has not occurred to me before to ask. I have been here since I first arrived on Voyager."

"Yeah, well maybe you should give it some thought. It's not like we don't have the space."

"I will consider that, thank you B'Elanna."

"No problem, so let's see what your wardrobe looks like."

Seven showed B'Elanna a small shelving unit, in it, five biosuits, two tee shirts, a velocity outfit and the gold gown she wore for her return party. B'Elanna attempted not to frown. "Yeah, well it's not a very extensive collection is it?"

"No it is not" the young Borg torn between mixed emotions, fear of another B'Elanna perfect outfit quest and her small selection of clothing.

"Alright, lets have the replicator rations. I vision you in a slip of a dress, not too much but not too little, let's see what we can find."

With deep regret and reservation, she surrendered the replicator rations to B'Elanna, regretting not taking a tougher stand against the Klingon and declining her offer. To Seven's relief an outfit was chosen in record breaking time, the event only taking an hour, with only a few Klingon choice words spoken.

With an hour left before her date with the captain, Seven was able to shower and dress. B'Elanna wrestling for control and applying makeup on her again. The dress was a thin sleeveless aqua frock, coming just above the knee and zipping in the back.

The front was scalloped and hugged her ample breast possessively in place. B'Elanna added a vee shaped gold necklace to accent the ensemble. A pair of matching aqua shoes with a two-inch heel, her legs muscular and graceful proudly displayed.

She combed her hair out and left it hanging loose to her shoulders. She chose a pale light colored lipstick and strategically added perfume to all the right spots. Standing back B'Elanna admired her hard earn efforts with glee. Her eyes lit up, a satisfied smirk on her face.

"If Janeway isn't moved by this, the woman has ice water in her veins" The Klingon pushing the young Borg in front of a mirror.

"Well, what do you think?" B'Elanna stood behind Seven and waited for her approval.

Seven was mesmerized by her image privately thinking the wrestling match with B'Elanna was worth the effort. "I am quite pleased and I concur with your assessment. I will let you know of it is a success."

B'Elanna crossed her arms in front of her chest and snorted contritely. '"Humph, you better and I want all the details."

Seven merely pursed her lips and turning around surprised the Klingon by forcibly grabbing her and planting a chaste kiss on her cheek.

B'Elanna flushed a crimson red and feigning disgust wiped the sloppy kiss from her cheek. "Save it for the Captain, Borg. You're not my type."

Seven laughed richly, deriving pleasure from B'Elannas discomfort. "You know you're quite cute when you blush Klingon."

B'Elanna flushed a deeper red and grunting in disgust turned and stormed towards the door. Citing a trail of Klingon epitaphs in her path regarding Sevens ancestry. Before exiting she abruptly turned "I'm a Klingon, I don't blush" the doors hissed closed behind her and Seven's rich laughter filled the room.

Following the last of B'Elannas instructions she replicated a bottle of white wine, she retrieved a small wrapped box from behind the table and exited Cargo Bay 2. She walked calmly to the turbo lift acknowledging and noting the appreciative glances paid her way. A satisfied smile touched her lips as she entered the lift and descended to deck three.

She arrived on deck three and immediately bumped into Commander Chakotay who was exiting his quarters. He immediately straightened his posture, an admiring look of surprise and awe at Seven's dress. He eyed the bottle of wine and finely wrapped package speculatively, inwardly smiling and thinking "Kathryn won't stand a chance tonight" the determined glare evident on Sevens face.

"Commander Chakotay, good evening."

"Seven" the commander eyeing her approvingly, mischief lighting his eyes "Hot date tonight?"

Seven was at first perplexed with his questioned, then noted the glimmer in his eye and realized he was attempting to be amusing.

"Yes, I am having dinner with Kathryn and I am already 2 1/2 minutes late."

Chakotay chuckled lightly, paying close attention to the subtle differences between women and men. For the most part two minutes late to a man was still early, hell two hours late was still considered early. "Well, I'm sure once she sees you, she'll forget all about your slight indiscretion" a smirk crossed his lip, as his tattoo rose deviously.

"I am hoping that would be the case" the young Borg playing along with the commander.

"Oh I wouldn't worry about that Seven, Kathryn doesn't stand a chance tonight" his smile deeper as a rich chuckle emanated deeply from his chess.

Seven smiled smugly "I will be sure to inform her of such, Commander" her inner self wanting to afford Kathryn some protection from Chakotays teasing.

Chakotay suddenly sobered and quickly added "That's quite alright Seven, really there's no need, believe me"

Sevens smile broadened having made her point "If that is what you wish, Commander?"

"Seven, let's just say I prefer it that way, have a good night" dipping his head he turned elegantly and quickly made haste. Seven, smiling ruefully, at having put Chakotay diplomatically in his place.

The door to Kathryns quarters chimed softly, announcing the arrival of Seven, the young woman 3 minutes late. A most unusual act for the painfully punctual Borg and not unnoticed by Kathryn.


Seven entered the quarters her appearance against the soft light of Kathryns quarters forming a soft glow on her face. Kathryn immediately stopped lighting the candle and took in the sight. Her breath catching in the back of her throat, her hand trembling lightly. Her eyes slid up and down the full form of Seven, stopping slowly, absorbing every curve and supple exposed flesh.

Dressed in a sleeveless cream colored silk tunic with matching pants, she quickly crossed the length of her quarters. Seven admiring the elegant move of her body against silk. The effect astounding her and causing her to lose her train of thought. She stood immobile as the beautiful form crossed the distance between them.

Kathryn stood a millimeter away from Seven, her face rising slowly to meet Sevens. She inwardly took a breath and expelled it gently her heart racing in her mouth. She looked warmly and gently into her eyes and locked onto them possessively.

"Darling, you are looking absolutely marvelous tonight" reaching upward, she placed her arms around Sevens neck. She found her mouth and kissed her softly at first, the intensity growing with her desire. Seven instinctively moved her arms around Kathryn's waist, drawing her close to her, her stomach fluttering slightly, as she tasted the sweetness of Kathryn's mouth.

With great difficulty Kathryn tore herself away and swallowed deeply, her face flushed with desire. Seven expelled a long shallow breath, her eyes never leaving Kathryns form. She noted the changes in Kathryn and smiled, inwardly thinking, "I must make it a point to thank B'Elanna for assisting me after all"

She smiled warmly at Kathryn, her eyes defining the depth of her desire for Kathryn. Kathryn shuddered at the intense scrutiny she was receiving. She stood a moment longer captivated by the beauty of Seven, her dress, incredibly form fitting and accenting her every curve. Her hair hanging loose, enhancing the golden silver hue of her cortical implant. Simply put she left Kathryn breathless.

In a low throaty voice she whispered "That was nice" her eyes leveling her desire.

"I concur, however the moment was too fleeting. Perhaps we should try it again?" Sevens voice a low throaty whisper, sending shivers down Kathryns' spine.

She chuckled lightly, her smile crooked and wanton. "There will be time enough for that later, I promise."

She reached out and took the bottle of wine from her hands. "Is this for dinner?" walking away and turning around seductively, tossing her head back to Seven, her eyes suggesting that she follow.

Seven found herself completely entranced, detecting the electric exchange between them and Kathryn's inability to control it. She followed sheepishly, her eyes consuming Kathryn's form as she walked. Kathryn noticed her appreciative stare and smiled warmly, a tingle shooting through her entire being.

"I've made a lovely dinner for us. I think you're going to enjoy it" handing the bottle of wine back to Seven and indicating for her to open it. Seven reflectively took the bottle from her hand and opened the Terrilian wine. She allowed the wine to breathe for several minutes, before pouring it into the two glasses.

The table was set romantically, long tapered candle providing a natural light and aura to the room. Kathryn indicated for Seven to sit, never once removing her eyes from hers. They sat across from each other and for several long minutes simply stared into each other's eyes.

Kathryn cleared her throat and abashed placed her head down, shaking it from side to side. "You do know how to make it difficult for me, don't you?" her eyes smiling warmly.

Seven looked deeply into her eyes and reflectively answered. "If you are referring to my attire, then yes. I have no intention of leaving these quarters tonight without making love to you first" her head leaning slightly forward, while her eyebrow raised mockingly, defiance flashing quickly through the ice blue eyes.

