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And a Child Shall Lead Them, Part III

In sick bay, the doctor was monitoring the beings life signs. They deteriorated dramatically over night. His life signs indicated he was in a catatonic state. The doctor continued fretting over his patient. A bemused B'Elanna watching idly.

Seven was entering data into a pad when the Captain entered. She immediately noticed the Captains appearance, her face taunt and weary. Her eyes lacked the shine she was accustomed to seeing in them. Sevens heart ached, knowing she was the cause. B'Elanna was shocked at Janeways appearance. For a second she regretted her advice to Seven.

"Doctor" Janeway holding the side of her temple. Her peripheral vision catching Seven

The doctor turned in response. Seeing the Captains appearance he immediately began a scan, "Your looking a little pained today".

Janeway pushed the tricoder away with disgust, "I'm fine doctor, stick to your other patient."

The Doctor pursed his lips, a disgruntle breath escaping his mouth, "You know I can give you a hypospray for the migraine" knowing she would decline.

'Doctor, The patient how is he?" ignoring the Doctors generous offer to relieve her pain.

"His life signs indicate he's in a catatonic state. I am afraid he did not fare well overnight. On the other hand we're ready to test the regeneration cycle" he added his voice lifting higher at the last word.

"Very well, lets begin" the Captain had the ships computer perform a site to site transport to Cargo Bay 2. The four of them beamed to Cargo Bay 2 with the being. Seven and B'Elanna assist the doctor in placing the being into the adapted alcove.

Seven tapped in the commands to begin the regeneration cycle. The eerie green glow of the alcove covering the four of them. The Doctor continued to monitor the beings life signs. As the regeneration cycle proceeded, his life signs immediately improved.

"How long Doctor? Janeway, holding her throbbing temple.

"At least eight hours, according to my calculations."

"Very Well, I'll be on the bridge notify me when he awakens" Janeway turned and left without giving another glance.

As the hours passed, Janeways headache grew in intensity. Making it impossible for her to concentrate on the personnel reports in front of her, her efforts to engross herself in her duties failing to extinguish her thoughts of Seven.

In Cargo Bay 2, the hours passed and the regeneration cycle was near completion, the Doctor and the two women keeping a close eye on the beings progress.

"Regeneration cycle complete" the soft feminine voice of the computer responded. The doctor hailed the Captain immediately.

"The Doctor to Captain Janeway."

"Janeway here, Doctor" Janeway looking at the time and realizing eight hours passed.

"Its time Captain, I'm sure you want to be here."

"On my way Doctor, Janeway out," she exited her ready room turning the conn over to her First Officer.

Janeway entered Cargo Bay 2, as the Doctor was fretfully scanning the being. His face was taunt and confused.

"Doctor, is something wrong?" Janeway concerned, Seven tapping into her tricoder. Her left eyebrow rose causing the Borg implant to flex.

"No actually, I'd say things couldn't be better. His life signs have improved dramatically" at the Doctors finishing statement, the beings eyes began to flutter.

B'Elanna moved closer to the Captain. Her earlier anger towards the woman having dissipated, "Kahless, he is beautiful isn't he?"

"Exquisite is what I thought, when I first saw him", Janeway, her arms crossed in front of her, turning slightly to her left to look at the Klingon. Seven looked at both women in disgust unable to comprehend or appreciate the beauty of the being.

"What happened to his sword Seven. I thought you said he had one?" the Klingon still keeping her eyes on the being. The Borg merely pursing her lips and raising her eyebrow again.

"I had security remove it" responded the Doctor dryly

The being suddenly stiffened. His long dark lashes fluttering slightly, as he opened his eyes. His eyes bore no whites and the deep azure sparkled, with tiny bolts of bright lights visible. He stared at the four beings in front of him and immediately went to draw his sword. Seven immediately stepped in front of Janeway, B'Elanna moving to the Captains side. Both women anticipating an attack. The Captain held the two women at bay. Taking a step towards the being, she raised her hands openly and upward.

"It's all right, we won't harm you. I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager. We found you injured on a planet. We beamed you onboard Voyager for medical assistance. Can you understand me?" she questioned hesitantly, her voice using her best diplomatic tone.

The being hesitated, detecting she was not a threat. He stepped off the alcove. Seven moved closer to the Captain, lacking the Captain's enthusiastic trusting nature. The Doctor pushed pass the women and moved towards the being. His medical scanner in his right hand, he raised it towards the being. The being flinched shoving the Doctor away. His eyes became dark, a bright light pulsing through them, his lip' forming to a curl.

Janeway immediately barked, "Doctor, get away from him and stop your scans" Seven grabbed the Doctors elbow and pushed him behind her. She moved her left leg and crossed it in front of Janeways right leg. Shielding the Captain and preventing her from advancing.

She spoke to the being in her stern Borg voice "We do not wish to harm you, state your designation"

The being raised his head to Seven. His eyes displaying temporal changes like a dark stormy sky. They suddenly cleared and turned a bright sapphire blue. He tilted his chiseled jaw downward his long black hair fell past his shoulders. He raked his eyes over Sevens form. An angelic smile touching his pouty lips.

He moved closer to her, until he stood directly in front of her. Locking his eyes to hers, Seven did not move her hands, which hung loosely down. Ready to reach out and strike if necessary. She became mesmerized, lost in the being's eyes. They began changing in composition. The blue suddenly bursting and lighted sparks flashing. Seven recognized it immediately it was Omega.

