Cry for the forgotten Part III




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I decided to take a cab to the kitten's hotel instead of using my Bugatti, it would be better if the kitten wouldn't associate me with the car, I knew that Eugene and Tiny would be on her case tomorrow.

I arrived at the Ritz and quickly exited the cab and headed towards the lobby, I raked my fingers through my black hair, which was still a little damp, I wasn't sure if it was from the intense humidity or the fact that I was nervous.

There was something about this date that had me on edge. I tried to bring my heart rate down to a more respectable level.

The outfit I was wearing did very little at making me appear homely. I found out the hard way and a little too late, the fabric had a way of clinging and molding itself to my form. I silently wondered if Tuvo was aware of that when he chose it.

I made sure to wear my two-inch pumps and wore only a light makeup after all I had my own self-pride to think of, it was three minutes to eight when I entered.

I scanned the lobby quickly and figured the kitten was the type to keep me waiting, after all she was the high maintenance type.

To my surprise she was already waiting in the lobby and gave me that predatory glare again, I watched her as she crossed the span of the room.

She had a haunting way of walking and I suddenly found my mouth going dry, I watched her getting closer and the sweat began to form on my brow.

She was wearing a black dress that clung to her like a tight glove, the rise and fall of her form moved in harmony with the fabric, her hair was down and shone vibrantly in the light. I felt my mind go blank for a moment.

I noticed how she managed to capture the attention of every single person in the lobby. We were all entranced and admiring her seductive moves and were reverted to the level of being her humble servants that she commanded at will.

There was a young kid dressed in a black and red bellhop uniform that tripped and fell over the luggage he was carrying, his eyes steadily focused on the kitten instead of watching were he was going, he blindly attempted to stand.

I chuckled softly and continued to watch as she drew closer to me. I could tell that I was the envy of every man in the place. The kitten slinked next to me and looped her arm around mine.

I couldn't help but notice how nice her arm felt in mine, nor could I ignore the electrical sensation it gave me. I felt my heart skip a beat and I breathed in deeply the smell of her scent, it was light and sweet.

"You're very punctual Cat, a most admirable quality."

Her voice was smooth like silk and she eyed me in that way she had, her eyebrow flexing upward, I couldn't help but notice I was Cat again.

"Thank you, Annia, are you ready?"

I could tell, by the way she pressed against me that she was more than ready and when she smiled warmly at me I couldn't help but smile back.

This kitten knew how to work a room and their wasn't another skirt around her that could hold a candle to her, with a smug grin on my face I led her out of the lobby and into a cab.

I quickly went over the day's event in my head and formulated a plan I wanted to make sure I discussed my meeting with Gretchen. I looked in the rear view mirror and couldn't help but notice I picked up the two tails again.

I instructed the driver to take us to Christopher St. and Seventh Avenue, the restaurant we were going to was owned by an old friend of mine named, Pat.

Pat and I first met in Spain when I was running around with a pretty rough crowd, most of whom were either drunken writers or artist, we came across each other while participating in a straight rum chugging contest.

By the time the contest was over we were three sheets to the wind and were carried home. The next day we headed towards the Village Square with two oversized hangovers and proceeded to run with the bulls.

How on earth we ever managed to survive that escapade I'll never know, but the event shook us up enough that we headed to the nearest bar and continued were we left off the night before. From that moment on we became tight friends and have always helped each other out when we could.

Pat was short for Patricia and she came from a well to do Irish family that hailed from Boston. Her old man cut off her allowance when she refused to marry some local politician and settle down.

The fact of the matter is, Pat's old man, was barking up the wrong tree, Pat would have preferred to marry the politicians sister instead.

Her opulent lifestyle ended abruptly when daddy stopped footing her tab, with a small loan from her less than reputable uncle she returned to the states, were she settled in the Village.

The village was a bit of a hell- hole and Pat blended right in with the rough crowd. She grew up in a family of twelve and had no qualms in going toe to toe with anybody and I have to admit, for a thin wiry girl she held her own.

There wasn't a junkie, artist, writer or jazz musician, Pat didn't know on a first name basis. Most of them didn't pay for their meals when the came to her joint and that never seemed to bother, Pat.

For a girl like Pat with a famous last name the autonomy of the village suited her lifestyle well. She purchased a small brownstone on 12th street and Seventh Avenue and settled down with her lover. A Spanish Senorita with dark eyes and a body that wouldn't stop, it was obvious to me why she couldn't leave her behind.

One thing was Pat knew something about running a business and entertaining was her forte, while her lover was one hell of a cook to boot. Pat had an enigmatic personality and had an undeniable way of making you feel welcomed when you entered her place.

The cab continued onward and I couldn't help but notice the kitten sitting close to me, the warmth of her body caressed mine warmly. She leaned closer into me until our bodies touched lightly.

I shook my head and sighed inwardly, it was amazing how this kitten threw her weight around. There was no doubt in my mind she just wouldn't take no for an answer.

As we headed further downtown, a sudden awkwardness filled the air. I cleared my throat and decided to brake the silence. I wanted to keep the conversation light and sweet so I chose a neutral topic.

"Do you like Spanish food?"

I figured what the hell, discussing food seemed like a safe subject, I wanted to save the rest of the questions for later, after I managed to pile a few drinks into her and succeeded in loosening her reserve.

"Yes, as I said I spent several months in Spain myself."

"Really and when was that?"

"Oh about six years ago."

"That's when I was there, what part of Spain were you living in?"

"All over Pamplona, Madrid and Seville."

"Strange those are the places I was at, I'm surprised we never crossed paths."

"Perhaps you just don't remember."

"Trust me I would never forget you."

I realized too late my mistake and I saw from the look in her eyes she noticed it as well, she looped her arm around mine and smiled deeply, I couldn't help but feel good and smile back.

"Why Cat that's very kind of you to say."

We arrived at the restaurant, I paid the driver, and jumped out, I noticed she extended her arm out towards me, an indication she wanted me to assist her climbing out.

I quirk my brow again and sighed deeply and then I held her hand and assisted her out of the cab, she pulled up closely to me and tilted that lovely head of hers, I could tell she was going to be difficult all night.

We headed towards the entrance were she stopped abruptly and waited politely for me to open the door for her, I shook my head and immediately opened the door.

I made sure I swept my arm dramatically and bowed slightly, as I indicated for her to enter. My sarcastic gesture did not go unnoticed. She nodded that sultry head of hers and smiled quite warmly at me

I winked at the kitten to let her know I was on to her game. She laughed that deep throaty laugh and we entered the restaurant together.

