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And a Child Shall Lead Them, Part II

The two women moved towards the fallen form and knelt in front of him. He was resting on his side, his breathing was slow and labored, the long silk robe covered his back and side. While Seven continued her scans, Janeway used the moment to examine the young man's appearance. Without a doubt, he was simply beautiful. Although he was male in form, his face had exotic feminine qualities. His skin was pale and smooth, pronounced by a strong Roman nose and prominent high cheekbones. His jaw was chiseled and he bore dark pouty lips. His eyes remained closed and he had the longest eyelashes that Janeway had ever saw, curling slightly upward towards his brow.

"He's beautiful, like one of the renaissance angels" Janeway whispered low, so that Seven barely detected her words.

"Captain, I am still unable to determine his species. Readings indicate 8 million humanoid life forms. She hesitated before continuing. "Including that of an Avery species. However, he is the originator of the Omega parent signal."

"A Bird? The Captain whispered, as she moved her hand slowly and pushed the silk robe from his back. Protruding from his shoulder blades, and ending just below his knees, were two large alabaster wings speckled with gold.

"My God, he's an Angel."

"Captain?" Seven waited for an explanation.

"An Angel Seven. Judging by the armor and his weapon, I would suspect an Archangel, to be exact."

Janeway slapped her Comm badge, "Janeway to Voyager."

"Voyager here, Captain" Chakotay responded quickly to the hail.

"Chakotay, lock onto the Omega signature and beam it directly to sick bay."

"Sickbay Captain?"

"That's correct Commander. I am sending you an Angel and please be sure to put a security detail on it."

"Understood, Captain, we're locking on to the coordinates now" Chakotay stood and headed for sickbay,

"Tuvok, you're with me, Mr. Paris you have the Conn"

"Aye Commander."

The sound of the transporter beam arrived before the sparkling sequence dissolved the being and transported him to Voyagers sick bay. Janeway headed towards the Borg cube to join the other members, followed by Seven and Gaines.

"I don't think I understand Captain. What is an Archangel?"

"Part of an ancient earth religion Seven. I believe it stems from a tribe called the Israelites. They believed in the existence of a Supreme Being. The creator of all things, God as he is known. Another religious text speaks of his son born to humankind. He was called the savior and was a prophet so to speak. He taught humanity to love one another and gained a rather large following. After his crucifixion, his followers formed a new religion, which was called Christianity, as in Christ the name often referred to the Son of God. To Christians, it was the greatest gift of love given that God ever gave to man. You see, God sacrificed his only son in an effort to save humanity.

"I have researched this and found that the man was flawed. He was terminated before achieving his objective."

"It's very complex Seven, but simply put, No. If memory serves me, correct he saved humanity by dying for man, thus he gave them a new life."

"So this being, he is this prophet?"

"No Seven, I don't believe he is. The ancient texts describe this being as an archangel. Winged warriors, they fought the wars and defended God"

"A warrior, like B'Elanna Torres. His bio readings indicated Klingon DNA, as well."

"No Seven, not a Klingon. You might say he's God's Chief of Security."

"Like Commander Tuvok. However, Commander Tuvok, is far superior to this being. This being is weak and flawed" she spat the last words out with distaste.

Janeway looked at Seven and chuckled lightly "Well, I think God may have a different opinion Seven"

"His opinion is irrelevant. This being is far inferior and weak. In being so, his God is not adequately protected. He will fail and his God will be terminated, his weapon is inadequate against our phasers. Therefore, it is logical to assume that they lack superior intellect to develop superior weapons. This being could not defeat an unarmed Commander Tuvok, let alone a Borg. I do not see how this being can pose a threat. Therefore they are a weak species and you are a far superior being."

Janeway smiled and shook her head, touched by Sevens defense of Voyager, and her perception of Voyagers Captain.


"Ah Seven from your mouth to God's ear."

"Why would I wish to place my mouth on this being's ear?" she spat out defensively.

Janeway laughed aloud and after collecting herself continued more seriously.

"I'm afraid it isn't that easy Seven. Religion is based on faith, and God is perceived as omnipotent. It is recorded in text that he once became angry with humankind and flooded the earth, destroying almost all life. My mother is a traditionalist, she believed in one God. I cannot say I was very receptive to her teachings as a child. I personally preferred my father's views instead. He taught me how to see things with a scientific mind."

"I find the concept of this God to be a contradiction. He uses inferior warriors to wage his wars. He tries to destroy earth and then submits his only offspring to death. This God is illogical."

"And that, my dear Seven, is what ancient theologians have been debating for centuries" They walked to the Borg Cube coming along side Harry and B'Elanna.

"Well Lt. Do we have a transwarp drive?" Janeways voice dripping with hope.

"I'm afraid not Captain. Nothing in this cube is salvageable, everything is fused together and useless. I don't know what happened in there, but, whatever it was, it was powerful. The inside is a mess of duranium and circuitry melted together. It wasn't caused by a transwarp overload either. A transwarp breech would have caused the cube to implode, as you can see, the cubes entire hull is intact. It's only the inside that's a mess."