Janeway and B'Elanna stood in stunned silence. Both obvious to the fact the being was enchanted with the Borg.

"Great the Klingon mumbled low "The only cute guy onboard and Seven gets him". The Captain shot B'Elanna a disapproving look, resenting the beings obvious interest in Seven.

The being moved within an inch of Seven, enchanted by her Borgs cortical implant, he reached with his right hand slowly, his thumb and forefinger touching the implant. The two women standing beside her, inwardly sucked their breaths in, expecting the Borg to violently push the being away

The two women were astonished. The young Borg allowed the caress without a hint of protest. Not once flinching her normal response, when someone touched her implant. Her face tilted slightly towards the being, but not facing his directly.

The being reached for her chin and turned her head to the side. With his left hand he gently caressed the starburst implant by her cheek. Taking Sevens face in both of his hands. He held her face gently and turned it to his. His eyes locking to hers again. After a long minute he pressed his lips gently to hers. A chaste kiss not meant to arouse desire.

Inwardly Janeway was furious, she wanted to reach out and slap the being. What bothered her most, was Sevens evident approval of the beings actions. B'Elanna stood silent, her mouth wide open, she quickly looked at Janeway. Who face was dark and disapproving.

The being detected Janeways thoughts and turned his head from Seven. He stared at the Captain. His eyes immediately took on a full human form. Whites suddenly appearing were none existed before. A deep azure in color, a smug smile touched his lips. He eyed the Klingon with amusement, her mouth still agape.

Janeway fought the anger within her, finding her voice. "Can you tell us your name?"

The being frowned and ignored her, returning his attention back to the young Borg. His face becoming soft and smooth. He reached out his left hand and softly ran it down the length of Sevens face. Images of Sevens entire life flashed into his mind. In the instant of two seconds, he knew her entire existence.

Sorrow raced through his features and he passed his hand through her eyes once more. Her eyes closed at the caress, she tilted her head back. A look of utter pleasure crossed her features and for the second time in her existence, she saw Omega.

Janeway beginning to lose her patience and feeling slightly jealous pushed again "My name is Captain Janeway, do you understand me?" The being not responding, she turned to B'Elanna who still held her mouth wide open.

B'Elanna finally closed her mouth and responded. Her mouth dry from being open for so long "There's nothing wrong with the translator, maybe he's a telepath or something. Anyway it seems Seven can communicate with him."

"Seven? Seven!" the Captain raising her voice, snapping the Borg from her trance.

Seven regained her senses "Captain?"

"Did he communicate with you?"

"He is incapable of communication Captain" she stated flatly, the being having removed all knowledge of their link.

"Well can you explain what just happened? Because it appeared to us, you were communicating with him" she stated tersely,

"I do not think that I can explain Captain. I am unable to recall, it is most disturbing my edict memory is not functioning properly."

B'Elanna chided the Captain under her breath, "Great, leave it to the Borg to suffer memory lapses now "

"Its possible the being erased the thoughts", the Captain correcting B'Elanna.

"Seven, ask him his name," B'Elanna prodding the young Borg on.

"Please state your designation" she pointed flatly to the being.

B'Elanna rolled her eyes in obvious disgust, "Jesus, Seven can't you just ask him his name?"

"I already have asked him his designation and he is not responding."

B'Elanna rolled her eyes again, "No you stupid Borg, don't ask his designation, ask for his NAME, emphasizing to Seven the word she wanted her to use"

Seven rolled her own eyes at the Klingon, "Your request is illogical," curtly stated "I have already made your inquiry."

"That's our Seven, takes everything you say literately". "Seven," Janeway patiently stated "What B'Elanna means is to use the word NAME not DESIGNATION, It's possible his vocabulary is not as extensive as ours, do you understand?"

Seven twisted her face in contempt, "It is illogical of you to assume he lacks the proper intelligence to respond", "However, she added dryly, I will comply to your choice of words."

"Thank you Seven," Janeway and B'Elanna both sharing a look of distaste.

Facing the being Seven inquired again "Please state you des-ig...correcting herself...N-A-M-E"

"She really can't help herself can she?" B'Elanna addressing the Captain, Janeway, nodding her head in agreement.

The being watching the exchange, simply stared at the trio in amusement. Completely aware of their request, understanding every word they spoke. Recognizing it as the language of a younger world he once protected, "Earth, they are the children of the Israelites" his thoughts returning to the children of earth, recalling the history of their world and their nature.

Janeway was growing exasperated, at both the beings lack of response and Sevens lack of understanding. "Seven please ask him one more time"

Now it was Sevens turn to be exasperated "Captain, It is futile to continue this line of questioning," adding curtly, "It is quite evident, We are beating a dead horse," her voice dripping with sarcasm and proud of herself at using a metaphor in its proper content.

B'Elanna let out a loud snort, a growl of laughter escaping her mouth, the tears pooling in her eyes. Janeway looked at the Klingon her mouth opening and closing several times. Taken complete off guard by Sevens response, she targeted the Klingon "You find this amusing Lt.?"

B'Elanna was holding her stomach and wiping the tears from her eyes "I'm sorry Captain", another peal of laughter, "It's just that I've been bugging Seven about brushing up on her metaphors", more laughter "And well Frankly you have to admit, her sense of timing is priceless." B'Elannas laughter overwhelming her again, she bent over, clutching her stomach, her shoulders shaking from the intensity of her laughter.