The hostess smiled warmly at me and I noticed how she eyed the kitten up and down, I could tell by her stare she was undressing the kitten, a smug smile touched my lips.

I saw no reason to let Big Shirley know the kitten was only my client. The kitten noticed Shirleys leer and moved closer to me leaning seductively on my side, I have to admit the contact felt good.

Big Shirley was a tall wiry girl with size eleven feet, who grew up in the village, like everyone else she was an aspiring artist. One thing was about the village everybody was a writer or an artist, though none of them ever amounted to much.

"Cat, long time no see."

"Shirely, how are you?"

She eyed the kitten again before she answered, she was at least two inches taller than the kitten and Shirley wasn't wearing any heels. I noticed how she focused on all of the kitten's right curves and for a minute, I actually started feeling jealous.

"Not doing as well as you I guess, will the usual table do?"

She was smirking from ear to ear, as she licked her lips. I guess it was her cheap attempt at being seductive, I could tell you that with a face like Shirleys it was a tough trick to pull off.

Shirley had the kind of mug that only a mother could love and at times, she reminded me of a coyote baying at the moon.

There was no doubt she reminded me of that old joke "How can you tell the difference between a fox and a dog?..... About five drinks."

"That will do fine Shirley, is Pat here tonight?"

"She sure is, I'll let her know you arrived."

"Thanks Shirl."

I flashed my eyebrow at the kitten an indication, she should go first and we followed Shirley to the table. The kitten turned around to smile at me, somehow she must have figured out I was enjoying the view in front of me.

There wasn't a pair of eyes in the joint that weren't focused on the kitten's form, as we headed towards the rear of the restaurant. At that very moment my head was too big to fit on my shoulders, I smiled inwardly as I noticed the stares of envy and approval.

We climbed three steps to an upper alcove where 10 tables were spread about. This section of the restaurant was reserved for only the exclusive customers and I rated as one of them.

From day one, Pat let everyone know I was to get the red carpet treatment whenever I showed up. I have to admit she never let me down. Shirley eagerly held out the chair for the kitten to sit and left me to fend for myself.

The kitten sat and smiled warmly at Shirley, who eagerly unfolded the kitten's napkin and placed it on her lap.

Now, I know a good come on when I see one and Shirley was definitely coming on. In all of the five years I came to Pats, Big Shirley never did that for any of my other dates.

I cleared my throat and eyed Shirley warningly, letting her know I didn't appreciate her grand gesture. Shirley backed off immediately and dipped her head silently in apology.

For a moment I was stunned, it suddenly dawned on me. I was starting to treat the kitten like a real date. The kitten noticed the play between Big Shirley and me and flexed her eyebrow upwards, a half smile forming on her lips.

I could tell she was able to read my thoughts and approved of me putting Shirley in her place. I lowered my eyes and placed my own damn napkin on my lap, seeing how Shirley had no intention of extending the gesture for me.

Shirley placed the menu on the table and turned to face the kitten, I was looking at the kitten through hooded lashes as she lifted the menu and began scanning the menu intently.

"Anything to drink Cat?"

"What do you recommend Shirl?"

I knew Pat had a knack for finding obscure vineyards that yielded the most incredible and inexpensive wines. I always marveled at her method for finding them and I was glad she had no qualms about sharing the wealth.

"Pat, discovered a nice Merlot from Argentina, interested?"

I was about to answer when I was quickly cut off by that sultry voice.

"From which vineyard?"

The kitten never looked up from her menu as she waited patiently for Big Shirley to answer. I could see I wasn't the only one affected by that sultry voice. I watched Big Shirley shake her head and answer a few seconds later.

"Santa Julia."

"Yes, I'm familiar with that vintage, that will be acceptable, a bottle please."

Though the kitten was placing the order, Big Shirley knew me better than to let the kitten order for me. My lips were quirked in disgust, as this game of taking the backseat to the kitten started to wear thin on my nerves.

"Cat, is that fine with you?"

The kitten finally raised that arrogant lovely head of hers when she realized Shirley wasn't going to dance to her tune. She shot me that smug look again and waited patiently for me to answer.

I knew from the gleam in her eyes, she was enjoying this a little too much, though I wanted the Merlot badly I decided it was about time someone knocked the kitten off her high horse.

"What else do you have?"

"Pat found a pretty decent Chardonnay from Chile."

I saw the challenging look on the kitten's face and it had that certain glow to it. The kind that told me I was about to order the wrong thing and she'll get to say, I told you so, of course I went for the white.

"Fine, we'll have a bottle of the Chardonnay."

She raised that eyebrow at me again, the one were she's insulting me silently, then she focused her vision on the menu again and without raising that pretty little head, she spoke to Shirley and ignored my presence.

"What do you recommend?"

Shirley nearly tripped over her tongue, her answer flying out faster than what she could voice it.

"I recommend the Merlot."

The kitten looked up at me questionably, she had that look that told me I was being outnumbered and to join the cause or be left behind.

"The Chardonnay, Shirley."

With that said Big Shirley turned and started to walk away, the kitten eyed me squarely with that defiant stare. I just kept looking at her. I had no intention of backing down.

"I'll return with your wine" Big Shirl spat back.


I heard a rich Irish voice calling out my name and I would recognize it anywhere, it had a distinctive cultured tone and I remembered it fondly from my lost days in Spain.

"Cat, is that you waltzing into my place with the most beautiful woman in New York?"

I stood up and turned around to greet Pat and I could tell my face was as red as a cherry. She walked up the short steps gracefully and closed the distance between us.

She hugged me warmly and I looked up at her with that crooked grin, Pat was a blonde-haired Venus with fine features and the most beautiful violet eyes I have ever seen she whispered quietly into my ear.

"My dear, I believe that's the first time I've ever seen you blush, she must be special."

If I was red before I must be positively scarlet by now, I felt the heat rising quickly to my face and Pat laughed out right at my discomfort and before I could stop her she addressed the kitten.

"So how did you manage to tame this wild bobcat?"

I attempted to stop it before it got further out of hand, but the kitten was too quick to respond and I knew I was sinking deeper into the quicksand.

"It was very easy really, I refuse to give into her."

The kitten's eyes were gleaming with mirth as she stared at me intently and smiled smugly. Pat burst out into a fit of rich laughter, as she held her hand out towards the kitten.

I willed myself to move but for some odd reason, my body refused to obey. I could see the kitten was getting a real kick out of the whole thing and did not intend to correct Pat.

"Hi, I'm Pat and I have to admit I never thought of that one."

Pat reached out and grabbed the kittens outstretch hand and my jaw must have dropped when the kitten rose to meet her warmly.