Kathryn released a rich throaty laugh, her resolve completely dissipated, when Seven first entered her quarters. Realizing there would always be certain battles, she would never win with this enigmatic woman and secretly adoring the fact.

"And what makes you think, I cannot resist your charm?" her voice mockingly challenging Seven.

Seven rolled her eyes upward and smiling warmly, back "Because I have already worn down your resistance and anything else will be futile" tilting her glass of wine to Kathryn and dipping her head.

Kathryn laughed out loud again and taking a sip of her own wine, decided to put an end to the cat and mouse game between them. " I believe my darling you are absolutely correct and I would be a fool to resist you" her eyebrow rising slightly, a broad smile beaming across her face.

Seven eyed her lasciviously, "I find that I am not as hungry for dinner as I am for you" Kathryn rose from her chair and moved to Seven, settling comfortably on her lap. She placed her arms around Sevens neck and kissed her deeply. Seven moved her arms around Kathryn's waist and held her firmly. Kathryn finding the sweet familiar nectar of Sevens delicious mouth. She moved her hand into Sevens hair and gently caressed the back of her head.

Their kiss deepening and becoming more demanding, Seven let out a small groan, as she felt Kathryn's hand moving slowly to her breast. Kathryns hand finding its way between the fabric of the dress and her bare flesh. She moaned again, her skin immediately turning to gooseflesh at Kathryns' touch.

Kathryns paused and smiled against Sevens lips, as she continued to consume her sweet taste. She rubbed her palm gently at first. Her skin smooth and soft to the touch, she found her nipple and immediately began to tease it with her long gentle fingers. The nipple hardening and falling victim to her caress, Sevens breathing increased.

Seven instinctively moved her hand down the length of Kathryn's leg and reached between her thighs. Kathryn uncrossing her legs and allowing Seven further accesses. She ran her hand smoothly up and down the length of her thigh. Reaching close to her most intimate region and then sliding back down again. Kathryn moaned in Sevens mouth, as the promised touch eluded her, now it was Sevens turn to smile at Kathryns uncontrolled desire.

Kathryn released Sevens mouth and ran her tongue down the length of her supine neck, suckling and nipping until she reached the base. She leaned her head further back, allowing Kathryn full access. She continued her gentle caress of Kathryn's inner thigh, increasing the pressure slightly. Kathryn momentarily at the base of Seven's neck alternating between the left and right side assaulting it with feathery kisses and gentle nips.

She continued her trail upward and playfully nipped her lower jaw, before proceeding back downward, stopping in the center of her chest, her tongue, seeking and teasing the ample cleavage. Seven released an audible groan, her hands reaching further and capturing Kathryn's intimate region. The act causing Kathryn to tremble as a rush of her warm essence escaped. She moved her tongue further down, her hand releasing Sevens right breast from the confining dress. She found the center of her nipple and gently took possession of it in her mouth. Her hot tongue against the cool flesh setting her inner regions aflame.

Seven breathed deeply as the intense pleasure escaped her throat in small incoherent whispers. Her nipple hard and erect against the gifted tongue moving her to such incredible heights of pleasure. She arched her back as Kathryn nipped playfully, the feel making Seven tremble and shake. Her inner region wet with moisture and aching, Kathryn released her nipple only to latch on to Sevens mouth hungrily again

Kathryn felt Seven increase the pressure along her inner thigh and with tremendous difficulty she pulled herself away. Her voice husky and breathless "I think we could be a lot more comfortable in the bedroom" her eyes a deep blue and steaming with desire. Seven swallowed deeply her chest rising and falling, her heart beating rapidly in her chest. Unable to answer she nodded her head up and down, standing to meet Kathryn and allowing herself to be led into the bedroom.

Kathryn's bedroom smelled of sweet flowers and spice, the odor intoxicating and paling in comparison to Kathryn's own scent. She walked over to the bed and drew the dark blue coverlet her eyes intently focused on Seven. She slowly walked towards Seven, her movement catlike and graceful. She stopped and leaned heavily into her, her head rising slightly to look at Seven. She swallowed deeply before continuing "Though I have been intimate with men before, I have never been with a woman."

Seven understood the meaning of Kathryn's words and in an effort to relieve her anxieties, replied in a soft husky tone. "I have studied 60 gigaquads of data on this subject. Though I lack the actual experience, I find that it is a most intriguing facet of humanity. One that I wish to explore and experience only with you" her eyes pleading and wanting.

Kathryn eyed her warmly, a flood of relief crossing her face. "I want you to know that without a doubt. You have stolen and captured my soul and in return given me life again. There is no other I desire or wish to be with other than you, I love you, Seven."

"And I love you Kathryn, since the beginning and beyond the end" Kathryn's eyes grew misty, the intensity of Sevens words moving her, she slipped her arms around Sevens neck and kissed her again with all that she was. A flood of brilliant light flashing through her mind, she felt her soul lifting and joining to become one with Sevens, her body racked by the intensity of the revelation. Without a doubt, the Borg was a good kisser, leaving Kathryn completely breathless upon release. Seven increased her support of Kathryn as she fell limp into her arms.

She continued kissing Kathryns neck, her firm arms gently supporting her, she whispered breathlessly and lovingly "I have always loved you and always will. Through this lifetime and many more to come, you are the core of my existence; you fuel the fire that allows me to exist. I love you Kathryn and nothing can take that away."

Kathryn marveled at the emotions leveled in Sevens words, so honestly said and heartfelt spoken. Her arms still around Seven she reached behind Seven and unzipped her dress. The dress falling slowly from her shoulders and landing around her feet. Seven aptly stepped out of it and removed her shoes, her height more even to Kathryns. She stood still and proudly, as Kathryn drank in her form with her eyes, raking over every inch of her. She wore no bra and her ample breast hung freely and unencumbered. Her lace underwear a delicate touch and adding to the appeal of her tapered narrow waist. Her legs were long and lean and Kathryn was lost in their wonder. She admired the long length of Sevens body each curve symmetrical and tantalizing.

She licked her lips and swallowed deeply. "Oh My, You are exquisite, perfection in the purest sense" She reached out to her and pulled her strongly into her arms. Her hands moving avidly and intentionally seeking out the areas that would be sensitive to her touch. Sevens response was immediate her desire overwhelming her senses. She moved her hands upward along Kathryns' sides bringing the tunic up with it, as Kathryn assisted her in pulling it over her head.

Seven ran her hands smoothly against Kathryn's back and found the clasp to release her bra. The straps falling to the side, being held simply by the closeness of their bodies. She reached her hand underneath and gently tugged at the bra, the restrictive device falling freely to the floor. Her body quivered at the feel of Kathryn's flesh beneath hers, her hand capturing Kathryn's breast possessively. To her surprise Kathryn's breast were larger than she first thought her hand barely able to contain the fullness of the firm round form. She reached her nipple and circled it roughly, the small raised bump held firmly between the tips of her finger. Her mouth capturing the base of Kathryns neck, but closer to her collarbone, suckling deeply as she continued her command over Kathryns' body.

She slid her hands down Kathryn's sides and looped her hands within the inside of Kathryn's trousers. She seductively slid them down the length of Kathryn's legs, kneeling and placing a trail of hot kisses down the front of Kathryns' form. Stopping by her hip, she suckled deeply enjoying the sensation of the soft flesh. Kathryn leaned deeper into her caress, placing her hand gently behind her head. She closed her eyes and licked her lips, the fire within her groin reaching a fevered peak.

She stepped out of her pants, Seven gently sliding Kathryn's silk underwear slowly down the length of her legs, stopping to place gentle kisses strategically above her mound. Kathryn grabbed Seven by the hair and pulled her head back, bending she took Sevens mouth into her own, assaulting her roughly with her tongue, her free hand roaming downward and roughly clutching her breast.

Seven stood and in one swift move swept Kathryn in her arms, placing her gently on the bed. She removed her own undergarment and slid seductively next to her. She traced the outline of Kathryn's body with her fingers, enjoying each lovely curve and fold, her hand sliding down the length of Kathryn's thigh.

She captured Kathryn's mouth and kissed her deeply, her hand moving upward towards Kathryn's intimate region. Kathryn parted her legs and pushed upward, her hips moving in a slow rhythm. Seven parting her inner velvety lips with her fingers and rubbed gentle circles, finding the swollen bundle of nerves. Her mouth moved from Kathryn's and captured her left nipple, nipping and licking it roughly. She inserted her finger gently and sought the sensitive inner region of Kathryns' desire. Kathryn moaning incoherently as she bathed Seven's hand with her warm essence, Seven increased her motion as her mouth continued to assault her breasts, teasing her nipples roughly, rolling their hardness between her teeth and her tongue.