Janeway stared at the Klingon, a rueful smile gracing her lips. Shaking her head and appreciating the smug look on the Borgs face.

"Well B'Elanna, I'm so glad you find it so amusing, and since your so good at introducing her to new experiences, you won't mind teaching her another old earth custom" slapping the Klingons bent form on the back.

The Klingon suddenly straightened up, not liking the Captains tone, "Captain?"

"I believe its called Babysitting."

"Babysitting?" she spat out accusingly, "What do you mean by babysitting?"

"That's right Lt. I want you and Seven to baby sit our little angel", an undignified smirk crossing Janeways lips.

"That's not funny Captain, I'm a Klingon, I don't do babysitting"

"Well then Lt., I recommend you get the human half of you to assist" still smirking "I'm leaving them both in your capable care".

B'Elanna was ready to voice her response, when the ship was suddenly rocked violently, the red alert klaxon ringing, Chakotays voice ordering everyone to their battle stations. Janeway and B'Elanna quickly lifted themselves off the ground. Seven assisted by the being, the only one left standing.

Slapping her comm badge "Janeway to the Bridge, report."

Chakotays voice coming over the comm "Captain, a Borg tactical cube has appeared off starboard, they're firing at us."

"On my way, Janeway out."

The three women quickly began their exits. Each heading to their posts, Janeway turning to "Seven, bring him along"

Seven turned to the being and with her left-enhanced Borg hand, grasped him firmly, bringing him along with them. Entering the turbolift she contacted Tuvok and ordered a security team to the bridge.

Janeway immediately exited the turbolift, Seven and the being behind her. Seven taking her place at the secondary tactical station. Her fingers immediately were flying over the panel.

"Report" crossing the bridge and standing in front of the view screen. Her full command mode on, hands held firmly on her hips, the Borg tactical cube in full view.

"Shields are down 36%, they have adapted to our lasers, Tuvok responded, eyeing the being suspiciously."

"We have system wide damages in deck 14 and 12", "They're arming their weapons again Captain, warp engines are offline" Harry Kim responded"

"B'Elanna, how long before the engines come back on line?"

"We're on it now Captain, I should have them back in twenty minutes."

"I need them sooner Lt." another direct hit rocking Voyager violently.


"Captain, hull breech on decks 10 and 7, life support there is offline, I'm containing them now, turbolifts are also offline, no casualties, they're arming again" Chakotays hands flying over his terminal.

"Mr. Paris, Evasive maneuver, Gamma, Alpha Ro?" the being crossed the bridge to the view screen, turning to Janeway at her mention of Alpha.

"Tuvok were is security, I want our angel secured"

"They're trapped in the turbolift, they're attempting to fix it now."

"Alpha, Gamma. Ro, aye Captain."

"Seven, what can you give me."

"Captain, I have crossed modulated Photon torpedoes, they are ready" Sevens voice cool and firm, the being watching the Borg cube with interest.

"Tuvok, lay them out, full field, on my mark" the Captain moved to her chair, crossing her legs. Her hands grasping the chair arms firmly, her face alert, bracing herself for impact.

"Aye Captain."

"Mark" the photon torpedoes exploding against the Borg vessel, their impact, rocking Voyager.


"Their shield are intact and holding, they've already adapted, Weapons still on line, their powering them up Captain " Tuvok stated "

"B'Elanna, how are we doing"

"I need ten more minutes, Captain."

"Not good enough Lt., I need those engines now"

"Harry Kim's voice coming over "Captain, two more Borg cubes are fast approaching"

"Chakotay, all power to forward shields" she snapped

"Diverting power to forward shields."

"B'Elanna, I need warp now."

"I'm sorry Captain, we're doing the best we can."

Captain, all three vessels powering their weapons, one minute to impact."

"Ten seconds to impact," Harry counting down, "Nine, eight, Seven, Six, Five Four"...the being stepped closer to the view screen placing his hands on it. "Tuvok, get him out of there", Janeway barked" Tuvok moved from behind his station and towards the being, Seven crossing the bridge to assist Tuvok.

"Three, Two...." In an instant the being began to radiate a strong energy light force, Tuvok and Seven were thrown back from the impact. Seven remained unconscious, Tuvok slowly rising to his feet drawing his weapon.

"Security on the bridge" Chakotay hailed, drawing his weapon and aiming at the being. They fired at will, their phasers absorbed by the energy field surrounding the being. Before the Borgs phasers could impact Voyager, a bright blue array of energy engulfed Voyager, deflecting the phaser fire and returning it to the cubes, two of the cubes exploded immediately, the third heavily damaged.

Janeway immediately barked out "Chakotay, Tuvok, stand down, he's helping us."

Harry Kim verifying the obvious "Captain, no damage to Voyager, the third cube is heavily damaged, weapons and engines offline."

B'Elannas voice came over the comm, 'Captain, Warp power is back online"

"Mr. Paris, get us out of here, warp 6, on my Mark" the blue glow from the being was still engulfing Voyager. Suddenly Voyager began to move.

"Captain?" the blonde haired helmsman turning to face Janeway, confusion lining his face.

"Mr. Paris, a little enthusiastic are we?" the Captain assuming the helmsman moved without her consent.

"Captain, I don't know how to explain this, but I didn't engage warp "

"Tuvok, Report."