"I'm Annia, Annia Hansen and it's a pleasure to meet you. I rarely have the opportunity to meet any of Cats friends."

"The pleasure is all mine Annia and who said anything about being her friend? I positively hate the woman, she always manages to snare all of the beautiful women for herself."

The two entered an easy laughter, as I stood helplessly by watching the entire exchange. For some strange reason, I was unable to comprehend, how it was that it got out of hand so fast in the first place.

I couldn't help but notice that the two spooks walked into the restaurant and sat in the lower level and directly across from us, an excellent strategic move. The kitten noticed it herself and I noticed how she tensed slightly before she turned to Pat.

"Would you care to join us?"

The kitten was laying it on thick and I suddenly realized I was out-gunned and undermanned. I noticed how quickly the kitten laid on the charm and I could see that Pat would fall immediately under her spell.

I also noticed that the kitten looked nonchalantly towards the spooks and I saw when her shoulders straightened and she lost that relax look she had before.

I found the whole exchange interesting, because it meant the kitten was aware of who they were and for some reason she appeared to be unsettled by their presence.

Pat pulled up a chair and sat down between the kitten and me and for a moment I had to remind myself I was still on the right planet.

It was amazing how quickly the kitten could recover and regain control of a situation. I started to wonder how I was going to straighten out this misunderstanding regarding the kitten.

"So tell me Annia where did you and Cat meet?"

I decided I would remain quiet and see exactly where this was going to lead, besides I needed the time to formulate my plan, on ditching the two spooks.

"It was in her office."

"Really? Well you don't seem like the cleaning woman type, so what brought you to Cat?"

"I hired her to find a friend of mine?"

"I see."

It was almost as if, Pat suddenly realized, I was in the room when she turned to me with that mischievous grin. I knew right there and then that I would hate the next words out of her mouth.

"Really Cat, I thought you never mixed business with pleasure are things getting that lonely?"

I found my mouth opening and closing several times. I thought of a clever response, strangely enough the kitten jumped to my rescue.

"Actually I think you may have misunderstood me Pat, I simply hired Cat. I assure you there is nothing going on between us."

"Really? My mistake, but if I was you I wouldn't say that too loudly, otherwise Cat will have her hands full trying to keep the she wolves at bay"

They both burst out laughing and I suddenly wished the floor would open and swallow me whole and put an end to my misery. Luckily for me, my salvation came in the name of Big Shirley, or so I thought.

Shirley ambled over and placed the bottle of Chardonnay along with two glasses, she was about to pour the wine when Pat abruptly stopped her.

"Why are you serving them the Chardonnay? You know damn well Cat only gets the best."

"Yeah, well she feels like Chardonnay tonight."

Big Shirley sucked in her breath and removed the bottle, as Pat waved it away. I noticed the kitten was eyeing me again, with that, I told you so look.

"Shirley stop wasting time and bring the Merlot."

Big Shirley sucked her teeth and headed back towards the bar, she made sure to shoot me a hateful glare. It was obvious I was costing her too much trouble and we hadn't even ordered yet.

"Honestly Cat, I thought I taught you better?"

As much as I loved Pat, I really wished she wasn't here tonight after all. It was plain to see the kitten had a more than satisfied smirk on her face.

"I just wanted a change."

I tried my damn best to sound sincere and around Pat, that was an issue, she had an uncanny way of knowing, when I was lying through my teeth.

"I recommended the Merlot, but it appears Cat prefers white wines over red."

I gave the kitten one of my death stares it was obvious to me she was setting me up for the fall. For some reason or other the kitten figured it all out and was planned to rake me through the coals.

"That's a first, aside from red wine the only other thing she'll drink is whiskey"

It suddenly occurred to me, Tuvo was the one to blame for all of this, if he hadn't suggested Pats place. I wouldn't be feeling as uncomfortable as I was at the moment.

The kitten nodded that sultry little head of hers at me and her smile grew from ear to ear. I was thinking of a clever comeback and finally decided to throw in the towel.

"I made a mistake."

I don't know what it was about my statement that made both women stop and stare at me in disbelief and shock, Pat's mouth was wide open, I guess I took them off guard.

"My God dear, you have tamed this wild bobcat after all. Do you know in all of the years I have known Cat I don't believe I ever heard her admit she made a mistake."

"Very funny, don't you have a restaurant to run or something?"

The least thing I needed was Pat and the kitten fueling each other on, my continued existence as I knew and loved it, depended on me separating these two as soon as possible.

Pat knew me well enough to recognize one of my ploys when she saw it and for that matter, so did the kitten. Who was now watching everything with a keen interest and amused look on her face.

Pat smiled knowingly and looked at the kitten ignoring me again.

"Annia it was a pleasure meeting you and keep up the good work, Cat won't admit it but she's falling hard."

I gave Pat one of my death stares and just like Tuvo she started laughing aloud and walked towards the next table. I was wondering, what the hell happened to me, I use to be so good a scaring people with my stare alone.

"Make sure you try the Mariscada en salsa Verde, it's excellent."

Pat walked away and I turned to look at the kitten, who was now eyeing me with a new interest. I could tell she had a million questions on her mind and was ready to start leveling them at me, when gratefully Shirley showed up with the Merlot.

"Are you ready to order?"

Annia addressed her coolly with that smooth sultry voice and she managed to sooth Shirleys frayed nerves. I was amazed at how easily the kitten could wrap someone around her finger.

"Yes we are, I would like the Mariscada en salsa Verde."

"And you Cat?"

"I'll have the paella."

"One Mariscada and one Paella coming up."

Shirley wrote it down in her pad and turned and left, since we were the only two seated in the upper alcove we had some privacy, which suited me fine.

"You realize of course the Chardonnay would have went better with seafood than the Merlot?"

I figured I'd give it one last stab and go down with the ship, what the heck. It wasn't like I was batting a thousand anyway. She quirked her lip and I heard that rich throaty laughter escape her beautiful mouth.

"I do believe you don't like losing do you detective?"

I couldn't help but noticed she demoted me again and I gave her my best smile, which worked when I saw her smile deepen.

"Who said anything about losing? I simply changed my mind, it is a woman's prerogative."

She eyed me with that look again that let me know I was lying through my teeth and she knew it. I tried to ignore it as I poured her a glass of wine and filled my own.

Of one thing I was certain, I knew how to hold my liquor and the kitten was in for a rude awakening. I intended to get her buzzed, I figured. It might help loosening her tongue.

I raised my glass up to her and nodded. She responded in kind and touched her glass to mine.