Leaning into the Captain, the Klingon lowered her voice to a soft whisper.

"Captain, The Borg drones are completely melted and fused into their alcoves. Their skeletal remains and implants were reduced to mush. I have never seen anything like this. Kahless Captain, it's creepy in there, don't let Seven go in there."

The two women continued their conversation. B'Elanna and Harry provided Janeway with technical data and the heat co- efficient readings required to cause the substantial damage they found. Seven stumbled out of the cube, holding her stomach, which convulsed with spasms, retching sounds escaped her mouth and her complexion was ashen and pale.

Seven stepped to the side of the cube, as Janeway and B'Elanna ran towards her. Janeway reached the young Borg first and her right hand reached towards Seven steadying her and running soothing circles along it's muscular surface. Janeway brushed the fallen hair back from Seven's face and cooed soft words of comfort. As the last spasms subsided and the sounds ebbed, the young Borg straightened wiping her mouth with her sleeve. Never having experienced this before Seven took longer to compose herself.

"Are you all right, Seven?" Janeways voice was low and filled with deep compassion.

"I am Functioning at acceptable levels now, Captain" her speech was ragged and raw. "However, I do not believe I wish to experience this part of humanity again."

"No, It isn't one of humanity's more pleasant experiences. I am sorry Seven that you had to see that. I should have stopped you."

"It is fine Captain, I did not expect to have such a human reaction. I am sorry if I have displeased you."

"Oh Seven" her voice grew husky and soothing, "You could never displease me. Nor is it necessary to apologize for such a human reaction to a horrible experience."

Standing in front of Seven, she brushed a loose strand of hair away from Sevens face. Janeway stood staring into Sevens eyes, her own eyes a deep blue. B'Elanna cleared her throat in an effort to break the spell between the two women, B'Elanna shifted uncomfortably and felt suddenly intrusive, blushing lightly. The two women came to their senses, stood and joined B'Elanna. The three headed in the direction of the other members, as B'Elanna moved protectively to Sevens left side. The young Borgs face was still fraught with sorrow and anguish.

The Klingon made a brave attempt to humor the Borg. "You're not going to try another human experience and faint on me are you Borg?"

Seven detected B'Elanna's attempt to lighten her mood and added dryly. "That would be most unacceptable. Since a half Klingon is far too weak to carry a Borg."

B'Elanna grinned, having achieved her goal and snorted "Who said anything about carrying you. I just want to make sure I don't trip over the body." Seven let out a short snort.

Janeway was startled to see the playful banter between the two women and she was touched beyond words, at their new understanding. "Ladies, I don't know what's changed between you, but I do hope you let me know one day."

"Oh don't worry Captain, I have a feeling you just might find out one day," snorted B'Elanna, exchanging a conspirators glance with Seven and elbowing her playfully in the ribs.

Janeway glared at the two women, with a sudden sinking feeling that she was up against a formidable and united force. Janeway was grateful that the dark experience seemed to pass Seven, and that the outpour of sympathy conveyed openly towards the young Borg was genuine.

"Well, I guess we will just have to settle for a angel" Janeway commented, "It's time to go home"

She slapped her comm badge, her command mask back in full force. "Janeway to Voyager."

"Voyager here, Captain."

"How's my patient, Commander?"

"Your Angel, is still being worked on by the Doctor, Captain."

"Any word on its status?"

"No Captain."

" Very well then, Away Team ready to beam up."

"Understood" the sparkle of the transporter beam brought the Away Team back to Voyager.

Janeway stepped of the transporter pad, and slapped her comm badge. Contacting sick bay, she ordered the ships EMH Doctor to keep her apprised of any changes regarding their new patient.

B'Elanna stopped Seven before she could continue to the bridge. "What was she talking about, what Angel?"

"The Omega parent is a male humanoid life form. He possesses appendages of an Avery species life form. The Captain has identified it as an archangel, he is a warrior for an ancient earth deity."

"Avery appendages?" B'Elanna slowly digested Sevens words. "You mean he has wings?"

"Yes, I believe that is the proper term."

"You found an Angel? That's what Omega is an Angel?"

"No, that is what the Omega parent is. Omega is a molecule of perfect energy" she corrected curtly.

"Yeah, Yeah, whatever, so the Doc has him in sick bay?"

"That is correct. His energy signs are weak and the Doctor is attempting to stabilize him."

"It's a guy? What does he look like?"

"I believe you would find him aesthetically pleasing. Though I must inform you he is inferior as is his weapon."

"So he's cute huh. Whoa, Wait a minute he has a weapon?"

"Yes, it has metallic compounds that the tricoder was unable to identify. I believe it is called a sword, inefficient against a phaser."

"A sword, she asked incredulously, Like my B'eThal?"