Tuvok moving to the tactical station entering commands "Mr. Paris is correct Captain, Voyager is not being powered by warp drive." "It appears we are being powered by an outside source, we are currently traveling at Warp factor 16, intriguing."

"Warp 16, how is that even possible? We should have sustained hull breech and collapsed"

"It is a fact, Captain," replied the Vulcan, his voice calm.

"Lt. Kim, report on all systems."

"All systems are holding Captain, no indication of any damage."

"B'Elanna, what's going on down there?"

"Captain, I can't explain it, but Voyagers warp signature has changed its configuration." "I...Well...some how, Captain, its taken on the Omega signature."

Chakotay helped a still dazed Seven to her feet, The being turned slowly from the view screen, his face troubled and laced with sorrow, he crossed to Janeway and stood in front of her.

"What have you done to my ship? We're grateful for your assistance against the Borg, but you must it release to me now"

The being merely stared at her, regretting his actions, yet knowing she would not comprehend. He turned and went to stand next to Seven of Nine, who was now standing by her station, Janeway hot on his trail.

"I am ordering you to release my ship, or I will have you thrown in the Brig" the being merely adapted a bemused look, the force ten glare and dangerous voice amusing him.

"Tuvok, remove him from the bridge and place him in the brig, I will not be held captive on my own ship."

"B'Elanna, is there anyway you can over-ride this?"

"We're working on it Captain, but it doesn't look promising."

"I need the ship back under our control Lt., see what you can do"

"Understood, Torres out."

Tuvok moved from behind his station, his phaser drawn, as the turbolift doors opened, the trapped security officers stepped out. Tuvok moved to the being and motioned with his phaser for the being to follow.

The two additional guards standing directly behind him. The being ignored them, forcing the two guards to descend upon him. They were immediately thrown back as the creature expanded his wings to their full length, a golden light arcing from them.

Tuvoks phaser set to stun fired at the being. The force of the phaser merely absorbed into the being's form. He wielded his arm upward; his sword previously removed when beamed aboard. Materialized and he pointed it at Tuvok. An arc of lightening struck out, knocking the phaser from his grasp, the weapon falling to the deck.

Tuvoks right hand singed from the impact. As Tuvok moved to engage him physically, the being raised his sword. His wings raised to a full arch.

Seven stepped directly in his path. Jutting her chin out defiantly she confronted the being. "You will cease this behavior and accompany Lt. Commander Tuvok to the brig, or I will be forced to immobilize you."

The being lowered his sword and smiled ruefully at the young Borg. Stepping within an inch of her, he reached out to her right brow, brushing his fingers tenderly across an open gash. A warm blue light emitted from their tips, as it healed the gash and made it disappear.

He traced the outline of her face gently and lovingly, pressing his forefinger across her full lips tracing their shape. With his right hand he sheathed his sword. He leaned into her face, his breath warm and sweet. He gently brushed his lips to hers, his eyes taking human form again.

He straightened and gently brushing by Seven placed his hand on Tuvoks. The blue light healing the burn caused by his sword. He nodded his head at Seven and proceeded to follow Tuvok from the bridge. The two dazed guards following behind.

The entire bridge was stunned to silence. Janeway snapped her mouth shut, her mind taunting her "Well Katie, he's not afraid of showing her how he feels" she snapped at the voice "Oh shut up" and looked at her dazed First Officer, also standing with his mouth wide open.

"That's all I need," she snapped more harshly. Then she intended, "A love struck angel, holding my ship hostage".

Her voice snapped Chakotay from his shock. His mouth closing and opening several times. "Do you want to explain to me what just happened here."

"I would think that's quite obvious, Commander" contrite and angry "It seems our angel 's in love with Seven, and has decided to take control of my ship" The young Borg turned her head gracing the Captain with a venomous look.

"It would also appear, Seven doesn't seem to mind the attention. I never knew she had it in her" he added jokingly, cringing when Janeway leveled a force 8 glare at him.

"I'm sorry Captain" he stammered, confused at her response "I was just trying to make light of the situation"

Janeway held up her hand in contempt, "Enough said Commander, I want a meeting of the senior staff, stat!"

"Aye Captain, Understood" his bulky frame snapping to attention, eyeing her suspiciously.

The senior staff was assembling, each sitting in their customary places. Seven sat directly across the large table from the Captain. Janeway was sitting with her right hand supporting her face. Pensive, the other idly strumming her fingers on the table, her eyes locked with Sevens. B'Elanna stumbled into the room, the last to arrive. She quickly sat, slouching low in her seat.

"Hmm, Captain?" Chakotays voice barely audible, waking her from her reverie.

"Yes, well people, it seems we are no longer in control of the ship," "B'Elanna, what can you tell me."

"I'm sorry Captain, but the ship is not deriving its warp speed from our engines. We have been running scans and the best we can determine. Is that Voyager is being powered by an outside power source. It is registering the Omega signature. How that is, I cannot really explain. So far we cannot get any information none of it registers on our computers ".

"Have you found a way to disengage us?"

"I'm sorry Captain, there's nothing to disengage. From an engineering aspect, nothing is on line to deactivate. It's almost as if Voyager is moving on it's own will"

"Yes, or perhaps by our guests will" she added dryly.

"Harry, where exactly is our heavenly visitor taking us?"

"Well, Captain, we are moving in the direction of the Alpha quadrant. We've managed to cover 75 light years so far" "He's not using any of the ships computers. Without that I can't honestly say, I'm sorry Captain."