"To finding Katrina."

I figured it was a safe toast and would elicit the least amount of questions from her. She responded in a low and pained voice and I found myself searching her eyes, I couldn't help but notice the flash of fear and pain that crossed them.

"To all we have forgotten."

I tilted my head in response and we both took a swallow of the Merlot, I'll be damned if it wasn't an excellent choice.

I found her toast odd and unusual and there was a certain melancholy as she voiced it. I knew she wasn't the type to say something that had no meaning. I silently wondered, if it was a toast she shared with the skirt. I started feeling jealous again.

"That's an unusual toast, what do you mean by that?"

My curiosity got the better of me and the truth of the matter is, I wanted to know, I needed to know if it was something she shared with the skirt.

She swallowed deeply and I saw the dark shadow cross her ice blue eyes, she lowered them and stared at her hand holding the glass, before I could stop myself, I reached out and touched that hand warmly.

Her head suddenly snapped up and she stared deeply into me, there was something about her stare that let me know she was looking for something, an answer of sorts.

I gave her my most sincere stare and rubbed her hand gently with the tips of my fingers. It seemed to sooth her in someway and she finally responded.

"Only that some people forget more than others."

I pulled my hand away and returned it to my glass, I couldn't help but feel the jealousy rising again. There was an inner part of me that was upset, upset that it had to do with the skirt.

In addition, another part of me argued I had no right to be upset. The kitten didn't belong to me. For some reason, I couldn't come to terms with it and I pulled my eyes away from her.

"You're thinking of Katrina?"

As hard as I tried I couldn't help to sound harsh, the bitter taste remained in my mouth and I took another swallow of my wine, it did little to wash the bitterness away.

"No, not really, it's just that in my case I'm incapable of escaping my memories, my photographic mind forbids it. I've often wondered would it would be like to be able to forget."

"What is that you're trying to forget?"

"My long journey."

I knew I wasn't going to get anymore out of her. It was obvious that whatever her memories were they were too painful to address. I decided to stop being a cad and let it go.


There was a soft song playing in the background and I wanted to dance with her, I grabbed her by the hand and stood, my eyes locking gently with her. I saw her apprehension and whispered softly to her.

"Dance with me."

She stared at me for a long moment and I was just beginning to regret my action when she nodded her head and rose. The song was a tune from Shep Fields and was titled "Did I remember."

Since we had the upper alcove to ourselves I led her to the center of the floor and pulled her close to me. The tune was sad and slow and I felt the warmth of her body against me, her breath against my face.

There was something familiar or perhaps what I was hoping for all along. I wanted her to forget. Forget the skirt and the pain she carried with her. I wanted her to want only me, the words filled the air and I listened to them carefully.

Did I remember to tell you I adore you?

And I am livin' for you alone

Did I remember to say I'm lost without you?

And just how mad about you I've grown

You were in my arms

And that was all I knew

We were alone, we two

What did I say to you?

Did I remember to tell you I adore you?

And pray forevermore you'll be mine

Her body moved in rhythm with mine and I felt her heart beat underneath my own. The room slipped away and we were a million miles away.

In a different time and place, yet somehow we were together and I knew it was right. The song ended and I had a hard time releasing her.

We stood facing each other and I found myself lost in her stare, she tilted her head gently towards me and I kissed her softly, the taste was rich and sweet and I felt my head spinning.

I pulled her tighter to me and I felt her surrender, she leaned into me and our bodies became one. I've never been kissed quite this way before and my body responded immediately.

We were interrupted when Big Shirley arrived with our meals making a lot of noise and breaking our encounter. We released each other, though I still held her hand, the thought of letting her go bothered me.

I stared at her a while longer before I gently led her back to the table, her eyes had a way of boring to the core of my soul and I found I couldn't break away from them.

We sat down and began eating our meal and I refilled our wineglasses, I was beginning to hate the next part, the part were I became all business again, but I needed some answers that only she had.

"I met with Gretchen today."

I watched for her reaction the kitten wasn't aware of it, but I could read her easily. The subtle shift of her body gave her away immediately I noticed the slight flinch and knew I hit upon something.

It bothered me to see that, it meant I was right and she lied to me about Charleston. After what just went on the dance floor, I hated this case even more. I made sure to clear my mind I had to regain my objectivity on the kitten my life depended on it.

The two spooks down there were there for a reason and I had no doubt the kitten played an important role in all of this. I intended to get to the heart of the matter.

"What did she have to say?"

Her voice lacked the arrogance she bore when she was sure of her self, an indication something was amiss. I locked onto her eyes and let her know I was serious.

"She said that she was the one that sent you Dr. Janesons notes. She made it clear that she informed you of that, as a matter of fact she was quite adamant about it."

I saw her mask begin to crumble and knew I struck a chord, for a second I saw the real kitten underneath and she was soft and vulnerable. I had to force myself to keep my mind on my job.

"I see, I guess you want an explanation?"

"That's exactly what I want and for the record I don't take kindly being lied too."

I know my features must have changed because I saw her involuntarily pull back, as if I struck her full force in the face, I stood my ground and waited for her response.

"I'm sorry that I misled you, it was not my intention I assure you. Gretchen was telling you the truth."

I was already aware of that and her statement was hardly a news flash to me. I waited patiently and said nothing, letting her know I wanted her to elaborate a little further.

"The reason why I insinuated it was Dr. Charleston was because I wanted to make sure you investigated him thoroughly, unlike detective Gaines, who dismissed him as irrelevant."

"How so?"

"It appears Dr. Charleston had an airtight alibi and detective Gaines refused to investigate it any further. I'm sure you are aware we were followed this evening?"

She flexed her eyebrow and gently nodded her head in the direction of the two spooks. I was impressed that she didn't deny their existence. I started to feel better about the case, now that the kitten was opening up.

I made sure to refill her glass, from the soft glow on her face I could tell it was starting to have an effect on her. I guess my plan wasn't so bad after all.

"I noticed."

I was sure to keep my answers short and sweet, letting the kitten have a taste of her own medicine. I wanted to make sure she did most of the talking.

"They first made their appearance two days after I received the package from Gretchen. I have no doubt in my mind they were sent by Dr. Charleston."

"I wasn't aware Dr. Charleston was involved with the OSS as well."

"You'll find Cat, with the war currently being waged in Europe the OSS has taken an overt interest in every scientist, particularly in our field. They currently have four teams of scientist involved in various projects. Dr. Charleston is involved in the development of atomic particles."

"What role would Dr. Charleston have in the disappearance?"