"No, Your B'eThal, is far superior, your weapon is arched. When held properly it can be utilized to incapacitate two opponents simultaneously. A more efficient method.." Seven's praise caused the Klingon to blush. "His weapon is 1 meter in length and straight. It's flat design, makes it incapable of striking two opponents simultaneously. Far inferior to your own, I believe its designation is a broadsword."

'So, he's a warrior like me?"

"That is also incorrect. I suggested as much to the Captain. However she has stated he is more like Lt. Commander Tuvok."

"A Vulcan! Pe'twah, what does a Vulcan know about being a warrior? They can't feel with a warriors heart", B'Elanna pounded her chest for emphasis and snorted, "Humph, they can't feel at all for that matter"

Rolling her eyes at B'Elanna Seven replied in a condescending tone "Again you are incorrect, The Captain stated the being is the Chief of Security for his deity"

"Chief of Security! What kind of crap is that! Honestly Seven, can't you see how senseless that is?" What the hell would God need with a glorified border patrol guard?"

"B'Elanna Torres," Seven's voice dripped with frustration, "I am not an expert on ancient earth deities. Therefore, I do not see the purpose of pursuing this line of questioning with you. The Captain is a far superior source in this subject matter. I recommend that you ask her."

B'Elanna stared at Seven in disbelief. "Kahless Seven, you don't have to get so touchy, I was only curious."


"Touchy, You know angry, pissed, Bitchy."

"I am Borg, the Borg are not bitchy."

"Yeah right, just loaded with sarcasm." B'Elanna stated rolling her eyes at the Borg, "Look never mind are we still on for dinner tonight?"

"Yes, I will meet you in the Messhall at 2200 hours."

"No Seven, not the Messhall. We need someplace more private, remember whom we are dealing with here. We can eat in my quarters."

"You are correct, that will be acceptable."

"Yeah well, I'm so glad you approve", B'Elannas own sarcasm surfaced.

The two women departed company, as one headed to engineering and the other to the bridge.


The turbolift door opened and out stepped Seven of Nine, she moved gracefully to the secondary tactical station located in the aft section of the bridge. Janeway was sitting in her command chair, her legs crossed, one hand holding her trademark cup of coffee, while the other accessed the panel by her side. She snapped a few orders, which resumed their course heading back to the Alpha quadrant. Janeway rose and requested Seven to join her in her ready room.

"Commander you have the conn" Janeway barked not waiting for his reply.

Gracefully, Janeway climbed the steps to the upper sanction of her ready room. Seven followed closely behind. She settled comfortably into the couch beneath the window and draped her right arm over the back. Janeway gestured for Seven to sit with her, indicating the empty position next to her on the left.

The young Borg hesitated then tentatively settled next to her Captain. Her back was ramrod straight and her hands clasped neatly on her lap. Janeway bent her right elbow and cradled her face staring at Seven pensively. Her index finger rested on her temple and her thumb supported her jaw.

Janeway took a moment to behold the sight of the beautiful woman next to her. The stark metallic implants served only to enhance Seven's beauty. Seven shifted her body slightly, so that her face tilted slightly to the right, her ice blue eyes locking onto Janeway's.

Seven marveled at the rich dark blue eyes of Janeway. Their dark intensity sent electrical sensations to the pit of her stomach. While Kathryn found she was mesmerized, drowning in a pool of ecstasy. A sudden fear crept over her and she blinked to break the spell.

Janeway mentally reproached herself "My God, Katie what the hell are you doing?"

Janeway cleared her throat and dropped her gaze. "Seven, I just wanted to make sure you're all right. I know it could not have been easy for you down there. I want to know what you're feeling."

Seven found it difficult to regain her composure, still lost in the captivating beauty of Kathryn Janeway. " I...I felt" still hesitating...."It was a most disconcerting experience. Though I have witnessed terminated life forms before, I find that this experience was very difficult for me."

"B'Elanna informed me of how they died and…. I", Janeway's voice choked with emotion. "It must have been very difficult to see something like that" Janeway moved her left hand and placed it on Sevens forearm, an act meant to bring comfort to the young Borg.

Seven felt the warmth of the Captains hand as it radiated through her biosuit, she subconsciously leaned into its comfort.

"The Borg are incapable of feeling pain when connected to the collective. Pain is irrelevant. However, the possibility occurred to me that it could have been my parents and I wondered, if their link is severed are they not….not capable of ….feeling…" her voice choked and her body began to shake violently.

Janeway closed the distance and immediately enfolded Seven in her arms. The side of Sevens face rested gently on her right shoulder. Her tears stained Kathryn's uniform and Kathryn leaned her head on Seven's, gently stroking her back and muttering the same soothing words of earlier.

As the last shudder shook through her body Seven lightly shifted her face, not wanting to be released from the warmth and comfort she found in Kathryn's arms. Seven stared at Kathryn's profile and marveled at the beauty of Janeway. "She is perfection, more perfect than Omega." She whispered silently.