Kathryn began to move deeper into Sevens hand, as Seven parted her further and inserted another digit. Arching her fingers upward and capturing the full region of her most sensitive area. The sensation causing Kathryn to convulse as Seven increased the rhythm and pressure. Kathryn groaned louder, her hips moving faster and becoming one with Sevens movements. Her eyes rolling in the back of her head as the first wave assaulted her without mercy. Kathryn cried out her name in pleasure, her jaw clenching, as her body shook violently and stiffened.

Seven released her nipple and captured Kathryn's full mouth, kissing her deeply and easing her slowly down. Kathryn unable to respond to the kiss, her mouth laden with saliva, that Seven drunk hungrily. A deep rumble of pleasure escaped Kathryns lips, her breath returning to normal "My God, darling that was wonderful" She captured Sevens mouth and kissed her deeply, her heart pounding in her chest, filled with pure unadulterated love and desire.

Seven shivered slightly from the fierceness of Kathryns kiss, her flesh immediately responding in gooseflesh. Her nipples became erect against the feel of Kathryn's bodies on hers. Kathryn smiled against her lips as she ran her hands down the length of Sevens back. She shifted Seven gently on her back and parting her legs, pressed her knee between her thighs beginning a slow rhythmic movement. Her small form covering the length of Seven, as her mouth continued to assail her with deep, penetrating kisses. She released her mouth and continued down the length of her neck, suckling deeply and licking playfully. Seven closed her eyes, her mind unable to focus on anything other than the pleasure, she muttered soft words of love and encouragement. Kathryn's hand moved onto her breast and she captured the fullness in her hand. Rubbing the nipple roughly, the act rewarding her with its erect firmness, she slid seductively down the length of Sevens body and captured the nipple in her mouth. Biting gently and causing Seven to rise and squirm underneath her. Kathryn smiled as she continued her assault of nipping followed by soothing licks, the nipple becoming raw and sensitive.

She licked her very slowly back up to Sevens face and captured her ear, nipping gently on the lobe. Her breath warm and intoxicating on contact, Seven moving her hands and massaging Kathryns back. She whispered gently into Sevens ear. "Darling, I'm going to be very gentle with you. If there is something, you do not like then stop me. I don't wish to hurt you my love" her breath blowing warmly in Sevens ear.

Seven was incapable of responding, her throat arid and pinched, her body racked with the exciting sensations Kathryn was bestowing on her. Swallowing deeply, she replied hoarsely "I will, I promise, please don't stop Kathryn, my body is aching for you" her hips moving in emphasis. Kathryn smiled smugly as she continued her path downward, stopping at each of her breast and paying close attention to the swollen nipples. Her hand reaching below her and finding Sevens golden thatch, her fingers feathery against the sensitive swollen bundles, Seven undulating her hips in response.

Kathryn continued her downward movement stopping at Sevens stomach nipping and licking like before. Her hands fondling her breast, rubbing the nipples in her fingers. She placed a trail of wet kisses until she reached Sevens golden thatch. For a moment, she hesitated, until the sweet aroma of her essence drew her to the forbidden garden. She gently licked the tiny swollen bundle of nerve, her hands moving and parting her thighs further. The sensation of Kathryn's warm tongue touching her sensitive region caused Seven to moan loudly. A small animal noise escaping her throat, Kathryn smiling continued her assault enthusiastically enjoying her control over Seven.

Gently grabbing the nodule between her lips, she suckled hungrily, raking her teeth against the tiny inner bundle. Seven opened her legs wider as she rewarded Kathryn with a reservoir of sweet moisture. To Kathryn's surprise it was sweet tasting and barely salty. She greedily began to consume the essence, her own desire rising in the act. She began rubbing her fingers around Sevens essence as her tongue and mouth continued their gentle caress. Shifting her weight to her left she rose and gently began inserting her finger into Sevens inner region. Her mouth capturing Sevens fully, as she gently pressed against the tight barrier. As the last of the barrier gave way to Kathryns touch, Seven moaned deeply into Kathryn's mouth.

She held her finger still, as she felt the tight muscles around her finger relax, her kiss deepening with ardent fervor. She gently began moving the tip, her finger seeking the slick inner region of Seven. Finding the source, she gently stroked it and increased the rhythm as Seven responded by moving her hips. Parting her lower sweet lips further, she inserted a second digit, slowly and languidly, as she continued the gently rocking motion. Her mouth teasing Sevens, their tongues, intertwining in an easy flow. She waited for Seven to respond further before increasing the pressure and movement of her hand. The moisture flowing freely as Seven increased the movement of her delicious hips against Kathryn's hand. Kathryn felt the first ripples of pleasure as they began their slow ascent into ecstasy.

Seven continued to moan deeply breaking away from Kathryn's mouth and arching her back, her hands reached out, as she pulled the sheets tight to her, while her body climbed to its incredible peak. The gooseflesh running rapid as she screamed out her pleasure and her body trembled against Kathryns. Kathryn continued her movement more slowly, when the second wave began to consume her, tears of pleasure fell down the side of her face. Kathryn moaned in pleasure with her, as a rush of moisture escaped her own inner region. Thoroughly satisfied, Kathryn brought her down slowly, her mouth locking onto Sevens and rewarding with a deep passionate kiss.

"I...I... I love you Kathryn" her breathing harsh and in short waves, her mind still unable to clear itself.

Kathryn was watching Seven intently, her eyes glowing with love and warmth. "I love you Seven, you have my soul" she bent down and kissed her warmly, not meant to arouse, the attempt futile, as Seven increased the intensity. The women continued their exploration of each other, until the early morning hours, recapturing their ecstasy and climbing to feverish heights. Before finally exhausted and completely sated they laid in each other's arms.

"My God, Darling, you will be the death of me yet" Kathryn whispered, her head resting on Sevens chest, a leg thrown over her body.

"I was thinking the same of you. Still I can find no better method by which to leave this existence" Seven playing with Kathryns hair, she eyed her playfully, her ice blue eyes vibrant and sparkling.

"I don't believe that's a theory I wish to argue with you. We should have done this sooner" Kathryn nudging her playful on the side, as her hand ran smoothly down the length of her chest.

Seven turned her head and smiled at her defiantly "I would like to remind you, that it was you whom insisted we wait this long. Still I will forgive you this slight indiscretion, since it appears you have learned your lesson."

Kathryn smiled broadly her left eye gleaming with mischief. "Oh really, how so? What makes you think I have finished? Perhaps there are a few other lessons I want to teach you."

Seven looked at her horrified, her body spent and exhausted from the Herculean attempt at quenching, Kathryns insatiable appetite. She swallowed deeply "I believe you are attempting to terminate my life cycle. Or at least decrease its expectancy by a multiple of twenty years in the span of one night."

"I wouldn't say that, I'd say more like thirty years, my love. However it should give you food for thought the next time you decide to torture me with your seductive powers."

Seven laughed richly her chest rumbling deeply "You have erred in your analysis. This was purely a scientific experiment in human sexuality, I was simply attempting to discredit the sexual theories of Dr, Warren Stone a 23 rd century expert on human sexual behavior."

Kathryn merely smirked, her lip curling to a rueful smile "Darling, Dr. Stones theories on human sexual behavior were proven false at the end of the 23 rd century. However, I intend to correct my errant disregard in properly teaching you the aspects of human sexual behavior. Unfortunately for you it will take the next 80 years, I hope you have the strength to survive" Her hand playfully caressing and teasing Sevens breast, her mouth closing in on her nipple. Seven expelled her breath, her body finding the sensation exhilarating, while her logical mind demanded rest, with deep regret she dislodged Kathryn from her, kissing her gently, but thoroughly.

"I look forward to the next eighty years, but for now Kathryn Janeway you must allow me the opportunity to rest and recover" her arms settling Kathryn comfortably down on the bed. She rose from the bed and entered the outer suite, Leaving a dismayed Kathryn watching her retreating figure, with a satisfied Cheshire smile on her face. She leaned back into the pillows. Her hands sweeping gently through her body, as she recalled fondly the masterful touch of Sevens caresses.