"Dr. Charleston and Dr. Janeson were lovers once while studying together in Princeton. Dr. Charleston was unable to deal with Katrina's brilliance it soon became a deterrent in their personal relationship. Katrina was far superior in physics then he could ever hope to be. He was unable to accept this and became her enemy instead. When Katrina was able to prove her findings she became concerned over how they would be used, Dr. Charleston had a role in this and it infuriated her."

The kitten paused and I made sure to encourage her to continue, it was the most talkative I've ever found her to be and I didn't want to break the spell.

I made sure to refill her glass again, which she promptly began to drain. I guess it was her way of deriving courage to continue, for me, it was my way of finally deriving some answers.

"What exactly were they planning on using her findings for?"

"As a weapon of sorts, imagine if you will the implications her findings would mean to the country possessing the knowledge. There would be little need to deploy conventional armies anymore, when one can simply transport an assassin or a bomb to specific coordinates. Imagine the power that such a country would have over the others."

"I would think Dr. Janeson would be happy to be rid of Hitler and his goons."

"That is where you have made your mistake Cat, you think like the others. To Katrina that would be an act of murder and she would have no part of that regardless of who the individual is."

"Are you saying she would allow Hitler to continue, after all I've read in her dossier, her accusations against him?"

"What I am saying detective is that Katrina would not condone murder regardless of who it is. There was also more to her findings Cat, things that I have not made you aware of, a method of creating weapons of mass destruction, weapons that your government showed little reservation in wanting to develop and utilize"

"That's what the OSS does, what made Dr. Janeson think they wouldn't use her research for those exact purposes?"

"It was Dr. Charleston that recruited Katrina, he was intrigued by her original theories which were first published in Germany. However, Katrina was a scientist, like most scientist it is the challenge of resolving a mystery that drives us, for the most part we are governed by a drive to improve mankind not destroy it"

"And you're saying that Dr. Charleston doesn't share this vision, how is he different?"

"Because Dr. Charleston is a sociopath, there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity and Dr. Charleston has crossed that line. Katrina was able to realize that when she became involved with him in Princeton. It was the reason why she left him."

"Why would she work for him? Why follow him into the OSS?"

"Because she thought that she could make a difference, that in time the people he reported to would realize his illness. Understand her theories were developed as a means of transporting matter from one point to another. The fact that in doing so she managed to prove that matter can be broken down to molecular levels, allowed Dr. Charleston and his team to further expand on her findings, in creating weapons of mass destruction and for that matter crossing the barriers of time"

"I find it hard to believe that Roosevelt would ever allow anyone in our government to utilize such weapons. What do you mean by crossing the barriers of time?"

"Once you have resolved the mystery of quantum singularities as we did in our research. There is nothing stopping you from identifying temporal singularities. Einstein has theorized on temporal paradoxes and singularities. We can not be sure that in doing so, we disrupt the natural balance of nature and time. If you could step back into time would you change history?"

"That all depends, if its for the good of humankind I might"

"What affect do you think your interference would have? Can you be certain that in doing so you would not disrupt a natural development and instead have a profound and catastrophic occurrence on our future? As humanity continues to exist, it is through our mistakes that we learn, if you take that away what type of a future would you create?"

I was beginning to get a headache and at that moment I was unsure if it had to do with the wine or the conversation, I had a sneaking suspicion it had more to do with the conversation.

I was finally able to appreciate Tuvo's statement abut the kitten, she was brilliant and she probably had more to do with Dr. Janesons success in proving her theories than what she was alluding too.

"I think I'm beginning to see your point. Where do we draw the line and who gets to make those decisions, most of all what happens when those calling the shots are no longer in charge and their successors are even less ethical than they are"

Her eyes brightened with appreciation and I could tell I just scored some major points with the kitten. It wasn't that I was incapable of understanding the scientific babble, but more like her last statement made my head throb.

"That is exactly what Dr. Janeson feared most, particularly when Dr. Charleston made it perfectly clear he intended to expand and focus on temporal singularities"

"In other words he wanted to play God."

"At least his version yes, but remember what I said earlier he is a sociopath and is incapable of feeling empathy for anyone or anything. With knowledge like this he would without a doubt be even more dangerous than Hitler."

"Gretchen mentioned she overheard Dr. Janeson on her private line and that she was arguing with someone. Do you know if she was personally involved with anyone?"

"I'm afraid I can not answer that, Dr. Janeson was very protective of her private life."

"But you did live with her?"

"I believe you may have misunderstood me, we lived in the same house, but I had a separate apartment. Cat, I'm sorry if I may have implied differently."

I couldn't help but feel better in hearing those words. It appeared that I was wrong in my first assessment about the skirt and the kitten. I naturally assumed they were lovers and I was wrong.

I started looking at the kitten with a new interest, all of which ended with her in my arms. I drained the last of my wine as Big Shirley returned and I turned to the kitten and used my best throaty voice, turning on the charm.

"Would you like anything else?"

"Some coffee perhaps, I believe I may have overindulged in the wine and it is having a most unsettling affect on me"

"Two coffees Shirley, black you know how I like it."

"Yeah, like battery acid."

"A girl after my own heart."

"You wish."

"Hey, Shirl could you let Pat know I need to see her on the QT?"

"I'm a waitress not a messenger, but I'll let her know anyways"

"Thanks Shirl, there's a nice tip in it for you"

"Great now I can buy that mink coat I always wanted."

I chuckled lightly and even the kitten found it funny and joined me. I made sure Shirl was out of earshot and I leaned into the kitten and whispered quietly.

"I've got a plan on ditching our tails and it may require you running in those heels are you up to it?"

"I assure you I won't disappoint you."

There was more meaning to that statement than what was stated and she just handed me a loaded gun and I had every intention of taking full advantage of it.

"Really, we are still talking about you running in those shoes aren't we?"

Her eyes took on that predatory stare again and she leaned into me until she was an inch away and whispered breathlessly into my ear, I felt a tingling sensation run down my neck.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

I threw my head back and laughed and she continued to stare at me with that come-hither look. I was looking real forward to watching her run in those heels, I imagined it would be a most magnificent sight.


"Well, I'd say things are going just peachy with you two after all."

Pat pulled up and made herself at home taking the same seat she vacated before. She had that same smirk on her face she had earlier, the one where she enjoyed me being played.

I wanted to distract her before we got off the beaten path, which was an easy thing to do with Pat. She had a way of taking command of a conversation and holding onto it like a pitbull.

"Pat, I need your help on shaking a couple of tails."

"Another jealous husband?"