Seven exhaled slowly, her breath gently glancing the back of Kathryn's neck. The feeling sent shock waves through Kathryn spine and into the pit of her stomach. Kathryn, detected the shift of the beautiful woman she held in her arms, so she adjusted her eyes and gazed upon Seven. With her left thumb, Kathryn gently wiped away the tracks that stained the beautiful face of Seven. Kathryn found her eyes were unable to break contact with Seven' s and she felt her respiration slow down, and before Kathryn could pull away, she felt the brush of soft velvet lips on her own.

The shock both scared and excited Kathryn, as her body responded to the rising desire. Her mind attempted to regain immediate control, as Seven attempted to part Kathryn's lips with her tongue. The act snapped Kathryn back to reality and she reacted quickly. Kathryn, abruptly pushed Seven away and stood, her hand attempted to wipe away the feel of Sevens warm lips on hers. Kathryn panicked and immediately turned away stepping further away from the couch.

Seven stood and went to Kathryn, placing her hands on the smaller woman's shoulders. Kathryn immediately shrugged them off and without turning around, she held out her right arm behind her, the palm facing upward to Seven.

"Please don't" her voice was low and weak.

Sevens inexperienced was evident, as she insisted on closing the gap between them. Misguided in her efforts she reached out to touch Kathryn again. Kathryn, became enraged and spun around in one swift motion, she knocked Sevens hand away from her and shouting her protest, harsh and unfeeling.

"Don't, I will not permit this" Kathryn's command mode was back on, her eyes a steel stormy gray.

"I don't understand, Cap---Kath--- I.." Janeway cut her off.

"There is nothing for you to understand, other than the fact, that I am your Captain and I can't do this" her voice became more stronger and menacing.

The bitter pain of rejection, caused Sevens own anger to rise and unable to control herself, she bitterly spat out.

"You ask me to learn to embrace my humanity and when I do you punish me. I know that you desire me, as I desire you. You will fail in your attempt to stop this. Perhaps you should learn to brace your own humanity and not preach it to others. Instead, what you do is hide behind your command, a flawed attempt at being human."


"How dare you assume you know me." Janeways voice was dangerous and low. "We will not have this discussion, I can not, nor will not, be anything other than your Captain. Anything else is unacceptable," Kathryn threw the Borg's own words back at her and stood her ground, her last trump card vehemently spat out. Sensing that she gained the upper hand she immediately sought to end the encounter. "You are Dismissed"

Seven stiffened and stood to full attention, placing her hands firmly behind her back. She stared directly into the stormy gray eyes of Janeway, which stared back at her without a flinch. "As you wish, Captain." Seven's words were clipped and precise, the disgust evident and emphasized at the mention of the Captains title.

Seven dipped her head to the left and in one swift graceful movement turned and then proceeded to exit, her pace was fast and furious, and just before reaching the sensors that would activate the doors. She abruptly stopped and half turned, her profile turned slightly past her right shoulder, she faced Janeway one last time. Janeway was now standing by her chair, firmly holding her ground, her right hand on her hip and the other pinched her forehead, a futile attempt to quell the on coming headache, her eyes a stormy gray.

Sevens voice with no inflection started.

"Some one once told me not to wear my heart out on my sleeve. At the time, I was unable to appreciate the true meaning of this metaphor. I Thank You Captain", her voice cracked as the hurt filtered through, "For teaching me it's true meaning" Seven turned again, not affording the Captain a response and exited the doors hissing and shutting closed behind her.

Janeway watched as the young woman left, holding onto her command mode until the doors closed. She collapsed into her chair, Sevens last words stung her deeply. Seven's accusations only added more to the guilt that she carried. Kathryn, did not attempt to deny that the words wounded her and opened deep scars she thought were healed. It had been such a long time since anyone could hurt her so deeply.

Kathryn had spent the last 10 years steeling her heart. Allowing no one to posses it and now she was forced to confront the past pain, as it surfaced and swallowed her whole.

"How could she have been so callous, and hurt Seven. I should have been in better control, I should have been kinder and more gentler in dissuading her. Oh God Katie, you really blew that one" Her inner voice punished her relentlessly.

The emotions that Kathryn kept bottled up for so long came spilling out as she lost control. kathryn felt the heaviness in her chest and knew the tears would soon flow.

The last time she recalled crying this way was when her father and Justin died. A startling reminder that her feelings for Seven ran deeper than she would admit. Kathryn tried to rationalize all of the implications and reconcile the evident desire she felt when Seven kissed her. The thought of being intimate with another woman did not exactly appall Kathryn. It was more of a surprise to her since all of her past lovers were always males. Kathryn had no experience in this field at all and she felt like a fish out of water.

Seven was definitely a first in many ways. The hurt that she caused Seven was destroying her. Janeway understood that Sevens last words were spoken with the intent to strike back and wound her. The anger began to rise again, "How dare she presume that she could force me to react. When I resigned to let go of those feelings years ago."

It was easy for Kathryn to immerse herself and hide the confines of her Starfleet command provided the convenient excuse. Her command demanded little of her heart. It reveled in the devotion of her services and mind. It gave her respect, comfort and assurance, asking for a different kind of love, one free of pain and disappointment.