"Some how I knew that would be the answer", she added disgustingly, "Where exactly is he taking us" she pondered aloud.

"Well at least Captain, we are headed in the right direction. He is keeping us on course, and at this speed, with no structural damage occurring to Voyager. We might consider this a small miracle." Chakotay conveyed

Janeway shoot Chakotay a strong look "Commander, if you think I believe in divine intervention your sadly mistaken. I do not like the idea, of my ship under any ones control other then my own" She turned to face Seven who remained silent thus far.

"Seven, you seem to have some sort of influence with our guest" spat acidly and making it a point to avoid calling him angel. "Why don't you see if you can communicate with him, and have him release Voyager."

The young Borg arched her implant disapprovingly "Captain, my influence" she spat back acidly "Is irrelevant. It is quite logical that he intends to use Voyager to reach a specific destination. However if you insist", again the acid lacing the cool monotone voice, "I will see what I can do".

B'Elanna snickered and lowered her head immediately to the pad in front of her, lending Seven a sidelong glance of approval. Janeway glared at Seven, angry she somehow lost control of the situation and hating every moment of it. Her voice growing low and dangerous "I insist, a low growl "please see what can be done"

Tuvok seized the moment "Captain, Sevens assumption is quite logical" his words not meant to undermine Janeways command, simply stated as a pure logical fact. Janeway shot her old friend a startled look. Her inner thought whispering "Tuvok, Et Tu?

"It would be illogical of the being to save Voyager, from a Borg attack if his intent was to harm us. I agree with Seven, it is an accurate assessment that he wishes to use Voyager to reach a specific destination. It would be more advisable to attempt to open a means of communications with him instead." His eyebrow raising waiting for Janeways attack, Seven appearing quite smug as Janeways eyes bore through her.

"Well then Commander, as Chief of Security, I will leave it in your capable hands" resigned and knowing when to admit defeat. "I expect a full report in one hour." "Dismissed."

The staff rose and exited the conference room, B'Elanna placing her arm around Sevens shoulders "God, Seven you have some cojones you know that?" Seven merely quirked her eyebrow, her lip curling slightly, she did not exactly know what cojones was, but she made it a point to research it later.

Chakotay was the last to leave with Janeway trailing behind. He noted the Klingons familiarity with the Borg and hearing the last part of her comment turned to Janeway. "It seems that B'Elanna and Seven have become friendly" his eyes searching the Captains.

Dryly she added "Yes, and I think I liked them better when they were fighting", shaking her head in defeat.

Chakotays face lit up with a smile, his tattoo crinkling, amusement lining his eyes, "Kathryn, has any one ever mentioned you've become quite cynical in your old age".

At the mention of her age, a major sore spot for the Captain, she elbowed her commander in the ribs. "Respect your elders." A smile turning her eyes a deep blue, Chakotay laughing deeply.

Tuvok and Seven deactivated the force field in the brig, as they entered Seven silently thought of her first time in the brig. When the most breathtakingly beautiful woman, in the form of Captain Kathryn Janeway, entered and forced her to embrace her humanity.

Tuvok on the other hand, was thinking quite logically just how ineffective it was to attempt to confine such a being. It was obvious his powers were far superior to anything on Voyager. "My name is Lt. Commander Tuvok, I am the Chief of Security, are you capable of telepathic abilities?" his question quite logical to Seven, who was still at a lost as to why the being chose to communicate with her.

The being was standing, his forehead wet with moisture, merely staring at the Vulcan in front of him, recognizing him immediately. "Vulcan, slightly older than earth, worshippers of the Alpha/Omega Oracle, once wagers of war, now logical thinking beings, suppressers of emotions, expressing them every 7 years of their life span" Never speaking simply accessing the Vulcan, his eyes breaking only to rake over Sevens form.

Tuvok noticed the beings interest in Seven and motioned her over "Seven, see if you can determine where he is taking us"

Seven sighed, growing weary of attempting to communicate with a being not desiring to speak. For some reason, the young Borg seem to understand the being was capable of communication, but simply refused to engage in it.

She stepped close to him "Please state your intentions towards Voyager, what is your destination."

The being inhaled her scent deeply and placed his hand on her cortical implant, images of Janeway fluttered by. Her emotions, the deep sadness she felt over the Captain. Revealed to the being in one moment's breath. He gently smiled in understanding and moved his hand to her lips tracing them like before.

A light of hope reflected in the richness of his eyes. With a gentle caress, he eased her anxieties. New images flashed through her implant, for some unknown reason. Seven understood the fragmented pictures took place in the future. When he released her, she swayed unsteadily. The being reaching out and supporting her in his strong arms, his eyes human again and smiling.

"Seven" inquired Tuvok his voice inflecting as much concern he could allow, 'Are you functioning properly?"

"I am functioning, at appropriate levels, Commander" her voice hoarse.

"We're you able to establish communications with the being?"

"I would not call it communications, it was more of a visual exchange."

Exasperated, Tuvok insisted "Please explain"

Regaining herself, she proceeded "It is quite simple, he was able to visualize certain personal emotions. I have towards someone he was able to see the images through my cortical implant. In doing so he downloaded images of reassurance regarding these thoughts."

Tuvok shook his head in disgust having to deal with the human side of Seven, preferring her more logical Borg mind instead. "Are you stating that he is an empath and not a telepath?" His patience thinning now.