I saw when the kitten perked up, as Pat proceeded to eloquently rub my past in my face. She began informing the kitten of one of my more infamous adventures in Spain. She recalled fondly how I escaped the grasp of a jealous husband when he came home and found me in bed with his wife.

At the time I wasn't aware the young lady in question was married to a professional bullfighter, who was just as agile and fast footed as I was.

He chased me through half the town calling me every dirty name in the book, as I ran and continued to dress in my haste. He was gaining considerable ground, when I whizzed past Pat like a bat outta hell and the bullfighter hot on my trail.

Pat caught on to my delicate predicament and immediately decked him as he tried to get past her. It was a week later before he recovered enough from her right hook and returned to the ring. We had to quickly leave town under the cover of night.

They both had a good chuckle on my behalf. The worst thing about Pat, aside from being painfully aware of my less then puritan past, was that she was a vivid storyteller and had a way of enthralling you with her gab and would have you rolling in the aisles in a heartbeat.

"Remind me to return the favor some day."

I knew that I was blushing again and if I had any doubts, they were quickly set aside when my two companions proceeded to laugh even harder than before. Shirley returned with our coffees, which she set down in front of us.

I proceeded to drink mine as I stared at Pat and shook my head in disbelief. I really wanted to strangle her for that one and decided it would be easier to join them instead.

Pat and the kitten wiped the tears from their eyes, the kitten reached for the coffee, and after making, a slight sour face proceeded to down the liquid. I saw her reaching for her purse and I quickly reached for my lighter.

I was like Johnny on the spot and lit her cigarette immediately, before she could give me the look. I noticed Pats obvious look of astonishment, as I lit my own and handed the lighter back to the kitten.

She looked at me questionably and I raised my hand and shot her that crooked grin. I noticed Pat leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. It was obvious she couldn't wait to hear this story.

"I think you should keep it, I've noticed you don't have one of your own"

I was being my usual sarcastic self and was patting myself on the back for that one. When I noticed that sly look on the kittens face, as she handed me the lighter back and pressed it firmly in my hand, her hand lingering and not letting go. Then in that deep sultry voice she whispered passionately.

"Actually, I do have one as a matter of fact, I just prefer you lighting it for me."

I heard Pat's rich laughter fill the air letting me know, I just got outfoxed by the kitten, as the kitten continued to look at me with that slight arrogant curl to her lip. I laughed loudly myself and shook my head in defeat. Pat slapped me warmly on the back and chimed in quickly.

"Cat, she's got you hog tied and ready for slaughter, you're just putty in her hands"

I continued laughing as I felt her squeeze my hand warmly, I continued to hold onto her hand long after the laughter died down.

"Now who are these two tails and what do you need from me?"

"I think they might be OSS operatives and Shirley should have one of her fainting spells on their table, as I make a quick run for it."

Pat nodded her head in agreement and I could tell by the gleam in her eye. She had a thought of her own and I was all ears.

"I'll have Carmen pull the car up to the alley and leave it running, you can return it to me when you have the chance."

"It's the shorter of the two you have to be careful with he's the more dangerous one. I want you to make a lot of noise about showing Annia the kitchen and introducing her to Carmen. I'll make a play for the bathroom and slip out the window. Once you see Annia heading towards the car, have Shirley do her thing. Annia, I'll meet you in the car, get behind the wheel and open the passenger door, I have a feeling we won't have too much time to make a getaway, we can change positions later"

"What are they driving?"

"A black Ford sedan why?"

"I think I have a job for Mike the junkie give me twenty minutes instead of ten."

I have to admit I liked Pat's idea. "You got it."

Pat quickly stood and headed to the kitchen I knew she would be able to come through for me, of one thing I was always certain Pat was a very resourceful woman. I checked my watch and began counting down the time.

I noticed I was still holding onto the kitten's hand and suddenly found myself feeling a little shy, it bothered me knowing the evening was ending.

I found myself wanting this moment to never end. I noticed the kitten was a little nervous and I tired my level best to reassure her. I squeezed her hand gently to get her attention.

" Don't worry, Ill get you home safely just have a little faith."

She looked at me in that knowing way and for a moment, I was lost in the depths of those bottomless sad baby blue eyes and I found my heart melting.

"I'm sorry that our evening had to take such a turn of events."

"I must admit, going out with you is quite an adventure, this is the second time in three days I had to ditch those spooks. If you want I can get someone to protect you."

I felt the gentle squeeze in my hand and I saw her eyes return to their earlier glitter.

"You're all the protection I need."

Our eyes locked and I knew at that moment I had to kiss her, I leaned in tentatively and took her gentle lips to mine. I tasted her sweet warm mouth the coffee mixed with cigarette couldn't drown the sweetness away.

I lost myself in her warmness and it only made me want her more, there was something about kissing her that made me feel whole again, as if a certain part of me was missing.

I felt her body shiver as I deepened the kissed and I moaned lightly, it was taking every ounce of strength I had to contain myself in a lady like fashion.

Eventually we pulled away and my eyes couldn't tear themselves away from the rise and fall of her chest, it was obvious I had a certain affect on her as well.

She leaned in and kissed me gently on the cheek and then whispered in my ear, the warmth of her breath against my flesh had an immediate affect on me and I closed my eyes.

"Stay with me tonight, I don't want to forget this moment."

I couldn't stop my heart from skipping a beat, as I rubbed my face warmly and gently against hers and placed light kisses on the side of her face.

"I thought you would never ask."

I captured her mouth in mine again and kissed her passionately, letting her know how much I wanted to posses her, to have her tremble underneath me.

We remained exploring each other, our tongues seeking and intertwining and becoming familiar, when we were interrupted by Pat's voice, I glanced at my watch and realized the twenty minutes had passed.

I released her with regret and stood, while I tried to relax my breathing. I held out my hand to her and helped her rise and she leaned warmly into me and nibbled my ear, I knew at that moment I would make record breaking time in making it back to midtown.

We walked towards Pat who immediately put our plan into place and took control of Annia, I hated letting her out of my arms and I watched her, as she headed towards the kitchen. Pat continued her play acting loud enough for the spooks to get an earful without annoying the rest of her clientele.

I headed towards the ladies room as Shirley began her fainting act. I must admit, I was surprised the two spooks fell for the old ladies room trick again.

I entered the bathroom and immediately moved the garbage can to the window, ignoring the flurry of activity that was obviously going on in the dinning room.

I crawled out the window and cursed wildly when I caught my pants on a loose nail and tore the fabric on my pants a gash forming on my thigh. I was certain Big Shirley would give me the few precious moments I needed to make it to the car.