Seven returned holding the wrapped gift in her hands, her face contorting to a smile as she caught Kathryn fondling herself idly. Shaking her head from side to side, she stealthily slid into the bed again, her hands depositing the wrapped gift on Kathryns' stomach. Kathryn awoke from her reverie her face flushing lightly, as she realized. Seven caught her in the act of self-exploration. Smiling unabashed, she responded wantonly "You should never leave me alone like that." Then looking at the carefully wrapped gift, she smiled warmly. "Is this for me?" her heart raising at Sevens thoughtfulness.

Eyeing Kathryn amusingly and not wishing to allow her the change of subject, she responded dryly, "I will make sure to remember that in the future. Since you are already encroaching into my area of expertise" her mouth capturing Kathryns left nipple and suckling hungrily, smiling against the warm breast she whispered quietly, "Please try to refrain yourself in the future and allow me to perform my duties unencumbered" her tongue returning to tease her playfully.

Kathryn's rich laughter filtered out, her smile reflecting her embarrassment in being caught in the act. "I'll try to remember that, though I must admit you are..." her breath catching at the electrical sensation deriving from Sevens attentiveness. Swallowing deeply she moaned quietly "You've made your point I concede" Sliding down and capturing Sevens mouth in her own, after a long penetrating kiss, she pulled herself away. Her eyes glistening with amusement.

"Maybe I should open this, before you continue to distract me" her hands deftly unwrapping the box. She removed the last of the wrapping and opened the box sitting in a black velveteen cloth was a delicate statue carved in marble. Kathryn delicately lifted the nine-inch statue from the box and marveled at the delicate figurine.

Upon further examination, she noted the features carefully carved and recognized her own image along with Sevens. Their bodies intricately intertwined in a circular fashion and fused together delicately, the two entities joined to form one, their arms raised and reaching upward, locked together, the base ended in the cover of a cloud. The effect appearing as if they were being borne of it and rising to the heavens. She felt the stinging in the back of her eyes, her mouth unable to form the multitude of feelings converging. "Did you make this yourself?" her voice constricting with tantamount unspoken emotions.

Seven smiled warmly, her face flushing at the evident emotion her sculpture emoted from Kathryn. "It is not very good, but still it is what I feel we have become" her reply deep and honestly spoken.

"Oh my love, you are the soul of my existence and have touched me in a way no other ever has. I am heartily sorry for all of the pain and suffering I caused you in the beginning. Know this now, that you have affected my life in such a manner, that I could never accept my existence without you. I will spend the rest of my life adoring you and making up for the pain I have caused you. " A solitary tear rolling down her high borne cheek.

Seven enfolded her into her arms and held her gently, a lump rising in her throat "I did not mean to bring you such concerns and sadness with my gift. My intention was to reveal to you the way I look at us as a singular being, a part of the other to form a whole. I'm sorry Kathryn if my attempt has caused you alarm" she tilted her head and kissed her gently, swallowing away the rising ache in Kathryns soul.

After gently breaking away, Kathryn eyed her lovingly "It's not what you think my love, I'm not crying from remorse. I am crying from the intense emotions you bring out in me. Since your encounter with Michael, you have returned with an inner self-knowledge of being. I have noticed the subtle changes and it only makes me marvel and adore you more than before. You posses my soul Seven, I hand it to you freely and willing. I have never allowed any one to posses me so and only to you do I give that power" she reached over and kissed her again gently, exposing her entire being to this magnificent creature that owned her. She felt the ice breaking and the darkness rising from her inner region, and for once, she felt truly worthy of being loved.

They broke away and settled into each other's arms, Seven running smooth strokes through the length of Kathryn's hair. She continued her soft caress and was rewarded immediately, as Kathryns body relaxed and fell into a blissful slumber. She remained holding her for several minutes later, until the overpowering force of sleep settled her into its depths.

As the women slept comfortably in each other's warmth, their dreams followed separate paths yet somehow connected. A brilliant blue light appeared in front of their bed, the image of Michael appearing, his smile warm, he lingered on their sleeping forms before walking to the edge of the bed. He gently stroked Kathryns hair from her face, her brow wrinkled into a frown, the eyes tight and tension covering the delicate form of her mouth. Her body relaxed under the soothing touch, the restlessness of her slumber subsiding, as the jerking motions ceased and she fell deeper into an undisturbed slumber.

He neared Sevens sleeping form and settled his gaze on her lovingly, his expression soft and intense. He watched her for a while longer before brushing his fingers softly along her cortical implant. A flash of fire erupted into her dreams, a man walking from within the flames. His face shrouded in the darkness, yet there was a familiarity about him, his identity escaping her. His face remained in the shadows Seven instinctively felt the heaviness of his aura and understood he meant no goodwill. The darkness exploded and she felt the pain-searing deep into the core of her soul, she screamed out in pain, her breath labored, and her voice desperately calling out to Kathryn.

Kathryn woke from her haze, her dream escaping, as she heard her name being desperately called. She reached out to Seven and gently shook her, the young women trembling violently in her arms. Her breath escaping in sobs, the searing pain of heat flashes through her body.

Kathryn in a small concerned voiced reached out to her in the darkness "Seven, darling wake up, it is only a dream" her arms enfolding her protectively. Seven remained with her eyes closed the profound darkness inescapable, she reached out blindly seeking the comfort of Kathryn, her voice small and frightened "Kathryn, a short sob..."Kathryn" her shoulders shaking violently.

Kathryn in a firmer and stronger voice called out to her, the sound ebbing into the profound darkness and pulling Seven out "Seven, darling, wake up it is me Kathryn" her voice concerned and protective. The darkness was lifted and warmness consumed her being, filling the emptiness and bringing her back home. Her eyes were large and dilated, the fear slowly departing as her sense returned to the present. She stared at Kathryn confused at first. Then recognizing her, she relaxed in her arms, her shoulders trembling. Kathryn soothed and comforted. Seven constantly reminding her it was just a dream. Seven remained quiet against her and welcomed the comfort, her being finding its place with Kathryns.

"Hush my love" her hand gently stroking her head" It was only a dream" she gently removed herself from Seven to stare deeply into her eyes. Reassuring herself the young woman she loved so much was safe. "It was just a bad dream my love, do you want to talk about it" her voice soft and compassionate.

"I...I cannot seem to remember anything other than the pain" Her lower lips trembling slightly.

"What pain?" Kathryn concerned "Were you hurt in the dream?" her hand cradling Sevens chin gently, looking deeply into her eyes.

"No, there was a man, and I felt as if I knew him, yet I did not. Then there was darkness and I felt a burning pain through out me. I called for you Kathryn, I called for you."

Kathryn attempted not to be concerned, forcing her face to relax and become bland. "I see, well it was just a bad dream my love. You're safe with me now" She gently lowered Seven and cradled her possessively in her arms. Holding her tightly and kissing the top of her head, her hands gently stroking her arms, she lulled her quietly back to sleep. Kathryn remained awake, her thoughts running wildly, the dream disturbing her more than it should have. There was sudden sense of foreboding present, the feeling chilling her. She moved the covers around their forms, the coldness seeping and not subsiding. After an hours' interlude of pensive thinking, she placed the thoughts aside and fell into a deep slumber, the dream returning.

Kathryn watched herself, walking through deck 19, a security team armed and flanking her on both sides. Tuvok taking point and leading the team. Her face was intense and determined, a frown creasing her smooth features. She could see by the deep stark gray of her eyes that she was angry, attempting to be in control. Her mouth tight and drawn, a phaser held leveled in her right hand. The ship was suddenly rocked violently, the force slamming her against the hull. She ignored the pain and continued onward. The team resuming their positions, she could hear rather then see the commotion ahead, a man screaming loudly, his voice stressed and fanatic. She continued forward in the direction of the sounds, the deck growing cold and dark. There was urgency in the air, her heart pounding wildly, and then she saw the outline of the man, his features dark and sullen, hidden within the shadows. Though there was a familiarity about him, she was unable to establish his identity. She suddenly bolted upright awakening from the dream, her heart pounding deeply in her chest. She turned to Seven reassuring herself of her presence and that she was safe and secure. Finding the comfort of her body, she settled herself slowly beside her, her eyes examining every inch of her face. A concerned scowl crossing her classic features. She swallowed deeply and resigned to sleep again.