"That is incorrect," he is neither. I suspect he is quite capable of speech, but chooses not to use it."

"Seven of Nine, are you capable of forming a communication link with this being or not" his voice scolding an errant child.

"I am unable to do so. He simply extracts from my edict memory what he chooses. I am unable to control what I wish him to know."

Breathing deeply the Vulcan continued "Very well, then I will attempt a linking of our minds".

"You will fail" she added dryly, Tuvok nearly curled his lip slightly and proceeded to perform the Vulcan mindmelt.

Tuvok placed his right forefinger and thumb on the beings face, the being returning the action. In the matter of a few seconds, Tuvoks life was revealed to the being. In return the being displayed the Vulcan's deity back to him, ignoring his inquires as to their destination.

Then quite unexpectedly, Tuvok found himself in front of his family; his wife and daughter were present. A small child cradled in his daughter's arms. Though he had never laid eyes on the child before, he knew it was his granddaughter. The two women were engrossed in a Vulcan theological discussion.

When Tuvoks form appeared before them. The women startled, quickly rose and went to him. His wife tenderly caressed his face, astonished at his sudden appearance, "Husband, how is it that you have returned and I was not notified by Starfleet?"

"That is, because I have not"

"That is illogical husband, you are standing before us and I am able to touch you"

"It is not what it seems, I am currently linked to a being we have encountered in the Delta quadrant. I believe he is the one responsible for this. It is logical that once the link is broken I will return back to the Delta quadrant."

His wife though inwardly pained responded logically "Then let us make use of these few moments while we have them. I would like to present to you our granddaughter."

As Tuvoks turned, his daughter approached him, holding the small child in her arms. Tuvok reached out and placed his palm on his daughter's cheek, a gentle caress from a father to daughter. "Father, it is good to see you again "depositing the small gurgling child in his arms.

For the first time, he was able to hold a part of him. That being lost in the Delta quadrant took away. He gazed into the small face of his granddaughter. She was caramel colored much like her grandmother, with black olive eyes. Filled with wonder and emotion, only a Vulcan babe could experience.

She giggled openly and reached out to grasp his nose, a smile gracing her delicate mouth. If it was possible, for a Vulcan to feel absolute love and compassion, then Tuvoks dark eyes expressed them freely. He ran his face across her delicate brow and gently touched his forehead to hers.

He raised his eyes to his wife and noticed the being standing behind her. He sensed rather than knew she could not see him. Understanding his time with her must end. He handed his granddaughter back to his daughter and touched her face gently.

"I must leave now, the being that his granted me this journey has returned for me. However, of one thing you must all be certain, I will return to you from the Delta quadrant. Until then may you live long and prosper."

He held his right hand up, his fingers separating, forming a perfect "V," the Vulcan sign of peace and prosperity. His wife crossed the distance between them, and held her left hand up to his. Forming the same sign, their hands gently touching, "May you live long and prosper as well my husband. I know that we will await your return."

The being nodded to Tuvok, an indication they must returned, within a flash they were back onboard Voyager. A pained groan escaping Tuvoks lips, as the being broke the link. The Vulcan stood staring at the being, the being merely nodding his head in assent, accepting the silent words of thanks from the Vulcan.

"Commander Tuvok, are you functioning properly?" Seven inquired noting the Vulcan had not spoken since the link with was broken.

"I am functioning appropriately Seven, his voice composed, "However I am feeling disconcert, as to what has just occurred ".

" Commander?" Seven confused that the logically cool Tuvok was at a lost.

"The being transported me to back to the Alpha quadrant, where I saw my wife and daughter, I held my granddaughter in my arms for the first time."

"Indeed," "Where you able to determine his designation and destination?" the young Borg waiting for the answer.

"No, I was not, I believe your earlier assessment was correct. I apologize for doubting you it would appear he is neither, a telepath or empath. However, he is far more superior then what I initially perceived. It is quite possible he maybe able to assist us in returning to the Alpha quadrant. I must speak with Captain Janeway immediately, I find this whole matter rather intriguing."

The being merely stood with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Amused at the disturbance he caused in the unemotional Tuvok. Thinking inwardly "It will not be long and I will feel disheartened when I must leave. Until then I will protect you as is my lords bids."

"I do not believe, the Captain will be pleased in not knowing the beings intentions. However I find it is of a comfort to me, to know it will be you informing her of such."

Tuvok merely looked at Seven, raising his eyebrow nearly off his forehead "Seven, I believe you do the Captain an injustice. Captain Janeway is one of the most logical thinking Starfleet Captains I have ever met. I disagree with your statement and find that she too will find this situation rather intriguing."

Seven merely rolled her eyes in protest " I do not concur and have found the Captains recent behavior, illogical and unacceptable".

Tuvok looked at the Borg speculatively. Aware that the relationship between Seven and the Captain shifted into an area he preferred not to be involved. Tuvok was well aware of the emotional tension between the two women. Aware that they had yet to come to terms, with their inner feelings towards one another. However, he was making it a point to avoid this situation, not wanting to be swept into a scenario involving two very hard to handle emotional women.

Seven and Tuvok exited the brig, reactivating the force field behind them. They proceeded through the passageway in direction of the turbolift. Each elaborating on what the being allowed them to experience, neither of them admitting what they believed him to be.

"I do not believe this being is of a threat to Voyager. However I will report to the Captain our lack of success in determining what our destination will be." Seven remained silent, refusing to comment, something Tuvok found unusual.