With a cold indifference stealing into her heart. Kathryn suffocated the love she felt for Seven, and for the third time, she felt the cold rush of liquid nitrogen clawing at her heart. The headache all ready formed, began to pound relentlessly in protest and consume her.

Defiantly squaring her jaw, Janeway sealed the door that Seven cracked open. Closing her heart, the familiar darkness overcoming her, she sat there for two hours regaining her control, shutting out the universe. She was finally interrupted by a hail from the ships EMH Hologram.

"The Doctor to Captain Janeway," grateful for the distraction she immediately responded.

"Janeway here Doctor, what is it."

"Captain, I require your presence in sick bay, it's about your angel", his voice was it's usual condescending tone.

"On my way, Janeway out," she contacted the bridge and headed to sick bay.

Seven leaned against the wall of the turbolift her knees weak and rubbery. An unfamiliar hollow pain was present in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing becoming harsh and pained. The blood rushed in her ears, the noise deafening her senses. She felt a sinking feeling in her heart, as it suddenly slipped down and fell to her feet.

The tears were stinging her face, hot, leaving burning trails. She stumbled out of the turbolift, a pained animal groan escaped her lips. Holding her stomach, she crouched with pain, and ran the rest of the way to Cargo Bay 2. The doors slid open and gratefully no one was there.

Running to the small private area, she fell into the small bed. The sobs shook her body violently, her chest convulsed and her heart pounded threatening to rip out of her chest. Her lungs began to hurt as the pain ran wild and unencumbered and she turned her face into the small silver pillow and cried mournfully.

Seven was no longer aware of how long she was lying there. She only knew that the pain prevented her from rising and her head was throbbing with a terrible pounding ache. Feeling the blood rush to her temples and pulsing violently, she clinically concluded that it was part of a human frailty, a headache and she longed to be Borg once more.

Her Borg hearing detected the Cargo Bay doors opening and she registered the footfalls as those belonging to "B'Elanna Torres. Seven curled deeper into a fetal position and felt the tears begin to fall again.

B'Elanna expected to find Seven in her regeneration alcove, but found it empty. B'Elanna came in search for Seven after she failed to show for dinner. It was unusual for the efficiently prompt Borg to be late for an appointment and the hungry engineer waited, pacing wildly for 45 minutes, before coming to seek out the young Borg.

Grumbling and cursing "Computer locate Seven of Nine."

"Seven of Nine is in Cargo Bay 2" the soft feminine voice of the computer responded.

B'Elanna was startled, and began to look in earnest for the young Borg. Concerned and agitated she called out.

"Seven" no response, B'Elanna stopped when she heard the whimpering sounds of a small wounded animal.

"Seven?" her voice was small and unsure. B'Elanna turned the corner and happened upon the crumpled form of Seven. She laid in a bed that was far too small for her and Seven's arms hugged her knees tightly to her chest. Her shoulders were convulsing violently with the force of her sobs. B'Elanna quickly closed the gap and knelt beside the reclined figure of Seven, her hand brushing Sevens disheveled hair from her face.

"Kahless Seven what's wrong?" swallowing a pained lump in her throat at seeing her friend in pain.

Seven reached with both arms and wrapped them around the Klingons waist. Sevens strength lifted the Klingon from the floor, as she nestled her face between B'Elannas chest and stomach. B'Elanna could feel the tears seeping through the thin layer of her tee shirt.

B'Elanna encircled Seven in her arms and rocked her gently. Murmuring soothing words of comfort. "It's all right Seven, everything will be fine, tell me what happened."

B'Elanna suspected it had something to do with the Captain and her anger rose against Janeway that she could so callously hurt Seven bothered her deeply. B'Elanna was startled at feeling so overly protective towards the young Borg, because it was only recently that they seem to come to an understanding. B'Elanna was surprised to discover that she actually cared and liked the cool Borg.

"Hush, it is going to be Ok" Still trying to comfort, Sevens violent sobs rocking them both. B'Elanna felt both of her hearts sinking with the weight of Sevens pain.

"Tell me what happened," as she gently dislodged Sevens face from her stomach, cradling Sevens chin in her hand.

Sevens eyes were swollen from crying. Her bottom lip trembled as she tried to form the words. "We...were"...hiccuping between each word, "In... her ...ready room... and we" Seven was not able to finish as another volley of sobs ensued and rendered her speechless again.

"It's all right Seven, take it easy. I'm here with you now, everything will be fine" B'Elanna continued the gentle rocking motion that soothed the Borg.

Letting Seven regain herself, B'Elanna gently prodded again. "Can you tell me what happened?" B'Elannas voice was a soft low growl filled with compassion.

Seven wiped the tears with the back of her hand. Her left arm still tightly wrapped around the Klingons waist, which cut off B'Elannas breathing.