I leaped into the open door as the kitten started pulling away from the curb, I noticed the two spooks rushing out of the restaurant in a hurry and heading towards their car.

I laughed out loud when I saw the two spooks kicking and cursing at the tires it was obvious Pat had Mike the junkie slice their tires. I breathed in deeply, instructed the kitten to take Sixth Avenue, a few miles later we quickly changed positions, and I continued towards the Ritz.

We arrived at the Ritz and I threw the valet a sawbuck and ordered him to bring the car back to my place. He quickly palmed the money and shouted to his co-worker to cover for him, I greased his co-worker hand as well to keep him honest.

My adrenaline was pumped to its highest level and it showed when we climbed into the elevator. The operator gave me a funny look and stared at the open gash now bleeding where I snagged myself on the nail.

We exited the elevator, I followed the kitten to her suite I continued marveling at her figure, and noticed for the first time her dress was buttoned all the way down the back.

She turned around and looked at me with concern. I noticed she was eyeing the blood flowing from the gash in my leg.

She opened the door to her suite and we quickly entered, I closed the door behind me, spun the kitten around, and took her in my arms forcibly. I knew it was the adrenaline pumping me up and I couldn't help myself.

I kissed her deeply and she responded in kind, I started removing my jacket, as I strategically pushed her deeper into the room and closer to the bed. My heart was beating at a rapid pace, when I became entangled with one of the damn buttons on my jacket.

I was in the process of ripping the damn thing from me when she stopped me with her hands and pulled away from my mouth. God I hated that, my chest was rising and falling rapidly and so was hers for that matter.

I decided I may have been moving too fast and decided to put on my kid gloves. I reached for her again and she fell warmly into my arms, but refused me access to that lovely mouth.

I continued to hold her in my arms and I noticed that our breathing was in harmony and a little too fast for that matter. I inhaled her scent, as she placed her head gently to mine and I kissed her temple softly.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to move so quickly."

I couldn't believe those words were coming from my mouth, as a matter of fact I repeated them to myself silently just to make sure.

I knew right immediately I was hooked and she reeled me in fair and square. The only thing the kitten needed to do was gut and filet me. I ran my hands down the length of her back as my breathing settle down.

"You're bleeding and your slacks are torn remove them and I'll dress your wound."

"Now we're talking "that naughty voice in me spoke out and I tried my damn'est to shut it out. She pulled away from me and entered the bathroom, I heard the water running and I began to remove my slacks.

The cut was three inches long and looked at lot worst than what it really was. I looked at the pants and realized I wouldn't be wearing this outfit anytime soon.

She stepped out of the bathroom with a wet hand cloth in her hand and motioned for me to sit on the edge of the bed. I sat down and watched as she came closer, her nearness to me was a sweet slow torture.

The towel was wet and warm and I jumped slightly when it made contact with my open wound, she stopped and raised that beautiful head to me, her ice blue eyes locking on to mine.

"I'm sorry did I hurt you?"

Her voice was soft, warm and wrapped around me like a silk blanket, and I swallowed deeply before I answered, my eyes never leaving hers.

"It's alright, I've had worst."

A sudden awkwardness filled the air. I silently chaste myself for pawing her like a lovesick schoolboy. It was obvious this kitten required a soft hand.

She continued cleaning my wound, her touch was long and torturous as she moved higher up the length of my thigh. I felt my body betray me as it tremble under her gentle touch.

She managed to remove most of the blood from the gash when I stopped her hand in mid stroke and stared deeply into her eyes, my hand remained holding hers.

I moved closer, kissed her gently at first, and conditioned myself to take it slow, though I wanted desperately to ravage her.

She leaned closer to me and I pulled her into my arms and leaned backwards onto the bed, pulling her with me and removing the wet hand cloth from her hand. I held her tightly to me.

She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and deepened the kiss and I responded to it passionately. I began unbuttoning the back of her dress, as she moved her hands along the length of my body.

My desire and passion for her were threatening to over spill and I cautioned myself again to take it slowly. I managed to unbutton the rest of her dress and it fell off her easily, as she wriggled free of it, never once releasing me from the kiss.

I felt the weight of her body and the contact of her flesh made me quiver more with ardent desire. I cleverly removed the clasp to her bra and felt the weight of her ample breast fall on me.

I managed to turn us around on the bed and I released her mouth to work on that lovely neck. Her own hands flying effortlessly and removing me of my jacket and bra as well.

She moaned lightly against me as her hands began to find those spots that simply drove me over the edge. I couldn't help but noticed she knew the right buttons to push.

I continued my trail down the length of her neck until I finally reached her breast and clasp the erect nipple in my mouth. I noticed her body tremble beneath me, the warmth of my mouth on her sensitive nipple having an obvious affect.

I marveled at the size of her chest as I continued caressing her nipples with my mouth she moved underneath and removed her underwear then began a slow rocking motion that drove me to madness. I quickly removed my own undergarment and continued my soft touches along her smooth flesh.

I released her breast and continued my trail downwards, leaving a path of wet kisses along the way. Her soft murmurs of love and her responsive body encouraged me to continue finding the sensitive spots on my way down to heaven.

I parted her thighs and settled comfortably into the warmth that was calling me closer to its sweet nectar. I placed long and torturous kisses in her inner thighs, as I made my way slowly to her sweet essence.

She continued moving her hips and from her whimpered moans, I knew she was ready and unable to handle the sweet torture any longer. I smiled warmly against her thigh and reached for her soft sensitive nodule.

She buckled slightly against my touch, as my warm breath made contact with her and I took her into my mouth and suckled hungrily. She began moving her hips faster and I soon matched her rhythm with my mouth.

I continued drinking of her hungrily, raked my teeth against the sensitive bundle of nerves, she moaned deeply and arched her hips upwards, and I continued my assault.

I drank her essence happily the nectar sweet and unwavering, as it continued to call out to me and drive me deeper into her depths. I entered her gently and slowly, first with one digit and she responded immediately to my touch.

Her skin was hot and fevered and she began to move faster when I entered her with a second digit and located her inner slick region, I held on to her tightly with my mouth as I smooth and teased her sensitive nodule.

My fingers stroked her with long even smooth strokes, as she became incoherent and began calling my name. I felt her body as it began its ascent into ecstasy and trembled with a tremendous force.

I continued my sweet and gently caress until she lifted me with her body and I quickened the pace, I noticed when she began to caress her breasts and I longed to have a second mouth to bestow upon her.

I felt her when she began to tremble again and I smiled warmly against the sweet wonderful fruit. I continued to love her with my mouth until she peaked a third time and called out my name with her love.