They woke to the soft voice of the computer, announcing the start of their morning shift. The dark effect of the lingering nightmare from the night before having subsided and forgotten. Seven found an easiness flowing in the room, as if some familiar presence had been there. Placing the odd sensation aside she turned and smiled adoringly to the reclining figure next to her. Kathryn, eyeing her intensely through dreamy laden eyes. She rose her weight on to her side and kissed Seven passionately, her boding shivering slightly from the building desire.

Their hands immediately began familiarizing themselves with each other as the passion continued to build. Their bodies were rediscovering the sensitive regions from the night before. Tongues and languid touches rising in unison as new discoveries increased their ardent desire. Until finally the ebbing of completion ensued and they remained intertwined, sweat glistening liberally over their bodies, evidence of their intense attention to one another.

Kathryn groaned the thought of departing from the luscious form painful, "You realize we're going to be late for this mornings shift?"

Seven hugging her more tightly and bringing her closer to her body. "Perhaps I should compose a note of excuse for you to turn into commander Chakotay."

Kathryn chuckled lightly "I'm sure he would be more than interested in knowing, why his Captain is so late for the beginning of the Alpha shift. Still I would rather he not know the true nature" with that said she tapped commands into the terminal panel. Alerting the bridge, she would be late for the start of her duty. Rising out of the bed regrettably she pulled the young woman to her, her lean form molding to hers suggestively.

"Don't start, we're late already and I'm sure I'll be receiving enough innuendo's from Chakotay as is" she playfully pushed Seven away in the direction of the ensuite, removing an extra towel from the closet nearby. She turned the shower on and they both entered, selfishly taking the time to bathe each other, as their desire rose and caused a further delay to their duty shifts. Finally showered and dressed for their morning watch they parted company a lingering kissed between them, warming them to the core of their beings.

B'Elanna was pacing wildly in Astrometrics when Seven entered casually, her face warming at finding her friend.

'Well it's about time, you've kept me waiting for over an hour" her eyes assessing Seven accusingly and denoting the relaxed tones on her friends fine features, the sudden realization hitting her full force. "You got some didn't you?" her mouth screwing to a mocking grin.

Seven eyed her disdainfully, her left eyebrow rising harshly forcing her implant to nearly rise above her forehead. "I do not know to what you are referring too" her voice unable to hide the glee.

"Oh yes you do Borg, don't try that prissy act with me. You got some, You know you participated in, what's your favorite term for it? Oh yes how can I forget, non-reproductive copulation."

Seven smirked in distaste, finding B'Elannas words offensive to what she shared with Kathryn "If you are inquiring as to whether or not we made love, the answer is yes. I would prefer you not use the term of getting some when referring to me and the captain" her voice laced with sarcasm.

"Well isn't that rich coming from a Borg, who for months followed me around like some lab experiment taking notes on my non-reproductive copulation's with Tom". Raising her hand to quell Sevens next statement, she continued. "That's quite all right no need to apologize, I forgive you. So tell me how was it?" her face glowing with anticipation.

Seven shook her head in disgust, noting how often her friendship with B'Elanna tended to be exasperating. She stared at her friend in awe, the concept of shame never entering the Klingons vocabulary. "You are incorrigible B'Elanna Torres, I often wonder how is it we became friends. However, in answer to your question it was incredible. The research I complied in this subject matter was inefficient in describing the actual sensations associated to it" her face blushing significantly.

"That good huh? Really, I never would have imagined sex with another woman could be so earth shattering. Still I'll have to take your word for it. So tell me was she any good? Did she make you scream out Omega or what? Come on spill it, Borg, it's the least you could do after all I've done for you" B'Elanna eyeing her playfully.

Seven let out a long breath, smiling inwardly at her friend's colorful usage of language. "If you are referring to my having achieved orgasm, the answer is yes, nineteen times to be exact, the last five occurring this morning"

B'Elannas jaw dropped in place, shock stunning her momentarily, she snapped her mouth shut. "Are you telling me the Captain actually made you climax nineteen times and you never once faked it?"

"That is an accurate statement, what is it that you mean about faking, I do not believe I understand."

B'Elanna regretted her choice of words immediately knowing this would sidetrack Seven from revealing more about her first sexual encounter. Kicking herself inwardly, she decided to wrap it up quickly and return the subject back on track. "Well you know sometimes with a man, they don't always hit the right spot, and women pretend that they do so that the man won't feel bad about it."

"Indeed, well I can assure there was no pretending as to what Kath....I mean the Captain was able to provide. I believe she is an exceptional lover, though I have no accurate scale to compare this too. Have you ever found yourself faking it with Tom?" her question asked with honestly and curiosity not intending to offend her friend.

"That's not the point" the Klingon noticing the look of pity coming from Seven "Yeah, well alright I've faked it a few times, but then again men make love differently then women" B'Elanna steadily losing ground.

'Indeed how so? Is not the encounter to ensure that the proper level of climax is achieved between the two people participating in the act?"

B'Elanna wanted to bang her head against the hull, not wishing to get into an intense conversation regarding the sexual differences between similar and dissimilar partners. "Yes it is, but sex with a man is different, most men can't get it u_ _, I mean are unable to go nineteen times. Kahless it's a wonder you can walk" the last rushed out in a huff.

""I see, well I can ensure it this not the case between Kathryn and myself. She is quite apt and skilled in this endeavor and I assure you any soreness I may be experiencing today was well worth the effort" smiling smugly at her friend.

"Has any one ever told you its impolite to brag? I can see you're going to be impossible to live with now that your gett...I mean sexual active now."

"I would like to point out it was you that started this conversation, however since it appears to be a sore point to you, I will cease it immediately" her smile growing more smug by the minute.

"Yeah, well it isn't polite to gloat either, you pretentious Borg"

"I will try to refrain from offending you any further Klingon. Now what is it that brings you to Astrometrics?"

B'Elanna conceded at not being able to derive specific details from Seven regarding her first experience with the captain. Still a touch of awe at Janeways sexual prowess lingered in the Klingons thoughts, redefining her initial thoughts regarding the aloof Captain, a newfound respect growing for the commanding woman.

"I can't really say for sure, but I had this really weird feeling something was wrong. So I came to make sure everything was OK"

A brief shadow flickered across Sevens eyes and cleared, not going unnoticed by her perceptive friend. "Seven? Is everything all right? The Klingon prodding more gently now.

"I can't explain this, but last night I had a dream and it has left me with a certain amount of trepidation."

"How so" B'Elanna more concerned, grateful for following her instincts on checking in on Seven.

Seven proceeded to relate the events of her dream a sudden chill forming down the Klingons spine as she concluded the story.

"And you have no idea who the man was?"

"No, I was unable to see his face, yet I somehow sensed that I knew him."

"What did the Captain say?"

"She attempted to hide her concerns, but I can tell she was disturbed by it as well as I was. There was something else."

"What?" B'Elanna paying more attention to Sevens words.

"I believe Kathryn may have experienced a nightmare as well. After I fell asleep, she remained awake for an hour before she fell asleep again. A short time later she awoke abruptly, I could sense she was disturbed, though I did not let her know I was aware. She remained several minutes watching me as I slept, before her body relaxed again and she fell asleep. I don't know how to explain this, but I believe my dream may have affected her as well."

"Did you mention any of this to her?"

"No, I did not know who to properly broach the subject."

"Yeah, well take my advice and talk to her as soon as you can. Moreover, for the record Seven, you'll find it better in the end if you don't keep anything away from her. It's the first trap most people fall into and it can seriously damage a relationship. The Captain is fiercely loyal if not anything and if you expect to gain her trust and love then you better be able to confide in her."

Seven suddenly felt abashed, knowing the Klingon meant no offense. "You are correct B'Elanna, and thank you for being my friend" the words spoken sincerely.

"No problem Seven, that's what friends are for" The Klingon hugging her gently by the shoulders and reassuring her.

"I feel that I am rather hungry this morning, perhaps you will join me for breakfast in the Messhall?"

B'Elanna snorted rudely "Yeah, no doubt, after all of your extra curricular activity last night. At least I won't be getting any more complaints about the cold water running out anymore" ignoring the menacing glare shot back at her as she pulled Seven by the arm and the two exited Astrometrics in route to the Messhall.