"We were discussing what happen to me on the planets surface, and.... I...she was holding me...and we.... Kiss"...Seven's bottom lip began to tremble again,

B'Elanna tighten her hold and rocked her gently again, the affect calmed the young Borg. B'Elanna now had enough to go on to complete the sentence for Seven.

"The Captain kissed you" she gently urged the shaken Borg on. "And then what happened?"

"No, B'Elanna...I... kissed... her. I felt her respond to me and when I tried to ....... She pulled away" Seven continued, she recounted the encounter with the Captain in her ready room, pausing occasionally to swallow the involuntarily gasps that escaped her mouth.

B'Elanna took in a deep breath, as she envisioned the Captains reaction, to Sevens brutally accurate statement.

"Kahless, Seven sure has a brutal way of cutting to the heart of matter" her thoughts were still assimilating the damage the exchange would have to the fleeting romance. "One thing was for certain, she idly thought "The test of will between two of the most obstinate women, I've ever had the misfortune of knowing should be interesting "

B'Elanna let out a regrettable sigh, cursing herself for getting involved in the first place. "What was that old earth saying her father always threw around? In for a penny, In for a pound". Collecting her thoughts carefully, she gently continued.

"Seven, I know you're hurting like hell right now"

"That is an under statement, B'Elanna Torres"

" Shhh...Just wait a minute and let me finish." preventing the Borg from injecting further. "You've got to have a little faith here, you've given the Captain a lot to chew on. I mean, she sure can be hard headed at times,\ and without a doubt she'll try to push you away." B'Elanna pushed more forcefully now.

" But if you really love her Borg then you're going to have to fight for her, and you can't make it easy for her. You opened the door and now you have to find the strength and courage to step in. It is going to be tough, very tough., she is going to panic and things might get a little ugly. She may even say hard things to you. However, Seven, if you really love her then you are going to have be strong and don't give up, time and location are on your side."

"Explain, I do not understand by time and location" the Borg was trying honestly to comprehend.

"Look, Voyager is a small ship and you're one of her senior people. The point is, she can't avoid you forever. She will try, but eventually she's going to have deal with it. As for time, well, that's definitely on your side. It's not like will be getting back to the Alpha Quadrant in the next few weeks. Fifty years is a long time and trust me, a person can get very lonely out here during all of that time. You just have to give her time to come to terms with it, do you think you can?."

"I wish, that I could believe that, B'Elanna Torres. You were not there. You did not witness.... She is...She is disappointed in me"

"Bullshit, She wasn't mad at you, she's mad at herself. Mad because she lost control. One thing about our Captain, she cannot stand to lose control. Besides what happened to all that Borg shit that you're always spewing. I am Borg I will not fail?"

That elicited a snort from the young Borg, along with a mild protest. "I do not sound like that?"

"Oh yes, you do, that's exactly what you sound like"

"Lt. B'Elanna Torres I do not sound like that."

"Do too, Anyway make me one promise, can you do that?"

"I will try."

"I don't want you confronting the Captain. Not until I tell you. I know Janeway and after mulling it over, she's going to make it seem as if it's all her fault, and that she misled you. I know this will be hard, but you must be cold and indifferent when she does. Go back to being that bitchy Borg you are so good at. Let her live with the guilt for a while and don't be so quick to let her off the hook too easily, make her squirm a bit."

"I am not bitchy!" The Borg regained more of her cool demeanor "However I will comply, Please explain what is off the hook"

"God Seven, you really need to brush up on your metaphors. It means do not let her think you forgive her so easily. Listen I am not a Borg and I really need to get something to eat, so why don't we go to the Messhall."

"I See, I will comply," standing and falling in step with B'Elanna they headed towards the Messhall. B'Elanna having succeeded in consoling and reassuring the young Borg and Seven managed to regain her self-confidence again. As they walked Seven eyed B'Elanna with endearment and felt grateful that the Klingon was a member of her inner collective.


The EMH Doctor was monitoring the latest bio scans on the being, who lay unconscious since arriving on Voyager. His life signs had weakened and his breathing was now aided by a medical containment field. It ensured that oxygen entered his lungs and that his heart continued to pump and function properly.

The Doctor was at an impasse in determining the actual physiology of the being. The readings that Seven performed determined the being had the DNA of 8 million species. The Doctor found that he was unable to refute Sevens findings. Having run four hours of extensive bio scans and definitively coming to the same conclusions as Seven. The entire existence of the being defied both science and logic and the EMH was growing more exasperated by the minute.

However, there was another strange anomaly in the beings molecular genetic code. Aside from each cell having a different DNA, code, a double stranded mutated gene appeared to be fueling his cells. Voyager's databanks identified one strand as the Omega molecule and the other had a distinctly different energy molecule completely. One that the doctor was unable to identify. The second strand was molecularly different. It appeared to be nourishing and re-energizing the Omega strand. The Doctor was intrigued by the medical phenomenon and came to the immediate conclusion that this being should simply not exist under these conditions.