I brought her down slowly and remained there a moment, providing her with gentle healing kisses as the last of her shudders faded away and then I slowly made my way upward, my own desire evident in my look.

She pulled me roughly to her and kissed me deeply the taste of her essence present on my lips. She turned me gently and began to kiss me warmly, alternating between my mouth and my neck.

It was always a weakness of mine and I marveled on how well she knew my body, her tongue was a sweet torture as she nipped and then sooth me with her gifted mouth.

I moaned out loudly when she began her descent downward and captured my nipple in her mouth. I felt the heat of her mouth on my sensitive nipple and the way she would gently nip me and bring me to greater heights.

My hands continued to move along her body, as I discovered the wonders of her warm and sensitive flesh. She continued to minister her slow torture on me and made me a prisoner to her touch.

My body was trembling and quivering beneath her as she continued to tease me with her sweet and wonderful touches. Her hands moved along my inner thigh and she began to caress and massage my swollen nodule.

I moved deeply into her touch as her mouth continued her assault on my breasts, she jumped from one to the other and when I felt I could no longer stand the sweet torture she would move to the next.

I felt when her digit entered me gently and began a slow and long stroke, as she increased her attacks on my sensitive nipples, she entered me with a second digit and reached deeply into my inner region and I cried out her name.

She moved her mouth to mine and silenced me with a long lingering kiss, her tongue easily intertwining with mine and dizzying me with the effect, she continued to move her hand in rhythm with my hips.

She released my mouth and began suckling my neck roughly, when I felt myself rise to the highest peaks possible and my body shook violently with the wave, she continued her sweet assault on my senses and caused me to peak again automatically.

I was nearly incoherent on the fourth wave when she lowered herself to my inner region and took me with her mouth. I was near a sweet death of pure unadulterated pleasure, when I found my body responding to her gifted mouth.

She quickened then slowed her pace, until my body reached a frenzy peak and I rose with her for the fifth time, with one last moan of complete and absolute pleasure, my body shook and she finally surrounded her hold on me and I began to climb back down.

In the forty-three years of my existence, I was never so thoroughly and wonderfully been made love to by either a man or woman, as I was by this sweet and wonderful kitten. Who managed to steal her way into my heart.

She slid seductively up the length of my body and planted a warm sweet kiss on my lips. I pulled her tightly to me until I felt the full weight of her body covering mine.

I could taste the flavor of my own essence on her mouth, a single sign of how she drove me to great heights of pleasure, she deepened the kiss until we finally parted from each other out of breath.

She shifted her weight away from me and for a moment, I mourned its lost and then she pulled me along side of her and held me gently in her arms, placing light kisses on my brow.

I found I was unable to find my voice, as my mind attempted to return to this realm and I could regain my senses. I hugged her tightly and whispered in a low throaty voice.

"That was simply incredible."

I watched her features as they softened and she smiled deeply. I suddenly realized I could spend the rest of eternity waking to that beautiful profile.

"You were incredible."

She turned and kissed me gently and lovingly, the kiss deepening and beginning a second round of our amorous pursuit to give each other pleasure. We continued exploring the limits of our conciseness until the early morning hours.

When finally after being completely exhausted and sated we fell asleep in each others arms, the warmth of her body next to mine lulling me to a deep and uninterrupted slumber.


We arose the next morning at about ten and continued where we left off the early morning hours before. She was cradled gently in my arms after several feeble attempts on my part to rise and shower.

"You know my body so well, do you know that? You managed to find every sensitive area I have."

I looked into her icy blue eyes she had that smug grin present on her arrogant face. She reached up to me and pushed the hair from my face, a simple gesture that meant a world to me at that moment.

I wondered why her and the skirt never hit it off and I figured it was the skirts lost. Even if I found the skirt, I did not intend to let this kitten get away from me so easily.

"Because I never forget, I told I have a photographic memory."

For a moment I stood staring at her, it appeared that there was more depth to those words so easily spoken. She must have noticed my look, because she rose and kissed me, driving the thoughts from my mind.

"I can feel by the way you respond whether you're enjoying something or not. Those actions that you do respond too I store in my memory."

"I see, then I guess I'll play the blind man and feel my way every time."

I began to fondle her gently through closed eyes, which obviously led to another round of exploration. It was an hour and a half later when I finally showered and dressed in my torn clothes from the evening before.

I realized immediately I couldn't exactly go out in public this way and I placed a call to Tuvo. I ignored his rising fits of laughter after I told him where Tiny should drop off the clothes.

We sat down and enjoyed a wonderful room service breakfast and I suddenly realized it took an incredible feat and large reserve of energy to satisfy my kitten, I ate like I was going to the electric chair.

Tiny dropped off my clothes with the bellhop who was more than eager to bring it up to the kitten's suite. I could tell Tuvo had a hand in picking it. The dress was light and revealing something I would never wear in daylight.

I promptly dressed, which in turn lead to another round of me fending off the kitten. If I had any doubts before regarding Tuvo's selection, I was certain now he did it on purpose.

I kissed the kitten goodbye and exited the suite and out to the street. I ambled over to Eugene and Tiny and from the look on Eugene's face, I could tell he had a rough night in the Tiny household. He was drinking coffee in an effort to make up for the lack of sleep he experienced.

"Keep an eye on the kitten and make sure nothing happens to her."

"Are we shadowing her or are we protecting her?"

I could tell by the edginess on Eugene's voice, I was right in my earlier assessment, not doubt he had to share a bed with Little man.

"Both and don't screw up"

I couldn't care less Eugene was suffering a little discomfort. As far as I was concerned, he had it coming to him. I gave him that glare that made him tremble and Tiny chuckle.

"Don't mind him Cat, he's just upset because he had to share a bed with my little Man."

I chuckled lightly and nodded at Tiny. "Keep him clean and keep him honest Tiny."

"Sure Cat not problem, this white boy knows I ain't a softy like you."

"We picked up those tails again last night, but I managed to shake them off in the village. Just keep an eye out and make sure they don't come back this way."

"I hear you Cat, don't worry I'll be waiting for them, just in case"

He put on a pair of brass knuckles and flexed his ham sized hand for emphasis, if the spooks went up against Tiny, they'd be looking at a broken jaw for starters


"Is Tuvo back at my place?"

"Oh yeah, you know he ain't gonna let you slide that easy"

"Is Miles with him?"

"Yep and Jimmy the Gimp."

I don't know why I bothered to ask. I should have known better than to think Tuvo would let me off so easily. Just as I should have known, Miles and Jimmy would be with him. My teeth began to hurt as I hopped in a cab and headed towards my place.

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