Kathryn entered the bridge a slight swagger to her walk, her face still flush from her last encounter with Seven in the shower. Her mind kept returning to Sevens glorious body, the smile smugly displayed on her face. She crossed the bridge and sat in her command chair. Forcing the thoughts of her previous encounter from her mind as she attempted to focus to the duty on hand. Her hands flying across the terminal pad next to her ready chair, as she downloaded the morning's event.

Chakotay eyed her amusingly realizing immediately Seven managed to achieve her goal. With no intention of letting it go he leaned in and whispered quietly.

"You're seeming rather chipper this morning" his smile crooked and teasing.

"Really, Commander I haven't noticed" Janeway attempting to be neutral and bland, turning from her panel to eye him speculatively.

"I stand corrected, you seem to have a certain glow, it's rather becoming if you ask me" his eyes glistening with humor.

Janeway leaned in seductively and lowering her voice to a husky drawl she whispered breathlessly "You stand corrected again Chakotay. It's called the just laid look" She enjoyed the shock on her first officers face knowing he never would have expected such a graphic response from the usually professional captain. She rose from her chair having achieved her goal and immediately changed to her command voice, snapping "You have the conn, Commander" as she headed to her ready room.

Chakotay took several minutes to regain his composure before responding crisply "Aye, Captain" a bemused look of wonder crossing his brow.

Janeway sat in her chair and began downloading the recent mandates from Starfleet B'Elanna downloaded to her terminal earlier in the Alpha shift. She opened the first communiqué, labeled top priority and for her eyes only. Holding her breath, she began scanning the report, her face blanching at the implications listed. Her hand trembled slightly as she reread the last lines. Her heart beating quickly.

She tapped the comm panel and requested Tuvoks presence in her ready room. The Vulcan immediately responded to the summons.

The soft chime rang "Enter" Janeways voice betraying her emotions.

"Captain, you wanted to see me?" the Vulcan noting the trembling tone in his Captains' voice.

"Tuvok, I just received a communiqué from Starfleet, it concerns Seven. But before I go any further what I tell you remains strictly off the record and between us" her voice regaining control.

"There is no need for you to be concerned Captain, I have nor will I ever breech your confidence"

"I apologize my friend, My intent was not to indicate otherwise" Janeway admitting her slight indiscretion.

"There is no need for you to apologize Captain, I assure you I took no offense to your tone."

"It's just that this communiqué took me a little off guard I wasn't expecting it" she slid the pad across the table, for Tuvok to peruse.

A barely detectable frown creased his brow as he absorbed the data related in the communiqué. "Have they given you a reason as to this order" his voice flat and injecting no outward concern.

"No, like everything else lately they've repeatedly denied all of my request. How am I suppose to comply with this order" Her hand reflectively rubbing her frown as the familiar dull ache began to ensue.

"You must realize Captain, Starfleet is not aware of your personal relationship with Seven. They are simply exercising what they see as their rights within the command structure. Perhaps if you make them aware of your personal relationship with Seven the may rethink their latest request"

"That may be so, but just in case I want a little reassurance in case they don't. My friend I do not intend to hand Seven over to them like some sacrificial lamb. They have made no attempt at informing me of what their exact intentions are. I'm not handing her over so blindly, I care too much about her to do that and I could never live with myself if I did."

"Captain, we are eighteen months away from intercepting with the USS Enterprise, there is the possibility the orders could be rescinded by then."

"Somehow I don't believe for a moment they will be, I'm sorry Tuvok I lack your faith. I want you to know I do not intend to follow these orders. However it is not something I am taking lightly nor do I wish to drag the crew into either. This is my personal battle and not the crews. Nonetheless, I have to be prepared in the event that it does. For several months I have been devising a means of securing Sevens safety in the event it would come to this. However, off the record I am going to need your help. I do not want to involve anyone else in this. I am asking as your friend Tuvok not your Captain, if you choose not to accept I want you to know I understand. I realize it is a lot to ask from you. However in the evident you are unable to assist me I'm asking you not to betray my confidence."

Tuvok breathed in deeply his answer already made before Kathryn completed her request. "You have my word as a Vulcan and as your friend I will do anything under my power to assist you" his face impassive yet warm, the years of friendship and respect he held for this formidable woman far outweighing the consequences. In addition there was his personal fondness for the young Borg and his logical mind was quick to assess she was in imminent danger.

Janeways face softened immediately, her feelings unconcealed and detectable by her dear friend. "I thank you my old friend. I can't convey to you enough what this means to me." With little trepidation, she continued knowing her friend would never defy her confidence.

"For some time now I've had the doctor working on a bio masking matrix to be introduced into Sevens nanoprobes. It will enable her bio signs to go undetected and impervious to any of Starfleets scans. In effect I intend to fake her death on an away mission, which you will be in charge of, your official report will indicate her death was such, that she could only be identified by the remains of her left enhanced Borg hand. The doctor kept the replicated implant after her encounter with Michael. I have already selected a section on Voyager that I will deem off limits in the months to come, in which she will be sequestered. She will remain there until we reach the Alpha quadrant. Through a series of encoded communiqués, I have contacted my sister Phoebe and she has secured a means of transportation as well as a safe heaven for Seven. I intend to move her there at an agreed predetermined time and location. When the time comes, I will require your assistance again in masking the transporter signatures so I can have her beamed safely aboard without the bridge becoming aware. I intend to resign my commission on my return and after a given amount of time I will be reunited with Seven" Her carefully thought out plan laid out before her friend.

The Vulcan eyed her appreciatively, fascinated by Janeways thought process and admiring her tenacity and tactical abilities "I believe your plan is both logical and well conceived. You have my word that I will assist you and Seven when the time comes. However there is a slight flaw, one which may not has occurred to you."

"Please continue."

"You failed to have considered the doctor, there is no doubt that Starfleet will be intrigued with his matrix and proceed to remove it from Voyagers database. The information regarding your plan will be present and available. In short Starfleet will become aware of your plan."

"I've already thought of that, the doctor has agreed to having that portion of his matrix eradicated. He has already downloaded the sequence into his matrix, the moment Seven is officially logged as deceased, and the program will begin a complex algorithm based on Borg programming that will delete the entire databank from his matrix. The Borg algorithm has a complex virus that will render the data unsalvageable in the event an attempt is made to recover it."

The Vulcan raised his eyebrow in approval, realizing he should have known Janeway better. "Have you informed Seven of Nine of your plan?"

Janeway sucked in a deep breath, Tuvok immediately aware her plan had a flaw after all. "No, I can't say that I have, to be honest I haven't told her of anything. I guess I was hoping it would not to come to this. However, today's events have radically changed that. I cannot say I am looking forward to this at all, I am uncertain on how she may perceive this. Essentially, I have lied to her in some way by keeping her in the dark. I am hoping she will be able to forgive me and see my point of view. There was very little I could do, I was never expecting my obligation to Starfleet or my command to come between us so soon in our relationship."

The Vulcan considered her statement carefully before responding "I would assume there may be some level of emotional reaction from her. I have noted since her encounter with the beings Seven of Nine" proceeding carefully "has developed a more human aspect to her personality. It is logically to conclude her emotional aspect will supercede her logical thinking. I find it will not be easy task for you."

Janeway chuckled nervously, not exactly refuting Tuvoks interpretation "I would never think it to be anything other than difficult. Still I hope that the bond we've managed to form thus far is strong enough to guide us through this."

"Am I correct in assuming your relationship has reached a higher understanding?" The Vulcan painfully honest and cutting to the significant part.

"Yes, I guess that's a polite way of putting it. If what you're asking is whether our relationship has escalated to a more physical level that is."

"That is exactly what I meant, my intent is not to embarrass you. However I have noticed among humans that once a physical bond is formed the parties involved are more prone to experience uncontrolled and illogical emotional behavior."

"Your point is well taken, still I have confidence we're above that. To some degree I'm grateful we didn't rush into anything and took the time to know each other properly" her voice inflecting her uncertainty.

"I have confidence that your plan will work, it is now up to you as to whether or not you will be able to convince Seven of Nine of it."

"I think considering everything, that may be the hardest obstacle for me to cross. Still I can think of no other way in providing her protection. There is one other thing."

"Captain?" the Vulcan wondering how further complex this situation can become.