The fact that physically the being had a perfect humanoid appearance. His genetic makeup consisted of vastly different species. Which mean that he never should have survived gestation, let alone exist in a perfect human form. The Doctor suspected that the being was not what he appeared to be and was a new species never encountered before.

It occurred to him that perhaps he was a being of pure energy with the ability to project a humanoid form. His heart contained no chambers, though beating. His lungs were merely scar tissue, though breathing. As for the rest of his physiology, though it appeared to be functioning in a human capacity it was medically impossible. Yet, each projected organ performed its mechanical function in its proper human capacity.

The wings protruding from his shoulder blades had a complex nervous system. The skeletal structure was a mixture of cartilage and strong bone mass. Blood flowed to the wings, indicating that the appendages were a living part of the being. His blood was clear in color and lacked any human hemoglobin whatsoever.

The most interesting aspect of the being's wings were the speckles of gold. According to all scans, it was a metal, an ancient earth precious metal. The doctor removed a portion of the wing speckled with gold, only to marvel how the precious metal and wing regenerated itself magically before his eyes.

Captain Janeway entered sickbay, anxious to focus on anything other than her encounter with Seven. The two security guards were obviously bored and pretended to look interested as she entered. The doctor engaged an isolation field in hope of trying to stabilize the beings vital signs "If that is what you can call them", he sighed under his breath."

"Doctor, you wanted to see me?"

"Ah, Captain, so glad you can join us," his tone immediately adapted it's usual sarcastic manner.

"What is it Doctor" Her tone was a clear indication that Janeway was not in the mood for his unpleasantness.

"It seems your angel, is not what he appears to be."

"What do you mean, Doctor?" Kathryn was slowly losing her patience.

"Well, as you can see physically he appears human. However, my bio scans indicates that he has over 8 million genetic markings."

"Are you sure, doctor? How is that even possible?"

Shaking his head as if she should question his findings, the doctor continued in his drab tone.

"I assure you Captain, that I have not made a mistake. According my scans, he simply cannot exist, not with these organs anyway. His vital organs, well… all of his organs for that matter, are where they should be physically and they appear to function in their proper capacity. But, well frankly Captain, I don't know how to explain this, for lack of a better term they're props"

"Props, Doctor?" Kathryn waited patiently for him to elaborate.

"Yes Captain, Props, they simply can't do what they are doing. They are anatomically incorrect. His heart for example has no chambers and his lungs are scar tissue. His blood lacks hemoglobin, and he has a doubled stranded mutated gene. The strand's energy properties are extremely toxic to humans. I was able to identify one of the strands and it has the exact molecular structure of the Omega molecule. As you know, Omega's energy signature in its mildest state, produces more radiation and energy to rival a super nova. Captain, there is simply no way that a human could survive the exposure, let alone exist with an Omega gene as part of his DNA. As for the other strand of the gene, it makes the Omega energy properties look like a baby. It's a good thing that I'm a hologram. Because the exposure from running the test would have killed anyone else" The Doctor continued his medical summation, suddenly finding himself cut off by Janeways impatience.

"Seven indicated on the planet that the tricoder detected over 8 million DNA codes. It's possible then that he somehow caused the Borg cube to crash. In their attempts to assimilate him, they exposed themselves to it an that would explain what we found. Everything was melted and fused together, it was as if a tremendous energy force struck the cube from the inside. Doctor do you think that it's possible he is only projecting this form. Could he simply be energy and not humanoid at all?"

"I thought of that, but I adjusted my scans and they would have indicated it. Essentially, he has a human form, but not. It's quite possible Captain that you have discovered a new life form, one that has never been known to us before. There is something else, it's about his wings. They posses the genetic coding found in a variety of birds known to earth. However, there is also a molecular presence of AU. That's gold Captain, an ancient earth precious metal. When I removed a portion it… Well I don't know who to explain this but, it simply grew back."

"Gold?" Kathryn's voice grew incredulous, "I simply thought it was coloring"

The doctor merely pursed his lips and acidly replied "Well I assure you it's not"

"Doctor what about his life signs, any chance of him regaining consciousness?"

"I wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon. Since beaming to Voyager his vital signs have decreased and continue to digress. With no data to go on I can't see how I can treat him. Frankly Captain I have little hope your angel is going to make it."

"What about the energy signatures you found on the mutated DNA. Is there any way we can give them a a sort of boost, you might say. You mentioned that they fuel his cells. Perhaps that is his method of gaining sustenance. When we found him there was a force field surrounding him and Seven deactivate it shortly before beaming him onboard. Frankly at the time, I didn't give it much thought. However, if he is a new life form and one that we have never encountered before. Maybe energy is a crucial part of his genetic makeup that would explain why the Borg wanted to assimilate him."

"I have given that some thought, it's possible that we maybe able to re-energize his cells. If we can build something similar to Sevens alcove that might work. I will need some assistance from Seven and engineering. Its worth a try Captain, I really see no other option."

"I agree Doctor, I'll get Seven and B'Elanna to assist you"

"I must admit Captain, I am curious. He's a medical wonder and there's a lot we can learn from a species from him if he survives."