"Seven, I have noted you seem to be experiencing difficulties with the Captain. Is it something you wish to discuss?"

Remembering B'Elannas advice, she answered in a very Borg voice. Another indication to Tuvok, the young woman was upset "No, It is irrelevant ".

Tuvok and Seven entered the Captains ready room. Where Chakotays sat, going over their latest scans. Both anxiously awaited the report, expecting answers regarding the being's intentions. Their previous attempts having failed, they were hoping Tuvok would be successful, in establishing a telepathic link with the being.

Janeway was sitting in her chair, her eyes roaming the room restlessly. The agitation evident, losing control of her ship was the last straw for her fraying nerves. On a more personal level, her aborted attempt. In apologizing to the cool Borg over a contemptuous indiscretion, in her ready room did little to sooth her. Janeway was reaching her boiling point, the culminating events of the past two days darkening her mood.

Turning her attention to Tuvok, "Commander, have you managed to establish communications with out heavenly visitor?" the sarcasm deep and unabashed.

Tuvok ignored the tone of Janeways voice, "I attempted to link minds with the being, and though I managed to establish a form of communication. I found I was unable to determine his exact intentions."

"So, what exactly did you manage to establish, Commander?" her patience wearing thin.

'It appears Captain, that the being has powers other than what I first assumed. He is neither telepath nor empath, yet I found he had the ability to project me to the Alpha quadrant. Back to my home to be exact" letting the information to slowly sink into his Captains mind.

Janeway suddenly lost her darkened mood. The ramifications of Tuvoks revelations bringing her about " What exactly do you mean by projecting? Are you saying he was able to establish a mind link with your family?"

'Not exactly Captain, A mind link would not have made my body materialize in its true form. During a Vulcan mindmelt, only our minds would be linked. At times, it can appear as if we are seeing events around us. Yet, we are incapable of assuming a solid form. In this case, my body was able to assume a solid form. My wife and daughter were able to physically touch me and I them. I was even able to hold my granddaughter in my arms. Furthermore, the being was able to project his form as well. In the end, he materialized to accompany me back to Voyager. A Vulcan mindmelt is unable to achieve such results, in short Captain. I found it both intriguing and disconcerting at the same time."

"My God, are you saying he physically returned you back to the Alpha quadrant, but how is that possible'

"It isn't," replied the cool Borg, "the Commanders form remained in the brig, while their minds were linked"

"Seven is correct Captain, my humanoid form remained here. Yet, I was able to obtain its correct physiology and density while in the Alpha quadrant. I find I am unable to explain how this can occur. Yet, I can not deny that it did. I assure you Captain I was present in a solid form with my family. I believe Seven experienced a similar occurrence. However she has refused to elaborate on it."

Janeways attention immediately turned to Seven, her thoughts wandering as to what the being exposed her to. "Seven?"

"My experience was different than Commander Tuvoks, it was of a personal nature, one I do not wish to discuss."

Janeway let out a slow breath, neither having the energy or the patience. To play cat and mouse with the young Borg. "Seven, you realize we have lost control of Voyager. Since he is obviously smitten with you, its quite possible he is willing to reveal something of a different nature to you. I need to know what he communicated to you, I am ordering you to tell me."

"As I have already said, it is of a personal nature and I will not comply. However you have my assurance that what he revealed to me is yet to occur, nor does it have anything to do with Voyager or our present condition" refusing to budge an inch.

Janeway lost the last ounce of reserved patience she had left, straightening in her chair she lowered her voice to a threatening growl. "Your response is unacceptable, and I am commanding you to tell me what he revealed to you, comply."

Chakotay, shuddered slightly at Kathryns address to Seven, finding courage he spoke barely above a whisper, meant only for her "Captain, We've never known Seven to lie. From all indications it appears to be a spiritual awakening, perhaps you should grant her the privacy" Janeway accorded him with a force ten glare, an acknowledgement she would not back down.

"I'm waiting Seven" her voice harsh and unyielding.

"Very well if you insist, I will comply", knowing full well her next words, would cause her Captain great discomfort, the human side of her seemed to enjoy it. "When he touched my cortical implant, he witnessed your rejection of me in your ready room when we kissed." Janeway blanched at the words, Chakotay chuckled lightly and noting Kathryn's glare lowered his face, Tuvok merely raised his brow in obvious astonishment.

Seven continued in her dry monotone drone voice, "He was cognizant of the great discomfort it caused me, he then was able to show me glimpses, of what I believe is my future. One in which I no longer experienced the discomfort you caused me. I was no longer a part of the Voyager collective, then I held what I believe is my child in my arms. A part of my future collective."

The entire room was in a dead of silence. Sevens words so unemotionally said. Their impact had the force of a warp core melt down, in Janeways stomach. Whatever aspirations she may have had for her and Seven, dissipated in the meaning of her words. "Seven would not be a part of Voyager, worst yet bear a child", the pain tore at the fabric of her soul,

"Thank you, Seven, you're dismissed" her voice raw and broken. The young Borg stood and exited the ready room. Grateful to leave the vicinity where she experienced pain and ecstasy in its purest form.

Janeways head was lowered, taking a few painful moments, she slammed her command face on. She slowly raised her head, looking at her two senior officers "I had to ask, I believe I stand corrected Chakotay, you were right."

Tuvok took the opportunity to change the subject, allowing the Captain the opportunity to gain a semblance of dignity. He decided to reveal a facet. Of his encounter with the being, he was not willing to share before.