"I intend to ask her to marry me. In the event that something should go wrong, I want her to have full rights as my wife. It will also grant her a form of legal sanctuary as a member of my family. My mother and sister are already in accordance with this and intend to defend her in the event if I am unable to do so. I want you to stand as my witness old friend, I couldn't think of anyone else I would want by my side."

Tuvok raised his eyebrow, a Vulcan signal of shock as well as approval of Janeways singular method of covering all of her bases. "I would be honored to stand with you. However perhaps you are being a bit premature, Seven is yet to accept your offer."

Janeways eyes twinkled, the rise to a challenge edging her on "Have faith my friend I assure you resistance is futile on her part. She will comply and become my wife. I intend to have the doctor perform the ceremony, he's allowed to under Starfleets bylaws."

"It will be intriguing if not interesting to say the least. If that is all Captain, with your permission I will take leave now and return to my duties."

" Permission granted, I think I've burden you enough for now old friend and again I thank you for always being there for me."

"It is has always been an honor to serve under you. I hope that some day after our return to the Alpha quadrant you and Seven will visit with me and my family, as I already consider you both a part of my unit"

Janeway rose from her chair and rubbing Tuvoks forearm gently she responded, a warm glow present in her eyes' "It is I who is honored and we consider you a part of our family" her words indicating a bonding with Seven as the only acceptable truth.

Tapping her comm badge on her left breast, she swallowed deeply not intending to let the matter fester any further and wanting to bring closure to the task at hand. "Janeway to Seven."

Seven was working intently on the slipstream calculations with B'Elanna, the summons startling her momentarily.

"Seven, here Captain" her heart racing slightly at the sound of her lovers voice.

"Seven, please meet me in my quarters at the end of your duty shift, Janeway out" not caring if anyone was within earshot to hear the slight break in protocol.

B'Elanna eyed her speculatively, a glint reminiscent of another round of teasing forming in her dark eyes "Well Seven, I'd say you have another command performance for this evening" The Klingon chuckling loudly at Sevens obvious discomfort and elbowing her gently in the ribs.

Seven sighed inwardly, silently chastising Kathryn for her slight indiscretion, the result giving B'Elanna enough fuel to torture her for the rest of their duty shift. "It would appear so" her voice flat and emotionless.

"Yeah it appears you've created quite a little monster there. You're a regular little sex kitten" her laughter forming deeper and shaking her shoulders.

"B'Elanna Torres, please try to focus on the task at hand and refrain from commenting on my private affairs. I do not see how any of this is of a concern to you."

"Yeah sure anything you say" The Klingon giggled sheepishly "Anyway what are your plans for tomorrow" sobering quickly her eyes glinting with mischief.

Seven noticed the immediate gleam in her friends eyes and knew she was headed for trouble "Why what do you have in mind?" her tone conveying her suspicion.

"Well, I have it on good information Tom is sitting on a treasure trove of ration chips, along with Ayala, Neelix and Gaines. I was thinking of your previous offer regarding restoring my lost replicator rations. Anyway, I have arranged for us to meet in my quarters for a friendly game of Blackjack. So bring your replicator chips, the game starts promptly at 2100 hours and don't be late."

"I will not be late and remember your promise to me. We are to be equals in this partnership."

"Of course we are I would not have it any other way" the Klingon rubbing her hands together in her anticipation for the upcoming event.

Chakotay was sitting on the bridge focusing intently on the pad in front of him. Through his peripheral vision, he thought he detected someone passing near him, the shadow passing quickly. Distracted he raised his vision to where the figure should have been positioned, only to find the space empty. He searched the bridge and noticed everyone was sitting in his or her prospective stations. Pushing the incident aside, he returned his attention back to his work. He continued working when a ringing tone sounded in his left ear. He covered it with his finger and shook it attempting to relieve the building air trapped in the canal.

He succeeded in popping his ear and heard some one call him. The trapped air distorted his hearing and he was unable to recognize the voice, looking up puzzled he spoke to no one in particular "Did some one call me?" his face quizzical.

Each bridge member lifted their heads from their stations and responded silently to his request. Tom voicing the obvious "No Commander."

He shook his head and continued working until he was distracted again, this time hearing his name whispered into his ear "Chakotay, no one else can hear me" the tone sounding familiar. He mentally conditioned his mind to respond silently "Father?"

"I am hear my son with you" his voice distorting and not quite the same as Chakotay remembered.

Chakotay suddenly straightened become attentive to the spirit of his departed father "Is that you? Why are you here?" his inner voice continuing the silent communication. The realization that his fathers spirit wished only for him to hear.

"I have come to warn you my son of a grave danger" the voice distorting in and out of synchronization.

"Warn me against what?" The hairs on the back of his neck standing on edge an uncomfortable feeling settling in the pit of his stomach.

"I will come to you tonight my son, you must go on a vision quest and come to me?" the distorted voice pleading.

"I will do as you request" his body tense with the implications, the fact that his fathers spirit contacted him without a vision quest, relevant in its importance.

"You will not be disappointed my son" the voice distorting completely and the resonance of multiple voices appearing.

Chakotay momentarily shook his head, the distorted voices filling his head and expanding. The voices cleared and he quickly accessed his panel, noting an hour remained for the completion of his duty shift and wanting anxiously to retreat to his quarters. The preparation for his vision quest requiring time and meticulous procedures in order to embark on successfully.

Kathryn was in her quarters dressed in a black slinky dress and slipping her shoes on while simultaneously putting an earring in place. Her mind running the method of approaching Seven regarding her plans pertaining to Starfleet. While her stomach filled with butterflies on her impending proposal to Seven. She attempted to quell the jumpy feeling in her stomach as she searched frantically for a small box she placed somewhere earlier and was now at a loss as to where she placed it.

The door chime rang softly and she failed to answer it immediately, as she quickly scanned the living room searching for the elusive box. She found it sitting on the table next to the marble statue Seven presented her with the evening before. Expelling a sigh of relief she crossed the span and reached for the box, the door chime sounded for the second time.

"Enter" as she quickly hid the box behind her back.

Seven entered her quarters, dressed in a long sleeved white cotton blouse and form fitting black slacks. Kathryn merely stared at her, entranced as always by her magnificent appearance. It suddenly occurred to Kathryn, Seven would appear desirable no matter what choice of attire she wore. Her breath caught in her throat as she eyed her admiringly.

Seven tilted her head, detecting the nervousness in Kathryn's behavior amused she crossed the room and reached out to her. Holding her firmly in her arms, she kissed her gently, her mouth warm and sweet, exciting Kathryn immediately. After a long moment Seven drew her away and eyed her questionably, Kathryn attempting to regain her composure.

"You are attempting to hide something from me, I am able to detect it in your demeanor."

Shaking herself from the intensity of Sevens kiss she responded a little too quickly and defensively 'I am not" upset she would allow her emotions to be so easily detected by the young woman.

Seven merely smiled in amusement, Kathryns' evident defensive tone assuring the Borg she hit the mark precisely. "As you wish" her eyes letting Kathryn know she was not the least bit fooled.

'You really think you know me do not you?" her tone less defense now and attempting to regain the lost ground.

"I have no intention of arguing this point with you. You are far too stubborn to admit your own defeat" her smile teasing and challenging, knowing full well Kathryn would not let this one pass by.

"I swear you are the most infuriating woman I have ever met. I often wonder why I fell in love with you in the first place, You are argumentative and abrupt to say the least" Noticing the smug grin on her lovers face.

"It is because you are small and unable to resist my obvious superiority and charm. I don not know why you continue to expend a considerable amount of energy in refuting this fact" Seven immediately capturing Kathryn in her arms and kissing her deeply, avoiding the playful swipe aimed at her.

Kathryn moaned as Seven ravished her completely with a mere kiss, her body growing weak in her arms. They parted gently and Seven held her close to her heart, the breathing returning too normal. "It's a good thing you're a good kisser, otherwise I'd return you back to the collective" Kathryn determined to have the last say.

"I am glad you find me acceptable since I intend to spend the rest of my life proving it too you" her eyes warming and settling deeply into Kathryns soul. "I love you, Kathryn" her mouth capturing Kathryns again and kissing her thoroughly.

Kathryn pushed herself away with great difficulty, determined to resolve the problems on hand and not wanting to be distracted by Sevens amorous attentiveness.