"Very well Doctor, I'll get them on it right away. Besides Voyager can use an angel on our side for a change."

"Yes, well just remember Captain, "Be careful what you wish for, for you may get it", with that said the doctor turned and walked away without waiting to be dismissed. A habit that the Captain found most annoying.

Regretting her next task. Janeway sucked in a deep breath and prayed the Borg would respond to her hail.

"Janeway to Seven of Nine" Janeway used her full Borg name to inflect her command.

The two women were sitting in the Messhall completing their meal and deep in discussion when the hail came through. B'Elanna was advising Seven on how to proceed in handling her recent disastrous encounter with the Captain, as the sudden hail startled them startled them both.

Seven stared at B'Elanna with apprehension and failed to respond.

"Janeway to Seven of Nine" the second hail, annoyance edged it's way into Janeway's tone.

B'Elanna nodded to Seven and indicated for her to answer the hail.

"Seven of Nine here" Seven responded using her full Borg designation as well, her voice icy cold.

"Seven, the Doctor requires your assistance in sickbay. Please report there immediately" A steel edge stole its way into her voice.

"On my way" Seven stared at B'Elanna her eyes conveying the hurt that was there earlier.

"It'll be OK Seven, if you want I can go with you" the Borg looked at her beseechingly, which made the Klingon melt.

'Kahless Seven, you really need to be a Borg now and not a human" B'Elanna stood and gestured with her head for the Borg to follow. The two women left the Messhall on made their way to Sick bay.

Upon entering sick bay the pair was surprised to see the Captain there. Janeway noticed the two women entering together and looked in their direction. Noting silently that the two women seemed to have formed a friendship over the past two days. Janeway did not fail to notice the Klingons antagonistic air.

"Ah, Lt., I'm glad you're here as well."

"Captain" B'Elanna addressed acidly, as she privately thought "Kahless, look at her. cool as ever, not a single hair out of place".

The Captain raised her eyebrow. An indication that she was not pleased with the Klingons tone, "I need you both to assist the Doctor, he'll fill you in."

Seven nodded in ascent and squared her jaw and shoulders, moving past the Captain she headed towards the Doctor's office.

"Seven" the Captains voice stopped her. Torres remained in place, her face screwed into a scowl and her arms crossed in front of her. The act of defiance and open hostility was not missed by Janeway.

"Lt." Janeway's voice commanded, "I'd like to speak to Seven alone." The Klingon did not move and instead she turned to her friend and waited for Seven's approval. Seven nodded to her friend and stood to full attention, her hands clasped firmly behind her back, as she faced Janeway.

Janeway disliked the Klingons action and feeling her command tested, she lowered her voice to a growl. "Is there a problem Lt.?" the Klingon merely snorted and shook her head, no before marching away.

Janeway approached Seven. Her voice lowered to a soft whispered timber "It appears you and B'Elanna have become good friends."

"You wished to speak with me Captain," Seven completely ignored Janeway's statement.

Janeway folded her arms in front of her and lowered her head, "Seven, about what happened earlier. I am sorry if my actions caused you to believe that I might have an interest in you other than as your Captain. It was never my intention to mislead you and I am sorry if I hurt you. I would like to think we could put this whole matter behind us."

Seven stood still, barely breathing. Her voice adapting the Borg monotone and arrogance "If you will excuse me, I will assist the Doctor now."

"Seven, I," but the young Borg abruptly turned and walked away, leaving Janeway standing alone. Kathryn felt the heaviness in her heart, her attempt to cleanse herself of the heavy guilt failed and the brunt of her actions weighed heavily on her..

Sevens indifference and lack of acceptance of her apology cut deeply. Kathryn stood staring at the retreating figure of the young Borg and silently mourned the loss of promise that it might have held. Janeway exited sick bay and headed to her quarters. Not wanting to return to the bridge, she logged herself off duty from her bedroom.

B'Elanna and Seven retrieved the Doctors data and began the process of adapting a Borg alcove for the being. Working into the Beta shift they developed the schematics for retrofitting an alcove to accommodate the being's bio-genetic physiology. The two friends completed the task by the end of the Beta shift.

The Doctor hailed the Captain "The Doctor to Captain Janeway."

Janeway was in her ensuite. The night spent fruitlessly attempting to sleep, a sleep that eluded her the entire evening. Her futile attempt at an apology towards Seven and the desire of their lingering kiss taunted her during her waking hours. Rising and placing a robe over her form she crossed the ensuite and responded to the hail.

"Janeway here, go ahead Doctor."

"Captain, Seven and B'Elanna have completed the adaptations. We're ready to test it out on your angel."

"I'll be there shortly, Janeway out."

She took a quick sonic shower despising the way that it put her teeth on edge. The full force headache was not helping the matter either. She quickly donned a fresh uniform and fumbled clumsily to put the last of the four pips on her collar. Then she replicated a fresh cup of coffee and headed out the door.

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