"Captain, there is another matter, regarding my link with the being. Just before our link was terminated, I was able to see the Vulcan Oracle. There were elements revealed to me, which only the very high priestess of a Vulcan society would be aware of. I can not explain this, but in that moment, he was a part of the Supreme Oracle. I believe Seven had a similar experienced, in that he revealed Omega to her."

" I see, Tuvok" grateful for the change in subject, the blood rushing through her ears, deafening her "Do you consider this being to be the Vulcan Oracle?"

"No, I do not believe that he is, however it is logical to state that he has sufficient knowledge of it. Knowledge he was not able to obtain from me, I do not belong to the inner circle of high priestess, therefore I am unable to transfer this knowledge to him."

"Tuvok, do you think that this being is supreme?"

"I can not answer that, but I am able to determine he displays superior abilities I have never encountered before."

"Thank you, I know it was very difficult of you to reveal something so sacred and private, I appreciate your candor."

"You are welcome Captain, there is another way of looking at this. It is highly probable this being is like the "Q's," an omnipotent, capable of taking Voyager back to the Alpha quadrant."

" I have thought of that, perhaps it's time I made another attempt in communicating with our angel."

"Captain, I do not believe he intends to harm Voyager."

'I am beginning to believe that myself, old friend"

"Captain" the Vulcan left concerned about the turn of events that occurred between Seven of Nine and the Captain. The Vulcan had hopes, that one day; the women would come to terms with their emotional attachment to each other. However, it now appeared their delicate relationship was damaged, and though he cared fondly for the two women and considered them both friends. He felt they would not resolve their differences. Both two proud and difficult, to concede to the other. Humans had no control over their emotions causing much strife and complication in its wake.

Chakotay remained and looked at Kathryn, his eyes filled with sorrow. The obvious pain graced her classic face, Sevens revelations cutting through her soul. She stood and moved to the alcove of her ready room. Chakotay timidly followed her. "I guess you're waiting for an explanation?" Kathryns voice, offering no resistance.

"I don't see what there is to explain Kathryn, it's a personal matter between you and Seven. The question is what do you intend to do?"

She let out a strangled chuckle "To do Chakotay, there is nothing I can do" flatly said.

"Are you sure about that Kathryn?" his voice gentle and probing.

'I believe the fates have spoken Chakotay, in the voice of Seven of Nine"

"And is that what you're willing to accept?"

"No, I'm smart enough to know better, but I'll get through it, I always find a way."

'That is what concerns me most, Kathryn"

Reaching out Kathryn grasp his strong forearm leaning into him for support, "I'll be fine Chakotay." Her dark gray eyes reaching out to his, "Really, there's no need for you to worry"

"I can't help but to worry, that's part of being your friend. But Kathryn, are you willing to give in so easily?"

"I don't believe I have much of a choice in the matter, and honestly, perhaps it's for the best. In the long run it would only come to interfere with my command, regardless of what I feel, I cannot allow that to happen. Nor would it be appropriate for me to even pursue it, Seven may not be Starfleet, but she still reports to me, as one of my crew. I've broken enough Starfleet commands, since we've been lost out here in the Delta quadrant, this is one I'm not willing to break, I will stand firm on this, Chakotay"

"Kathryn, you've always been harder on yourself than anyone I've ever known, and I'm not one to interfere in your private matters. But you would be doing both you and Seven a disservice, if you just let it go."

"None the less, my decision stands firm, and as a friend I am asking you not to continue with this".

"I understand Kathryn, for the record I wouldn't have a problem with it, neither would the crew I imagine. There is not anyone on Voyager that would ever think of you as any less of a Captain. In fact it would make us happy to know you would allow yourself that luxury."

"So noted, and I truly thank you for your insight, now if you'll excuse me. I am going to have a conversation with an angel. You have the conn Commander."

'Acknowledge." With a tilt of his head he exited her ready room and went to the bridge.

Janeway let out a long breath; Chakotays words taken to heart she recalled how she once felt something towards the handsome Commander. For her it ended during their first encounter with the Borg and species 8472. Kathryn made a decision to form an alliance with the Borg against species 8472, for safe passage through Borg space. To Kathryn species 8472 was a far greater threat to humanity then the Borg. For Kathryn it was simply a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

Kathryn turned to Chakotay both as a Captain and as a woman, requiring some one to share the burden of being Captain with. She asked Chakotay to stand by her, to hold up to her decision, that she would not be able to do it alone. Unfortunately, Chakotay was unable to come to terms with her decision, belaying them and nearly costing harm to the alliance.

Kathryn not obtaining the response she desired from Chakotay, knew right then she would be standing alone, with no one to share the burden with, no one to derive strength from.

Kathryn was a fiercely loyal woman, expecting nothing less in return, whether it was her lovers or her crew she expected her wishes to be respected and held as high as she held them. It was during the alliance with the Borg, that she met Seven, the young Borgs passionate loyalty to her Borg collective, brilliance and defiance, was what first ignited the fire in Kathryns soul. Kathryn respecting and desiring the blind devotion and strength from the beautiful young woman. After her dismay with Chakotay, Kathryn was drawn to Seven, to her strength, her fierce loyalty and passionate defiance when she felt certain of her decisions. Kathryn envied Sevens inexhaustible strength, often wondering what it would feel like to let Seven sustain her during her times of weakness,

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