"Really darling, there is something I wish to speak with you, before we continue any further. I am not sure how to say this, so I guess I had better start at the beginning. I think you may need to sit down for this" She moved Seven to the sofa and settled next to her. Her mind suddenly unable to process her earlier plan. With great difficulty, she relayed her story from the beginning to he end.

Sevens fine features flexed and distorted as Kathryn related the problems stemming from Starfleets original mandates. Ending with their request that Kathryns hand her over to Captain Picard once Voyager rendezvous with the USS Enterprise, finally concluding with Kathryn's plan and assistance offered from the Doctor, her sister Phoebe and Lt. Commander Tuvok.

"I see" her voice small and wavering.

Kathryns heart clenched as she detected the hurt in Sevens voice "Darling please understand, I have no intention of following those orders. The only reason why I did not inform you sooner is that I was hoping for a desirable outcome. However, now that the exact nature of their intentions is clear. I had to devise a plan in order to protect you. You are my soul my love and I'll do anything in my power to protect you"

"But you have known of this for quite some time, why did you not speak of this to me sooner?"

"Darling understand, I just couldn't, not without violating protocol and my command."

Seven stared at her in disbelief; unable to imagine she would consider anything other than Kathryn's best interest regardless of protocol. The emotions running wildly in her expressions, she noticed the pained expression on Kathryn's face, her heart breaking. "And now? What is difference between then and now. How could you have not told me of this sooner? I would never have kept something like this from you. You had no right to keep me in this from me" she spat accusingly her voice strained with evident hurt.

"I...I wish I had a way of making you understand. My intent was to protect you not hurt you. How could I possibly involve you in something I had no answers to at the time. I needed the time to access the situation properly my desire to protect you has broken every rule within my command structure. With great consequences to my family and friends, I have involved them in matters that can have severe repercussions for them. I was not thinking rationally Seven, I was only thinking of you in finding a way to protect you. If my actions have hurt you in anyway then I can only beg for your forgiveness. However, know this, I have come to love you and place you above all I hold sacred. If I have to go to prison or die in securing your safety than so be it. But regardless of how you may feel right now there is no other way, believe me I wish there was" her voice constricting a light moisture brimming her eyes.

Seven swallowed deeply her logical mind reasserting itself and taking possession of her emotional state. Her heart reaching out to Kathryns heartfelt plead "Very well" her voice firm and authoritative "I accept your apology and I will concede to you this time. However Kathryn, make no mistake if you wish to continue this relationship with me. You will cease in making decisions for me without my approval or knowledge. I have been severed from the collective for four years and have since embraced my humanity and I am quite capable of making my own decisions. I will not be treated as a mere drone to act on your disposal. I expect that you treat me with respect and give to me that which I give to you. I will accept nothing less from you and expect that you not make the same mistake again."

Kathryn flinched slightly, then expelled a sigh of relief, her mind immediately taking Sevens words to heart. Mentally conceding to her and realizing it was the least she could do. She knelt in front of Seven, tossing caution to the wind and locking onto her eyes she allowed a wealth of emotions expressed in their deep blue depths. "Seven my love, on that you have my word. I promise you with all that I am I will not take you for granted" Her hand reaching out and caressing Sevens face.

She swallowed deeply a lump suddenly forming in her throat. "There is something else I wish to discuss with you" her eyes scanning Sevens and awaiting her response. A dark shadow flashed across their ice blue composure before clearing again.

Kathryn nodded her head in ascent "I assure you my love, I do not think this will alarm you. At least I hope that it doesn't."

"I see, you may proceed" Seven intent on making her squirm a while longer, the gold and silver hue glowing in the warmth of the light.

Kathryn was momentarily captivated by Sevens beauty and almost forgot her next words. Reining in her thoughts she continued tentatively "Seven of Nine, former human designation Annika Hansen. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Sevens jaw dropped, not expecting this turn of events at all. She found she was unable to respond, completely at a loss for words. Kathryn stared at her intently awaiting her response, after several aggravating minutes. Her impatience getting the best of her, she quirked her mouth in distaste "Are you going to answer me sometime soon or are you planning on letting me squirm a little longer?" her tone cutting through and letting Seven know she was aware of her previous intentions.

Seven snapped her mouth shut and blinking cleared the numbness that formulated in her edict mind. She stared in disbelief and realizing Kathryn was serious swallowed deeply before responding " Yes" the only word he was able to form, her extensive vocabulary escaping her.

Kathryn chuckled lightly, having realized she threw Seven off her game with her sudden proposal. Removing a delicate blue diamond sapphire ring from the little box, she slipped it on Sevens ring finger "It's customary to offer a symbol of commitment. This is known as an engagement ring and it belonged to my grandmother on my father's side. With all my love I commit myself only to you and offer you this symbol as a testament of my undying love."

Seven regained her senses and held her left hand in her right, admiring the delicate ring, standing proudly among her Borg implant. She pulled Kathryn onto her lap and kissed her passionately the entire essence of her being injected into it. Kathryn shivered slightly against the warm body enfolding her, her soul finding its touchstone and knowing she would always be grounded. She pulled herself away and smiled warmly, her eyes conveying every ounce of love.

"I love you Annika Hansen."

"I love you Kathryn Janeway and commit my life to loving only you" She reached down and kissed her again, deeply and intensely. The result leading them to the bedroom as they removed their clothing and fell happily into bed.

Chakotay sat in his quarters the warm glow of a candle bathing his features. The distant sound of ceremonial drums beating softly in the background. He sat crossed leg and completely naked, sheen of sweats covering his form. There was a melody of objects sitting in front of him, each representing one of nature's natural elements. There were ancient tribal symbols, carefully drawn in sand and stone before him, the heat rising from the heating stones and engulfing him. He held the familiar of his spirit guide in his hands, his fingers stroking the object, as he chanted his prayer asking for his spirit guide to help him.

His spirit floated upwards as his consciousness left his physical form, projecting him to familiar surroundings, his father materializing and beckoning him to follow. He drew closer and gazed upon the spirit of his father. The animal sounds and natural noises of the lush forest silent. Chakotay felt a sudden awkwardness one he never experienced before during his journeys to the birthplace of his ancestors. His father's image kept beckoning to him, never once speaking, motioning with his hand for him to follow.

He continued following the retreating figure a sense of desperation consuming him. He broke into a run and found himself in a clearing. His father's image disappearing, he stood silently observing his surroundings, his vision turning upward towards the sky. A sudden brilliant light emerged as if the sun was falling from the sky, the glow bathing him in its after mass. He held his hand above his eyes, a poor attempt at masking the intensity of the glow. Standing in the clearing with him a jackal appeared, his coat slick and dark and his eyes warm and trusting. He viewed Chakotay with intensity and curiosity, sitting cautiously in place.

Chakotay viewed the animal with curiosity, understanding the spirit of this animal will become his guide into this journey. He allowed the animals intense scrutiny before approaching him. He slowly covered the distance between them, the animal panting heavily, his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth. As Chakotay neared the animal opened and closed his jaws several times licking his chops. The animal stood and in an agile sprint crossed the rest of the distance between them. He suddenly leaped into the air without warning and impacted against Chakotays chest, the force slamming him to the ground. The animal remained reclined on his chest, as sudden images burst into Chakotays mind, a sudden realization of understanding crossing his features.

He watched as the images folded and unfolded before him, the image of a small child with strawberry blonde curls running happily through a field, her image growing into womanhood as she approached him. He could see the darkness of her eyes, dark blue spheres distorted into an evil leer and he recognized her intentions. He watched as the destruction of whole worlds imploded behind her. The images of familiar planets from the Alpha quadrant appearing and exploding into violent burst flames. The raging fires licking lovingly around her form encasing her in a lover's embrace. Her body remained unscathed from the burning flames, as she reveled in the destruction behind her.

He felt a deep chill creep into his soul, the distorted voice whispering softly in his ear. He awoke from the vision, the weight of the animal on his chest. In a state of agitation he attempted to rise, the weight of the beast holding him in place, the animal turned and licked him softly, his fears subsiding. Chakotay stared into its eyes and understood what he must do. He awoke from his quest. A startled cry escaping his lips, he frowned deeply and ingested the meaning of his quest. A sudden awareness dawned on him as the retreating voices disappeared a stern look of determination crossed his features, his eyes darkening with intensity.

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